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It took me 20 years to write this book.

It was five minutes before the plandemic hit. I may have otherwise not finished it.

June 2019-13

"It's amazing! I cannot stop reading..."

Your book arrived yesterday and it is amazing! I cannot stop reading because it is soo good. You are so clear and precise in your words and I already learned so much. It opened up my eyes on the things my Inner Child did not want to see, and so the Rebel has been awakened.

I am so thankful for your work and I cannot wait to work with you one by one on my life purpose.

I hope that your book spreads the world!

-Mary M.

Trials by fire made me what I am.

After nearly two decades of studying archetypes in myself and helping others use them to heal, find and be valued for their purpose I went through two more initiations, the death of both of my parents a few years apart. For those who’ve lost parents you know it brings on monumental shifts.

The first shift came on the heals of my dad’s passing, letting me see for the first time how badly damaged my relationship with my own Sacred Masculine archetype was. I had been a champion for women for ten years, but didn’t realize the inner conflict that was going on with my inner Masculine.

And after my mom died, I got the Hero’s Journey in my blood and my bones. I discovered that not only are we blueprinted for particular purpose, each person is going through an archetypal Journey.

And I had to write the book that took me 20 years.

And so I did. 

"Such a wealth of knowledge..."

I ordered my book a few weeks ago and started reading it as soon as I got the pdf. Wow! Such a wealth of knowledge. It opened up something for me on pretty much the first page. As a result of recognizing that I was in my Shadow Nature child, I was able to see it for what it was. Now, my Rebel has kicked into gear and I have been working daily on a book project that I was previously avoiding/resisting.  As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Many, many blessings to you!

-Jen Rubinstein




What You Will Discover

A Story

In this book I'm sharing in intimate detail how I survived a stage 4 lymphoma and learned how to bring back from the dead the denied, disowned and disenfranchised parts of the psyche that get split off by life's many insults and create free energy that is wired to heal, create and connect. 

A Map 

This book is a map for surviving the sea of meaninglessness, and reclaiming your energy in a world that is invested in you remaining lost. So you also be found, and maybe lost again. 

A Sacred Marriage

This Journey is here seen through the eyes of both the Sacred Masculine & Feminine archetypes. Like the two strands of the same DNA you will see how they are two parts of the identical journey, and together make it complete and hold the power to birth a new humanity that is free from its self-consented slavery.

"It is all fascinating!"

I am really enjoying your book, it is all fascinating! I love how you weave in your experiences along with the teachings! Fabulous!

Gloria D.