4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Resolve the Intensity You Feel

While the Collective Unconscious is Rising Up.

This is not a new thing, it’s always been rising up. But it feels like a tipping point has occurred recently. Watch the video I made about it today.

As an archetype reader and coach I’m tuned in with the collective consciousness. And the collective unconscious has a tonne of gravity -- it keeps us swimming beneath the surface of awareness. In it we play out patterns, dynamics and dramas in our lives and our relationships that we can’t unravel. We don’t like the patterns, but we can’t seem to stop from happening, no matter how hard we try. So it’s not what it used to be where humanity was mostly unconscious and numbed out. And neither are we free yet.

Between the Worlds

We're in between the worlds and what does it mean? It means we're in pain. We were always in pain, we just didn’t register the pain because we were more unconscious.

See if You're Noticing...

The veil of illusion that holds our sense of separation in tact is getting thinner. The patterns we play out like a loop with several stations are getting shorter. They loops are coming full circle faster. That means there’s more intensity, especially at the level of relationships.

What Are We Supposed to Do About it?

So what’s to done when we are dealing with a force so large as the collective unconscious? I ask myself everyday?? We are not powerless, not one little bit. Here's what we can do that will have a very large benefit on our path and of those around us too.

1. Stay committed to a path of freedom, and let freedom be our greatest gravity.

2. We can do the work of going into the pains, rather than escaping and running away from them.

3. We can hold ourselves responsible for EVERYTHING we see in ourself and the world.

4. We can hold in mind what we actually want and focus on the good things coming.

We can stay the course. And if you’d like to stay the course easier. And faster. And be surrounded by women who are doing the same thing? It’s not too late to jump on board if you're in Winnipeg, with a Full Moon Circle of MerPreneurs! Or if you'd like to join a virtual circle of women taking royal responsibility for how they are showing up in their relationships, join us for a live telecourse to learn about Having What You Want in Your Relationship.


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