Are Your Fears Pushing You Around?

Are you fears pushing you around? It doesn't have to stay that way.

As we walk in life and bump up against what seems like insurmountable obstacles, it’s really more simple than you might think to get past them.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Think about something you’re afraid of.

Are you clear about why you are there in fear, or is it muddy? Even your clarity, is it just more blah blah from the mind’s side? Figuring it out just doesn’t work. Even when you so-called figure it out, you’re no further ahead.

Why do we get stuck in fear, and not follow through  with the things we are meant to do?

Why don’t we speak the truth we want to speak?

Why do we hold ourself back and burn bridges?

Why do we feel like the world, our thoughts, feelings and circumstances are happening to us?

All of these questions can be answered, the truth is it’s all inside of you. But thinking about it clouds the waters, makes it even harder to see the truth.

Unearthing The Gifts

So I created a special program for unearthing the gifts of the four universal archetypes that every human being is stuck with.

We all have an innocent side, who is vulnerable to betrayal and abandonment.

We all have a sense of personal power, that either we have it or we lack it.

We all have a sense of faith in what we can’t see, or we have a crisis of faith that drives us to act in opposition to our values so we will survive.

And we all are faced with millions of choices in a lifetime. Some of us are better at preserving our choices and making conscious decisions. Others are allowing decisions to be made for them.

None of us are immune to the shadows of these primal voices. And there’s no end to the depth through which you can gain clarity about them.

Watch the Video to Hear More

Put Up Your Hand

Put up your hand if you’d like to feel more in control of your emotional world.

Put up your hand if you’d like to have an authentic voice about the way you are tied in with humanity.

And put up your hand if you are ready to take a deep mermaid dive into who you really are.

Comment below or message me privately if you’re ready to reclaim a tonne of energy that mysteriously leaks out of you on a daily basis.

The dark is getting darker in some ways, but the light is getting lighter too! Do you want to be on the light side or the dark side? It’s time to decide!


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