Author Your Authentic Life's Work

Tired of having others write your chapters for you?

This subject is near and dear to my heart. Reclaiming authority over myself saved my life from cancer after my second diagnosis when I was told I wouldn't survive it. It allowed me to have a peaceful, uninterrupted birth at home when my son was born. And it's allowed me to create a unique business where I am always expanding on my own cutting edge.

I'm reminded of the time at 28 when my life was literally hanging in the balance. News arrived (and hit the Canadian national newspaper, the Globe and Mail) that my beloved, entrusted and revered Indian guru was a sexual abuser, pedophile and crook. For nearly a decade I had looked to him as an authority in my life, looking to him for direction and taking his advice as gospel to be followed to the letter without thinking for myself.

When I digested the news of his 'behind the scenes' life, I decided to cut loose of my self-imposed tethers and stop handing authority over to someone I felt was more qualified. After spending a decade in the "security" of being under his wing, I had to get used to the feeling of swimming in the blue beyond all on my own.

It was scary to break free, but I decided I would take my life in my own hands. And now I am so grateful for this falling out, because I wouldn't be the person I am now if I hadn't decided to be the author of my own life and life's work.

So the next time you are looking around for someone to be an authority over you or your business decisions, here are:

4 Keys to Authoring Your Own Authentic Life's Work

  1. Feel the pain of handing over authorship to others.

    Not so you can be in pain, so you can go all of the way through it to the other side where the freedom lies. But if you don't let yourself feel it in the first place and feel numb to the loss of your own authorship, you will have no impetus to put a stop to it.

  2. Stop consuming and start creating.

    As long as we are consuming and digesting the imagination of others through multiple media, we will have less and less inclination to taking the risk of being authentic, authoring and creating. You either use that creating-from-scratch muscle, or you lose it. Being your own authority is being immersed in creating the expression of your authentic self.
  3. Be willing to assume radical responsibility for yourself and everything you see in your world.

    We are in a world where you don't have to do that, and victim-mentality is highly supported. In this big-brother society many of us live in, there's always an off-ramp for handing over responsibility for our health, our finances, our relationships and our career. Don't take it. Assuming responsibility for one's self comes with the huge gift of feeling in control of your life, and this is a magic ingredient for being successful and sustaining over time in your business.

Turning to anyone but yourself as an authority is one of the main reasons that women won't claim themselves to be an expert authority in their field. And they let that stop them from getting out into the world to be seen for their magic.

It doesn't have to stay that way. And here's where I can help.

If you’re a woman entrepreneur who is skilled, trained, experienced and exploding full of creative goodness with an intention for the good of all, but shaking in your mermaid boots about being seen as the authority that you are, please join me for:

“3 Simple Steps for Getting Past Your Fear of Being Visible in Your Business – So You Can Build a Nurturing Business Culture, Attract Great Clients and Be a Force for Creating the Change You Want to See in the World!”

In this free online class you will learn:

  • How to create accountability for yourself and be precise about what inside of you holds you back from getting out in front of your audience.
  • The bigger picture of why women are hiding in the wings.
  • A simple solution for a complex problem.

Here’s the link to learn the date, time and more details, and to register with your email to hold your spot:

I look forward to hosting you and watching you be the author of your life's work!


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