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  • Hi I'm Beth Martens
  • Hi I'm Beth Martens

    As a business coach working with archetypes I help women leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs create highly transforming service-based businesses – so they can be valued for their authentic life’s work, and make their magic waves in the world. Welcome to my website!

Are you a Maven who is ready to go from Mastery to Magic in your business?  

You are an instinctive woman entrepreneur, with a desire to live life, lead others and be sovereign in your own business, governed by nothing but the sacred flow of life itself.

You do it because you want to serve to your potential.

You are a maven in your element, having honed your skills you are bringing your magic to the ‘creatures’ on dry-land. Or maybe you are like I was 20 years ago, stuck like a fish out of water in a career world not of my making.

I get it. It feels urgent for you to dive deep and full-time into the reason you came to earth — to get your gifts out in a powerful way.

You are wired to serve others in those ways you are naturally gifted, emotionally inclined and expertly trained, and your soul won’t let you rest until you do it.

You’re an expert in your magic, but how do you turn it into a business that will be a vehicle for you to give your all and leave a legacy?

The truth is, you’ve already done a tonne of work on yourself. You’re qualified with many trainings, certificates, degrees and countless hours evolving your soul.

You hoped that all of that work was magically going to attract the life you see and feel in you. In your vision you are serving yourself, serving others and fulfilling financial goals are one in the same.

You know there’s only these simple things that stand in your way.

1. Fear. Of being seen, of visibly claiming your magic powers and of swimming out over your head. Or worse, of staying in the shallow end your whole life.

2. Defining yourself by the methods you use, rather than the transformations you can create.

3. Not knowing why MerMavens need high end services.

4. How to have the discipline to create your own waves rather than be at the mercy of random turbulence.

5. Picking a clear direction you can commit to.

6. Being accountable to your vision.

You and I would harmonize perfectly if…

Bigger than your fear, is your passion.

You are excited to reveal the true value of your authentic life’s work with archetype and brave inner work.

You are willing to do whatever it takes to honour your sacred contract.

You want to have a lucrative, one-of-a-kind service-based business that is inspired daily out of your natural rhythm and flow.

You want to do your magic – your art, your teaching and leading – and create your messaging, marketing and online communication expertly done with you.

You are making your life a contribution for generations to come.

I’ve been where you are…

IMG_1985My name is Beth Martens and I am no stranger to the challenges of risking it all to do what I love.

It was a rock bottom, three-year whirl-pool called cancer that acted as the catalyst to release this ‘fish out of water’ from the corporate marketing world where I was a VP of marketing and communication for my family’s firm.

I survived against the odds, thanks to awakening my archetypes and discovering where I was out of alignment with my own true nature, my own life’s work, my own sacred contract.

And by pulling together all of my passions in the spiritual arts and over 20 years of business and marketing experience, now I help women from all over the globe to find the seamless flow in their life’s work before it gets to be an emergency like it was for me.

One thing I know for sure is if you give yourself permission to create in your own image, and be in your authentic and natural flow and learn the feminine art of marketing your magic, you will succeed in business. 

YOU need not wait for a death sentence, letting the stakes get high like I did, before you dive deep into yourself and emerge with your offerings.

How I can help… 

After more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, deep down a ‘mer-preneur,’ I would love to:

Help you create your business right the first time, if you’re just starting out.

Show you how to define your sacred service and pull it together in high-end service packages that include all you are passionate about.

With a royal hand-hold, teach you exactly how to market and sell your service in a way that feels totally YOU.

Show you once and for all how to get past the emotional obstacles, the self-limiting beliefs and old habits that keep you stuck from fully realizing your dreams.

Take the dive and immerse yourself in the juicy life’s work your world is waiting for.

If you’ve been wishing that you had someone in your life who has been there, who knows what you are going through to get past your fears, who can tirelessly hold you accountable to your vision and teach you
step by step exactly what to do to have a successful and valued Feminine Business Future™, let’s connect and explore your beautiful next steps together.

And please, be my guest and take my Mermaid Archetype Assessment, so you can learn exactly how to play to your ‘Mer’ strengths and avoid the downward spirals too. Just fill in your name and email in the box to the right and watch your inbox for all the details, my treat! 

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