Resistance is Fertile



Why Obstacles are Not a Divine Sign of Being Off Track

There isn’t a day that goes by in my coaching practice when I don’t hear this message:

“I gave up because I ran into blocks. The Universe/my inner guide was telling me this wasn’t the direction I was supposed to go.”

And the flip side, “If it’s easy that means I’m on the right track.”

It sounds so right and it’s become a popular spiritual truth.

But falling back on this 'truism' becomes a bigger block than all the blocks put together because it gives us an out of what we perceive to be difficult. That allows us to fall into complacency, not to mention a sense of being separate from our own creative Source.

Make no mistake, it's wise to seek ease. Ease means an action is inspired and life-giving. But here's how this gets twisted, and why it might not be working for us at the level of the soul's purpose and work.

No Pain No Gain

Sound familiar? Many of us were brought up with the paradigm that things have to be hard.

Personally, before I kicked the habit of listening to my ego and calling it Divine messages, I believed that if it was worth doing, it was going to be difficult and require work. I could have success in my business, but only if I muscled my way through everything.

This was wrong thinking, and it kept me in a mode of pushing hard, getting exhausted and forgetting why I was doing anything in the first place.

I never wanted to quit, like I see many women do, but I would often fall-down, have a breakdown with my health or happiness, and have to face spending time and energy with more muscle to pick up the pieces.

But it takes too much energy, so much time, much frustration - even when I get the results I am looking for. That makes for a not-very-happy Mermaid!

So no wonder then, if that’s how you were brought up, to effort and muscle through, that you would imagine a life of greater ease. This is the right track!

The Universe is All For Us

I see and feel now, rather than just believe, that the Universe ‘wants’ us to have what we want. It’s all FOR us, not against us. Every time I follow the resistance energy itself, instead of letting it stop me from what I'm doing, I have a HUGE breakthrough!

If we are battling to be successful, to have financial abundance, to get our invaluable message out into the world and help people, be clear that we are not battling against Nature, the Universe, the Source or whatever you call those forces that Be.

That’s the big mistake.

After many years of searching within for wisdom, I now know for sure that the Universe is all for us - our happiness, our pleasures, and our success.

Where Did We Get Off Track?

Where did we get off track with these ideas that if things go easily and smoothly, they are meant to be? And if we hit a rough patch, bump up against our obstacles and manifest those bumps in the world and people around us, that what we are working on is not meant to be?

We got off track at the point where we turned away from the real fight worth fighting. The real challenge worth taking on. If the Universe is all for us, then where’s all the conflict really taking place? Inside ourselves!

This is meant not to guide you to blame yourself for your difficulties, but to invite you to assume responsibility for it. Whatever you assume responsibility for, you get to have control over. And this is an amazing feeling because that's the truth of it! We pretend we're not in control, we act out of control, but we have had it all along.

Obstacles Are Supposed to Come Up

When you go to register for that next amazing step in your journey; when you go to make arrangements for that retreat that you know will send you off into a new and needed trajectory; when you reach out and email a new potential guide, coach or mentor; when you step the heck out of your comfort zone and into something entirely new for you, watch for the obstacles to arise like clock-work.

If the obstacles didn’t come up, it would mean you haven’t stretched out of your comfort zone. It would mean that what you're trying for isn't very important to you and your soul. So when the email doesn’t go through; when your credit card mysteriously gets declined even though you know there's room; when your cell phone drops the call; when you suddenly get delayed on your way to the thing that’s going to take you in that new direction; when your mom gets sick when you were just about to take a risk in fulfilling your life purpose; just smile and say hello to your resistance.

This is the most important part to know, the Universe does not speak, guide and message in resistance, fear, blocks and obstacles. It only speaks in love, allowance and passage. It’s speaking that goodness all the time, but because we are taught to honour our resistance as if it is a direct reflection of what the Universe wants for us, we are lost to it.

Resistance is actually very important, but not for the reason you think.

Resistance is Fertile

It marks the importance of what you’re doing. Be clear about it, you wouldn’t get resistance if you were staying in the ‘safety’ of the comfort zone.

To turn this around, meet your resistance and see it for what it is. Interact with it, go all the way through it to the other side where you see it for what it is. Have a love affair with your resistance, because it means freedom for you when you reclaim the energy you are using to suppress it and your life purpose too.

To that end, and because #loveconquersall, I wrote a love letter to my resistance.

Dear Resistance,

I know it seems like I hate you, because every time you come up I run away from you at all cost, distract, deny, disown... and I run from the thing I think created this bad feeling.

No more.

I love you. Thank you for trying to protect me all these years - from my success, from true love, from my life purpose and my ultimate freedom. Just wanted to let you know that I won't be needing your services anymore. Maybe you could take that vacation, or have a nap. 

Don't worry about me, I will be fine without you. I've got this. I can take care of myself and you too, come closer and cozy with me.

Before you magically disappear, please know how much I appreciate you for pointing the way. I always thought you were in my way, but now I see that every time you were always showing me the door through to my next level of freedom, exactly where I needed to go, exactly what I needed to do...brilliant.

Every time I get brave enough to lean into you, I see that you are my own life/love energy in disguise helping me on my mission.

You show me where I need to lighten up, where I need to look back at my Self, instead of into the abyss of blaming outside forces for my unfulfilled dreams, potentials and desires.

So I won't be seeing you much anymore, maybe here and there. But don't be sad, we're never really apart. I'm here for you if you need me, any time.

With kind love and thanks, Beth

The next time you hit a rough patch of water, and retreat from your next risky move calling it Divine wisdom, just remember that Divine wisdom doesn’t speak in rough water. It speaks in flow, allowance, passage-way, freedom, love. We love the feeling of flow, because this is the truth of who we are.

Are you tired of being at the mercy of your resistance? If you're finished with letting it stop you in your efforts to stretch out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to manifesting through your life’s work, click here to leave me a personal message. Tell me about where you’re stuck in your resistance, and where you’d rather be, and I'll give you some personal feedback about how to use it to gain your freedom.


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