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    what do you love enough to surrender to the passions of your authentic voice?


    Let’s face it, you are a passionate woman entrepreneur or creative with a strong life force – committed to speaking your truth, transforming people through your creativity and having a love (rather than fear) driven business.

    Beth Martens


    You want to get your creative, healing and heart-centred gifts out in a powerful way, but right now fear of expressing authentically, waiting for permission, not feeling qualified and being overwhelmed by marketing, financial and online business details stand in the way of you doing your thing to your fullest potential.


    How can you be generously valued for your lifework?

    Maybe you are no stranger being in the spotlight – with a strong voice, a vision for magic and for a good cause. You know how to stand up for what you believe in and take the risks you know you need to – to put your creative work out there – yet you know in your heart that you are not fully stepping into the most powerful, fem-preneurial version of your self. You feel that there’s still so much more value that you can give.

    You are ready now to live with even greater clarity of calling, purpose and direction. Or maybe you have all that, and it’s the details of business strategy, communication, messaging, and marketing that gets you stuck. You hunger to grow your community, tie it together globally and step into a fuller expression of your truth. You know you know you are ready for this even though it scares you. You’ve already done a tonne of work on yourself. You’re committed for the long run to serve the community through sharing your life work and you are ready to be a fearless voice to those that can take your lead.

    You and I would harmonize perfectly if…

    • You are excited to raise the value of your life work using archetypal wisdom as the catalyst.
    • You’re ready to be fully responsible, honour your sacred and divine contract – and be held accountable to your dreams.
    • You want to have the freedom, the skill and the confidence to express authentically in your messaging, marketing and online communication.
    • You are a badass agent (angel) for change – you want to make your life a contribution for the generations to come and you realize that even if you are uber independent and self-sufficient, it doesn’t do justice to your vision to do it alone….slow.

    I’ve been where you are…

    radiant bethMy name is Beth Martens and I am no stranger to the hardships of risking it all to do what you love. In fact, it was a rock bottom three-year whirl-wind with cancer that acted as the catalyst to call me out of the “dead-soul end” corporate marketing world – where I had a lucrative VP lifestyle. In the end, I not only came out alive, but I actually came out of it thriving – through the same universal archetype system I use to help my clients get consistent breakthroughs. Not to mention coming the full circle, to re-embrace my over 20 years of business and marketing experience as a blessing to myself and the women from all over the globe with whom I coach.

    It was by ultimately facing the end of my life, and then facing my fears of being successful, that I was able to grow my spiritual arts business every year. And to master the art of truth telling and putting myself out there – imperfections and all – I knew I had to help women liberate their unique voice – to empower their businesses, to get them unstuck about expressing authentically about their value and to take the mystery out of communicating with your audience – globally.

    One thing I know for sure is, awakening your authentic voice and healing the shadows that hold you back from being valued for the full self-expression of your soul’s purpose is possible! But YOU need not wait, or let the stakes get high like I did – your time is now. I walked that road, and feel committed to seeing that you don’t have to. I will help you  move through and beyond your fear before the cost to your body and spirit get as high as they did for me.

    How I can help… 

    make-love-with-moneyAfter more than 20 years of experience in the entrepreneurial world; being self-employed in the spiritual arts for more than a decade; eight trips to India to study ‘fifth chakra’ yoga; surviving a corporate life-induced cancer; recording and releasing four of my own original CD’s; and raising a young son, I would love to help you use the magic of archetypes to be fearlessly expressed and valued for your life work.


    I love working with passionate women who…

    • Like to jump in with both feet and are happier to learn by doing rather than waiting until they are “ready” and “perfect.”
    • Are willing to take the risk of expressing fearlessly through their life work, so they can leave this world a better place.
    • Value using their business as a tool for building healthy community, long term relationships.
    • Who have a sparkling vision for trading in a competitive marketing paradigm for one of deep cooperation and communication with other empowered women.
    • Enjoy the pleasure of every day life – like an artfully created meal, growing the next generation in community and having the joy of unbridled creativity – all shared over meaningful conversation and finishing with the luxury of a perfectly poured, organic and fair-trade espresso…

    bring your voice into harmony with your life work so you can express fearlessly and be valued?


    If you’ve been wishing that you had someone in your life who understands what you are going through, who can tirelessly hold the vision of your highest potential (especially when you can’t) and you are ready to be guided by archetypes and an insightful, intuitive and grounded mentor, let’s connect and explore your beautiful next steps together.










    harmonize your life work - beth martens photo

    Coaching women entrepreneurs and creatives past their biggest fears.


    What is stopping you from being valued for your lifework?


    Hit 'contact' above and tell me your story.

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    Real Testimonials…

    Ali Tataryn

    Before working with Beth I was challenged with being overwhelmed by opportunities and life decisions. After 3 sessions and working with the Sacred Money Archetypes I got a really great sense of relaxation around accepting some of the “archetypal” aspects of my being.

    It’s helped me to be less judgmental about myself and clearer in my decision making. It’s gotten me very curious to pursue more exploration of archetypes.Before working with Beth I was challenged with being overwhelmed by opportunities and life decisions...

    Ali Tataryn
    Actress/Art Studio Owner, Canada


    Before working with Beth I had a hard time reconciling my money behaviors. I didn’t couldn’t find peace between they way I saw different situation around money much less understand why I was drawn to the decisions I would make. After meeting with her for a Sacred Money Archetypes reading I received a tremendous amount of clarity around why I made the decisions I made and how I could get my “money moods” to work for me instead of against me.

    I learned how each archetype affected the other and was able to build a system of support and eliminate the sabotage that held me back in so many situations...

    Erika Wilmore
    Intuitive Web Genie & Owner of Fempire University

    wowza sherry

    I’ve worked with Beth for over 10 years beginning with a memorable series of private classes in Ashtanga yoga. What impressed me most about Beth’s style is that she really knows how to create a nurturing and sacred space for transformation. Beth facilitates with the perfect blend of warm and gentle, but she is also not at all afraid to tell you the truth or ask the hard questions.

    More recently, I did Beth’s Voices of the Archetypes program which was a much needed respite of personal growth, exploration and transformation. Working with Beth facilitated a new way of looking at my obstacles and illuminated a path forward for on going self reflection and growth.

    Sherry Rothwell
    Fem-preneur, Coach and Food Goddess CDA

    Jana TigerLily

    Before working with Beth I had so much fear of rejection that I felt paralyzed when it came to promoting myself. I felt unsure how to combine my wisdom, training, and knowledge in a coherent package whose benefits would be comprehensible to potential clients.

    After 2 VIP Days and the start of a Six Month Archetype and Business coaching program, I have the confidence to promote myself, truly seeing how valuable my contributions are to all that exists; I have a coherent structure mapped out and priced for my services; I feel less afraid of rejection and more inspired to do my work AND I booked my first client in my new 6 week package at $1,497!!!

    Jana Keyes
    Queen Goddess Coach of Women Way-Showers

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