Journey Archetypes

What Are Archetypes?


What Are Archetypes?

I Knew About Archetypes Intellectually

I looked into archetypes in my cross-cultural anthropology studies in university, thanks to the pioneering work of Carl Jung. It made sense and gave me comfort that something connects all human beings, no matter where or when they were raised.

But it wasn't until I found them again a decade later, through Caroline Myss' Sacred Contracts that I went deeper, got them in my blood and bones. I used them to resurrect myself from the near…

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4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Resolve the Intensity You Feel

While the Collective Unconscious is Rising Up.

This is not a new thing, it’s always been rising up. But it feels like a tipping point has occurred recently. Watch the video I made about it today.

As an archetype reader and coach I’m tuned in with the collective consciousness. And the collective unconscious has a tonne of gravity -- it keeps us swimming beneath the surface of awareness. In it we play out patterns, dynamics and dramas in our lives and our relationships that we can’t unravel. W…

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Are Your Fears Pushing You Around?

Are you fears pushing you around? It doesn't have to stay that way.

As we walk in life and bump up against what seems like insurmountable obstacles, it’s really more simple than you might think to get past them.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Think about something you’re afraid of.

Are you clear about why you are there in fear, or is it muddy? Even your clarity, is it just more blah blah from the mind’s side? Figuring it out just doesn’t work. Even when you so-called figure it out, you’re no furthe…

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Interview with Katrina Bos on the Masculine and Feminine Archetypes


Join Katrina and I as I share her Mermaid Archetypes with her (for the first time, on video!) and talk about the secrets of balancing the archetypes of the Masculine and Feminine in the fine art of Tantra.

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3 Ways for Truth-Tellers to Be Heard and Inspire Action

Without Having to Endure Attacks and Disapproval

Are you the one who doesn’t mind making everybody feel uncomfortable?

Truth-telling, change loving and revolutionary thinkers get a lot of recoil reactions when they spill their beans. I know LOL!!

Before I learned how to communicate with an open heart and sensitivity I used to get a tonne of bad feedback. Many years ago I even had one friend  react violently, not to me thankfully. But when the glass he threw shattered into a million pieces o…

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A Recent Social Experiment that Reveals How MerPreneurs Talk About What They Do

Personally, after I broke out of the corporate jail of my family business in marketing, and did my own art/ music/archetypes/wellness/teaching/spiritual/business thing, I was going in every direction like a kid let loose in a candy store.

But I was literally terrified every time someone asked me “What you do?”

I was terrified for three reasons.

1. I didn’t want to be pigeon-holed.

Because I was doing so many different things I didn’t know how to tell people what I did without being pige…

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An Awkward Moment in the Chemo Ward

“Hey I didn’t die!” (AWKWARD)

The oncologist that had treated me for 3 years, who had told me I wasn’t going to survive my cancer, nodded his head and began to walk away.

There I was in the very same treatment rooms at the Health Sciences Centre where I’d sat for nearly 300 hundred hours in 3 years, receiving chemo.

But this time I wasn’t taking chemo, I was singing like a birdie and playing guitar for an ‘Artists in Healthcare’ program I’d been hired for.

It looked like he didn’t recogniz…

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A Deep Dive into the Nature Child Archetype

Returning Humanity Back to Its Rightful Nature

By Beth Martens Archetypes are traditionally said to live in the unconscious, and were discovered by Carl Jung in his epic breakthroughs on human consciousness. I saved my life from cancer working with archetypes, and saw how they can be awakened out of the unconscious and  magically go from feeling like an enemy to being a superpower that exists to help us complete our missions on earth in the human family.

In 2015 when my dad died of cancer, an…

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Life's Work Business Story: Natalie Reimer Anderson

This woman has so much to teach and offer in the world.

She’s heard her call and answered it by creating a business in service to helping others with self love, her field of expertise.

Crafted out of her own life’s journey, her unique marriage of art and science together for the sake of truth and guiding people to their own.

I had the privilege of working with her 7 years ago to conceive of her life’s work as a business. At that time she pulled together all her passions for nutrition, fitne…

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