A King's Journey: Interview with Calvin Correli

Questions I Asked the CEO and Founder of Simplero

I interviewed Calvin Correli, founder and CEO of Simplero, talked about his King Hero's Journey and archetypes and what it's like to be the King of his castle. He shared some intimate details about where he's got got past obstacles by doing his inner game and how he navigates his business and personal relationships in the context of his success.

Here are the questions I asked him:

1. Tell us about yourself and your business, Simplero for those…

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Interview with Dr. Jacob Liberman

A Powerful Journey into a 'Luminous Life' of Purpose

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When You Don't Know Who or What to Trust

June 2019-38


I received this question on Facebook today:

Hi Beth,

I have some questions about the child archetype which I seem to be swimming in full force... would like to integrate some of the things I’ve heard you talk about over the past year... and just listened to your FB live about paying attention ...the myth that by giving your attention to bad stuff you are making it worse.

I have Such a Resistance to the news and political events and don’t know what to trust. The place that catches me is N…

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Busting the Myth That Looking at Something Gives it Power

June 2019-23

This is Really Dangerous

70416745_10216591589717050_7477871317438431232_n.jpgOne of the insidious and damaging messages of the new age movement is that if you remove your attention from something you are taking away its power.

Or on the flip side, if you give something negative your attention you are growing that negativity.

It's an attractive way to live, because there's very little work in it.

When something negative comes in your field of awareness, all you have to do is put up your policy statement and look away. How easy is that?

It's a…

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