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Having What You Want in Your Relationship Telecourse

Are You Ready to Fully Connect with Your Current (or Future) Partner?

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.

~Friedrich Nietzsche

In this day and age we have very low relationship standards, and we have very few examples of what a truly connected partnership is like.

With half the marriages ending in divorce, and an even a higher rate for the 2nd and 3rd marriages, something’s not working.

People bail out when it gets hard.

But it’s not their fault.

We just simply don’t have the tools and teachings to make it to the other side of our conflicts with our partner or with ourselves.

This is about pointing out the reason in the madness, creating a community about empowered relationships and offering up a new paradigm for committing to the work our past, present and future relationships invite us to do.

Are you tired of…

beauty-full1. Feeling a disconnect in your intimate life.
2. Not feeling heard, seen or understood in communication with your partner.
3. Feeling not clear about the roles of masculine and feminine that play out in relationships.

Would you rather experience…

A sense of harmony and peace between you.

Clear communication, especially about intimacy.

Knowing exactly who you are in your energy and in relation to your partner (current or future!).

In this Telecourse You Will Be Learning

1. How to create a sense of connection in your intimate life, now or for the future, and clean up on past disconnects you may have had.

2. How to feel heard, seen and understood in communication with a partner, and clean up on past miscommunication.

3. How to be clear about the roles of masculine and feminine that play out in relationships, and clean up on past lack of clarity.

You will be cleaning up on the past experiences that leave us with a sense of ground hog day over and over in our lives!!

What Kind of Woman is This For?

Having What You Want in Relationships is perfect for a woman in a ‘romantic’ partnership of some kind. Maybe you’re dating, maybe you’re going out, maybe you’re living together, maybe you’re common-law or married.

For those of you not yet in a relationship, you will be able to use this course to pay it forward to yourself AND a future partner, to prepare yourself and pave the way for the most ease and grace possible.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you made it to that day with a whole load of your baggage all left behind you??

You will feel the benefit in your current relationship, by freeing up energy that you use to suppress the feelings you don’t want to have.

You will benefit a future relationship, because you’ll get your stuff out of the way and be much more available for fun, loving and freeing experiences once they appear. It will help you attract what you want in your relationship, rather than get stuck in the wanting of it.

img_1725Who Is This Not For?

This won’t work well for anyone looking for a quick fix.

This is about working through the stuff.

And while it may take time to drop the obstacles that stand in the way of having what you want in relationships, you can rest assured your efforts are going to raise your love energy and everyone in your life will benefit.

What’s the Purpose?

To create a space for community around empowered relationships to build.

We have been fortunate to glean uncommon wisdom about the purpose of a relationship in the first place that far transcends any sense of using it to meet our needs.

Relationship is a path to freedom, an ultimate release from the bondage of suffering and a way to be powerful not just for ourselves, but for the world at large.

What if many people could get unstuck from their relationship blues and be an empowered example for others?

Does that sound like what you want too?

Here’s how it works:

For six weeks we meet in a teleconference setting, for up to a 90 minute group session where you can get on the call live and get our personal help.

You will receive exercises and handouts to make it easy to follow along and get the benefits.

All the Details:

Dates: 6 Consecutive Sundays starting November 6 – December 11

Times: 7:00 PM CST (Except November 13 is at 4:30 PM CST)

Investment: $197 US


To sign up with PayPal or a credit card below. Not sure yet, but would like to connect?