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  • Be Valued for Your Authentic Life’s Work

    what do you love enough to get through the hurdles?


    pink-fbf-logo-draftYou are a passionate woman entrepreneur, maybe a ‘mer-preneur,’ with a desire to live life and do business being governed by nothing but the flow of life itself.

    You are already in your element, bringing your magic to the creatures on dry-land. Or maybe you are like I was 20 years ago, stuck like a fish out of water in the corporate world.

    Either way, you know that diving even deeper into your life’s work holds the keys — to get your leading, healing, teaching and creative gifts out in a powerful way.

    How can you take the deep-see dive into your life’s work as an abundant business?

    You’ve already done a tonne of work on yourself. You’re qualified with a multitude of trainings, certificates, degrees and time working on yourself. You know you are committed for the long run to serve your community through the sum total of how you are meant to serve, and you are ready to be a catalyst for those that can take your lead.

    Maybe you are no stranger being in the spotlight for one thing or another. You know how to be brilliant at what you do, but you know you are not fully stepping out as the most powerful version of your self, leading and serving like you truly can.

    You sense that if you had more mastery over your emotions and could capitalize on your inner life, rather than constantly stumble over it, that you could be even more in tune with the way nature and the Universe wants to support you.

    You are ready now to live with even greater clarity of calling, purpose and direction, to set a course that includes the whole of you, but you know you need to be held accountable to your dream and to freedom itself.

    You hunger to grow your community, tie it together globally and step into a fuller expression of your truth. And even though it scares you, you are willing to do what it takes to splash around in the true colours of who you are in your one-of-a-kind service-based business.


    You and I would harmonize perfectly if…

    • You are excited to raise the value of your authentic life’s work using archetypal wisdom and emotional release as the catalyst.
    • You’re ready to be fully responsible to the mission you feel inside, to honour your sacred and divine contract – and be held accountable to your dreams and those that will benefit.
    • You want to have the freedom, the skill and the confidence to express authentically in your messaging, marketing and online communication.
    • You are a change agent – you want to make your life a contribution for the generations to come.

    I’ve been where you are…

    radiant bethMy name is Beth Martens and I am no stranger to the hardships of risking it all to do what I love. In fact, it was a rock bottom three-year whirl-wind with cancer that acted as the catalyst to call me out of the dead end corporate marketing world – where I had a lucrative VP lifestyle.

    In the end, I not only came out alive, but I actually came out of it thriving – and able help my clients get their breakthroughs. With over 20 years of business and marketing experience now I help women from all over the globe to find the seamless flow in their life’s work with the magic touch of mermaid energy.

    It was by ultimately facing my unconscious obstacles, that I was able to grow my business every year and to help multi-passionate women to do the same.

    As a truth teller who puts herself out there – imperfections and all – I help women liberate their unique ability to give of their gifts through a business that includes high-end services so they can provide big results, without having to sacrifice their lifestyle.

    One thing I know for sure is, awakening your authentic voice and healing the shadows that hold you back from being valued for the full self-expression of your soul’s purpose is possible! But YOU need not wait for a death sentence, letting the stakes get high like I did, before you dive deep into yourself and emerge with your offerings.

    How I can help… 

    After more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, I would love to help you use discover the magic you are meant to bring to your community.

    • Feminine-based business coaching for women entrepreneurs with a rebel flair.
    • Feminine Business Future™ programs for women who want to leave the ‘comforts’ of an organization for a self employed life.


    I love working with passionate women who…

    • Like to jump in with both feet and are happier to learn by doing rather than waiting until they are “ready” and “perfect.”
    • Are willing to take the risk of expressing fearlessly through their life work as a business, so they can leave this world a better place and enjoy a generously flowing abundance.
    • Who want to trade in their competitive marketing paradigm for one of deep cooperation and community with other empowered women.
    • Enjoy the pleasure of every day life – like an artfully created meal, the perfect gourmet coffee and having the joy of unbridled creativity.

    bring your voice into harmony with your life work so you can express fearlessly and be valued?


    If you’ve been wishing that you had someone in your life who understands what you are going through, who can tirelessly hold the vision of your highest potential (especially when you can’t) and you are ready to be guided by archetypes and an insightful, intuitive and grounded mentor, let’s connect and explore your beautiful next steps together.










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    Coaching women entrepreneurs and creatives past their biggest fears.


    What is stopping you from being valued for your lifework?


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    Real Testimonials…

    Jana TigerLily

    Before working with Beth I had so much fear of rejection that I felt paralyzed when it came to promoting myself. I felt unsure how to combine my wisdom, training, and knowledge in a coherent package whose benefits would be comprehensible to potential clients.

    After 2 VIP Days and the start of a Six Month Archetype and Business coaching program, I have the confidence to promote myself, truly seeing how valuable my contributions are to all that exists; I have a coherent structure mapped out and priced for my services; I feel less afraid of rejection and more inspired to do my work AND I booked my first client in my new 6 week package at $1,497!!!

    Queen Goddess Coach of Women Way-Showers

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