Are you qualified?

The Question Women Fear

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It's the question you are afraid of being asked and are likely always asking yourself, "Are you qualified, who the heck do you think you are?"

I hear women express doubts of their qualifications all the time. Like a script.

Since my mom passed away New Years Eve especially, I've been thinking about how women don't feel qualified to claim their expertise, even when they have tonnes of training and/or experience. My mom traded her academic trainings for raising a family, and then taught herself how to be a successful business owner. She was so qualified by her experience that I never once saw her act as if she couldn't do something.

On my own journey to gain qualifications, not having kids, I stayed in the academic stream. But from a lifetime of serving the education system, mostly I found myself sea sick and disillusioned. I did an honours undergrad in Anthropology, and got the gold medal, looking for that rubber stamp. But what I really found was a total let down by the often manufactured world of academia. After that I traveled halfway across the world for several years, seeking real life education for a change.

In my early 20’s, wanting to support my habit of going to India every year, I offered to go to college to get more established in my parents' corporate communication business where I’d worked every summer since I was 10. My dad offered to train me on the job and pay me to do it. Sold!

But ug, let me tell you how disillusioned I became with a corporate VP life! So disillusioned in fact I created a stage 4 lymphoma exit strategy after 5 years to be able to leave my family business. (It’s a lot like chewing off your arm to get out of the trap!)

Fast forward, long before I did certifications in business and money coaching, there I was helping women with their self-employed lives - because I had the experience.

What I’ve learned from it all, and pass along to clients about being qualified is this fact:

We have either cultivated our gifts, honed our skills and can genuinely help people, or we haven’t ...and can’t. The results you get are your qualification, they are the bold proof of your qualification. Either you can do the work and help people, or you need to put more time into getting serious about your crafts. Clear and simple. 

So to have academic training or not isn't the question. I recommend filling yourself with as much knowledge as you believe you need. So you get disillusioned with consuming, and more excited about creating in your own image. You are a manifestrix at heart right?

What I notice time and time again is that knowledge isn’t enough. Neither is having skills and being able to get results enough. Even knowing exactly what to do to be visible as a business isn’t enough.

Because I see lots of women who have all of that, but they still aren’t being valued for the magic they make.

This Mermaid has been there, trading her vision for being grumpy about all the "reasons" it can't happen.

But now I know exactly what that threshold, 'I'm not qualified' is made of, and how to slip past it. It's what holds your hands behind your back and makes you feel paralyzed to swim hard and take the actions you already know and need to take.

Maybe despite your feelings, you can get out there and be seen without having to have a heart-breaking attack about it.

Wish I knew then what I know now...

Though I got my hair-raising start by feeling the fear and doing it anyway, I now know and teach a faster, easier and infinitely more satisfying way that breaks ground on the path to freedom while manifesting magic.

So in the spirit of making it easier for you, I have something awesome planned, my treat! Because feeling unqualified is one of the biggest reasons that women don't step out to be seen by their people.

If you're ready to get past the fear of being visible, join me for....

3 Simple Steps for Getting Past Your Fear of Being Visible in Your Business

So You Can Build a Nurturing  Business Culture, Attract Great Clients and Be a Force for Creating the Change You Want to See in the World!

In this free 75 minute online class you will learn...

  • How to create accountability for yourself and be precise about what inside of you holds you back from getting out in front of your audience.
  • The bigger picture reasons why women feel not qualified and are hiding in the wings.
  • A simple solution for this complex 'wall-of-fear' problem.

Here’s a link to learn more and sign up for free with your email.

Once you sign up I'll send you all the details to to join us live (and get limited access to the replay). You will be among women who are diving deep to find out exactly what stopping them. And you will be have an opportunity to leave behind the regrets that you didn't break the invisible visibility fear barrier. ;-)

You know being seen and heard is the only way to help others with your gifts. But you’re not doing it, so go on and make good on all you’ve invested in yourself. Because what's good for a woman doing her life's work and getting free is good for everyone.

If you’re feeling it, sign up for free at this link with your email and I’ll send you all of the details for this online class.

Save the Date - March 20

In the mean time put Tuesday, March 20 at 7 PM CST on your calendar to join this live Zoom call where you will have the option to be face-to-face with me about where we’re getting stuck and a solution for sticking your neck out in the right way for the right reasons.


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