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- You're hip to the lies and corruption behind the veils of mainstream media and narrative.

- You came to earth to grow your soul and go deep in connection, purpose, and personal power.

- You're not afraid of looking underneath the surface of your own unconscious to find what you don't know about yourself, or you're willing to get past that fear.

- You're looking for like-minded community to be part of the movement towards greater awareness, abundance and freedom from the chains that bind.

- You love God and God's creation, including humanity!!! 

Bethmartens.com is a hub for archetype and deprogramming courses and coaching, life-purpose business training, archetype and deprogramming coach training, and the King Hero's Journey podcast

This lifetime or next you will have to fulfill on your sacred contract. I learned the hard way.


Before I share my story see if you can relate to this.

You are guided by your instincts about what is possible.

But when you look out in the world it doesn't reflect the vision you see inside.

You are wired to serve others in the ways you are naturally gifted, emotionally inclined and trained yourself.

And if you are like me, your soul won’t let you rest until you do it.

You've let your life teach you. You've gone the distance to hone your skills and follow your passion, and you know your purpose is a path to help make the world a better place.

Maybe you've had a hard time working at a job that compromises you values, especially now. Or maybe you're already in business for yourself but you feel like you're going in every direction with your multiple talents and interests.

You're ready to do the deep inner work to come into wholeness, create value out of your unique perspective, and bring your gifts to those that need them in a way that supports you and your community. 

You know these things that stand in your way, but don't know what to do about it.

1. Fear. Of being seen, of visibly claiming your magic powers and of swimming out over your head and taking on too much responsibility. You also fear not assuming it.

You fear getting your head chopped off when you stick your neck out. You fear failing, but way more than that you fear getting taken down when you succeed.

2. Identity. You define yourself by the multiple methods and tools you use, rather than the one transformation only you can create.

And you don't know what to call yourself without giving a grocery list of what you do.

3. Value. You don't know how to be yourself in conversations about money. And you hold your head when deciding how to charge in a way you feel genuinely good about.

4. Direction. You think picking one clear direction means leaving out things that are important to you, so you don't focus and concentrate your efforts like you know you could.

5. Consistency and Accountability. You already feel responsible to fulfill on your sacred contract, but you don't know how to bridge the world between your purpose and the business of it.

You and I would harmonize perfectly if…photo-1516280117825-9fb8966b72a7

You are courageous enough to slay the inner demons and dragons, so you can take the risk of being seen for who you authentically are.

Helping people is more important to you than keeping yourself in the comfort zone. You want your business to be on your spiritual journey to freedom, not in the way of it.

Your calling feels like a kind of life or death thing.

I’ve been where you are…

My name is Beth Martens and I am no stranger to doing whatever it takes to follow my calling.

It was a rock bottom, three-year fight with cancer that acted as the catalyst to free me from the corporate marketing world where I was a fish-out-of-water VP of marketing and communication for my family’s firm.

I survived against the odds, thanks to awakening my archetypes and discovering where I was out of alignment with my own true nature, my own life’s work, and my own sacred contract.

By pulling together all of my passions in the spiritual arts and 2 decades of business and marketing experience, now I help from across the world find the seamless flow in their life’s work before it gets to be an emergency like it was for me.

One thing I know for sure is if you give yourself permission to create in your own God-given image, and let yourself be in the natural element of what you love, you can discover an unstoppable flow and bring your work to those that most need it.

How I can help…

After more than 20 years of experience I am naturally inspired to:

~ Help you see where you are losing your power and energy, find your place in life and on your Hero's Journey, and turn your shadows into gold by working with archetypes.

~ Help you create your business right the first time, if you’re just starting out.

~ Give you simple tools for pulling all of your skills, talents, trainings and gifts into one clear offering.

~ Help you market and sell your service in a way that feels authentically you.

~ Show you how to get past the emotional obstacles, self-limiting beliefs, and old habits that stop you from fully manifesting through your calling.

If you're hearing yourself in this...

And you're ready to undo the programming that keeps you trapped in the matrix, stand in the truth of who you are and access your full God-given power...

Or are called to be valued for your life's work as a business...

Or need to know how to survive the responsibility of being a champion for others on your Hero's Journey...

Apply to work with me one on one in archetype, business and purpose coaching by filling in the form below, or check out the courses I'm running online, in groups, and with personal coaching:

Primal Power

The MerPreneur's Journey

The King Hero's Journey

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Find Your Sacred Purpose


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To see if it's a good fit for us to get on a Zoom call, talk about how archetypes might be at play, and make a plan to go on your Hero's Journey to your next level, share these 3 things with me:

1. Where are you getting stuck.

2. What you're hoping to achieve.

3. Why it's important for you to get past the stuck points and meet your goals.

Thanks, I'll be in touch soon!

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