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And above all, to enjoy the inherent freedoms of joining together as a body in the private domain.

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About the Founder, Beth Martens 

I knew at 17 I would create a ministry

At age 17, when I was just beginning to land from my off-the-charts childhood rebellion I wrote about in my book, I realized that the answer to the ills we faced as a humanity was that I was going to create a church. My boyfriend at the time mocked me for it, but the seed of it germinated until now when I realize that going into the private as a ministry holds the keys to the Kingdom, literally.


When the plandemic hit I had nearly 30 years of journeying behind me. The first decade travelling, studying, and being a VIP for my family’s business, and the second two decades began with a stage four, show-stopping lymphoma and three years of fighting for my life.

When the crimes against humanity of epic scale hit in 2020 I knew I was made for these times. Everything that didn't make sense suddenly did. In addition to working with people on their archetypes, purpose, healing and service creation as I had been since surviving cancer, I was drawn to study law, which led me to the Bible. And without knowing it would happen, that led me to my Christian roots and childhood choices. I consider myself born again, again lol. 

I was able to heal from cancer 20 years ago because it was life or death. I chose life by working with archetypes - learning to find, de-code, and de-program the death cult we live in enough to go from being a dying person to a living one, by the grace of God. 

My mission and the mission of the House of Free Will Ministry

Since then I’ve made it my mission to help others not have to get themselves so out of whack before they begin aligning with their purpose, to heal from emotional and spiritual blindspots and programmed responses, and to be valued for how they contribute purposefully to humanity. When all heck broke loose in 2020 I began to train coaches to do the work I do, because I knew at that point the need for skilled helpers was going to go up exponentially.

Revelations on the Private Domain

In 2021 I met Jackoline Milne who I interviewed several times on topics such as the Bible, the Private Domain, regenerative agriculture, the cycling falls of the empires, instructions for surviving an extinction event, and the deep spiritual layers that are revealed in the scriptures.

Shortly after joining her pioneer Private Membership Association, The 4 Cornered Table, I began to see that there’s nothing more logical and timely than taking my work into the private as the Bible prescribes.

I didn't have to do this

Many retreat into the private because the public is kicking their butt, forcing them to claim their inherent freedoms at all cost.

But in my case, I just see the writing on the wall. It's priceless to get ahead of the curve and build for the future that's coming. If you haven't noticed the world of alternative law is lousy with rabbit holes, many of them that go only sideways. From all of my findings of the past few years, including interviewing over 200 solutions-driven experts, the Private Domain holds the greatest potential to protect and preserve the life we value most.  

A peek inside

Fellowship and study
This will be the heartbeat and soul of this Ministry with regular private meetings and member-only podcasts. Free with membership.

Archetypes, releasing and de-programming with archetypes
Learn the tools of turning pain into power in archetype courses, workshops, and group and one-on-one coaching with Beth and her coach graduates. By subscription.

Coaching training
Learn how to help others transform their lives, get clear direction, heal from what ails them, and get on and stay on their Hero's Journey. By application.

Sacred Purpose and the Hero's Journey
Discovering greater depths of calling solves a lot of problems personally and collectively. The more people that follow God instead of any other outside or inside instructions, the more victorious in freedom they will be. By subscription.

Meaningful Service
In a world that increasingly doesn't support those of us who don't drink kool-aid, the more independent people can be in their livelihood, the less choices can be made for them. By application.

With myself or other contributing members who are available to develop a relationship with someone to train in their skills. By application.

Standing Up
The Free Will Law Guild will be hosting workshops with experts in the Public and Private law domains to teach how to use the tools we have in the public and how to navigate and create in the private.

Member contribution
Opportunities to assist in running the Ministry and/or present articles, talks, and offerings to the membership. By application.

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