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The Thing You're Here on Earth to Do is Never Going to Leave You Alone

June 2019-127

My reason to be on earth wouldn't leave me alone, not even on what I thought was my death bed.

For me it took being diagnosed with a stage 4 lymphoma nearly 20 years ago before I surrendered to doing my life’s work full time.

I had been leading a double life…

I was a VP in my family’s firm by day, and a freedom-seeking, community-gathering teacher and musician pursuing spiritual experiences by night and on weekends.

I got so out of alignment with myself in the corporate world that I unconsciously made myself sick to get out of my obligation to my family’s business. Oops...

But no matter how disabled I became, my life purpose never once stopped trying to bust out of me. I'd be laying there practically in a coma and I'd feel songs bubble up when I couldn't even sit up and hold a guitar. I'd hear messages that needed to be written down and shared, when I couldn't even hold a pen. I would dream of living on a planet where communities thrived.

I lost everything.

Over the 3 years of fighting for my life I lost everything - my house, my car, my ability to work, and several friends who couldn't journey with me. I gave away my cats and all of the stuff I could no longer look after. I lost my hair, I looked like death itself and finally lost my hope to live.

That day I fell into the pit of despair. Dusk was falling, the room blackening and I laid there for hours on end in my parents' book room, feeling my life had come to the end.

When I finally caved and surrendered to all of the loss, and to death itself, instead of dying I had the most surprising breakthrough.

I saw who I really am.

I saw that with nothing, I was intimately connected with humanity through what I’m here to be and do. And I saw how utterly fulfilled I was in that, despite having lost everything.

What finally turned the key for me was working with archetypes. In discovering the archetypes that were out of alignment for me I recovered enough energy that I completely healed, and never had to look back.

I finally gave myself permission to follow my soul.

June 2019-10

Because for me it was the only choice.

After recovering from cancer and the treatments, it took me more than a decade to build my calling into a business that served me and the people I work for equally. Now I teach my clients to build their businesses in 90 days.

Those in my community are those whose work is a contribution towards solving humanity’s many ills.

They are compelled by their unique purpose. They value freedom more than anything, and are willing to dive deep into the unconscious to find their gifts, and anything that stands in the way of being valued for them.

They are multi-talented, multi-passionate. They have often allowed themselves to pursue all of what they love.

But where they get stuck is in feeling like a many-headed dragon. They have an unstoppable desire to serve, but get burned out from going in their many directions.

They don't want to give up anything, but they know that something has to give.


How I Can Help

Rather than trying to decide what to give up, discover where you are losing your power.

It is possible to...

  • find and put a stop to mysterious energy losses in health, relationships and business.
  • navigate the emotional underworld and clear the obstacles that hold you back from fulfilling on your purpose and your business.
  • slay the demons and dragons of money, finances and right energy exchange so you can be valued for your unique life's work.
  • create one clear service out of multiple skills, talents and passions.
  • serve without losing energy and killing yourself, like I almost did.
  • be accountable to your vision for freedom, for you and your world.

You may not realize how simple it is to get right with your soul and create a spiritually and financially rewarding life in alignment with it.

With 20 years of business experience, I provide simple tools, systems and strategies for building and up-levelling a service-based business.

And because the soul's purpose and life's work trigger the deepest fears, I help guide my clients through the emotional underworld with archetypes and powerful releasing tools.

Through one-on-one and group coaching, courses, coach training, and online resources I help clients use archetype systems for reclaiming their lost electromagnetic force. I know when they follow their soul's calling, they will make their needed difference in the world.

If you've hit a wall, or better yet would like to avoid hitting the wall like I did, I'm here for you. Scroll down and fill out the form below to let me know where you're at and I'll get right back to you.

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Things You Might Not Know About Me 

In the 90's while working as a VP in marketing I went to India eight years in a row to study the ancient healing arts; and fast forward re-found Jesus in the plandemic

When I got diagnosed with cancer in' 99 I simultaneously got liberated from my guru on that mountain (long story, you can read in my book), but didn't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I love the natural world, what God provides on this paradise earth, and the pleasures of life. I love clean food, water, air, scents, and stuff I put on my body...a lot. Chemical scents are a nemesis to me.

I spend time at a family's farm where I've worked joyfully for the past three years. I cultivated my own garden in the city too, but am grateful for a bug-out option and have learned a ton about growing over the last three years.

I published my book Journey just 5 minutes before the plandemic started. That was in time for Anarchapulco the first year I spoke at it. *I was just invited back for 2024!*

I was a teenage runaway (I came back).

I am a singer-songwriter inspired by my personal revelations, mantras from India, and putting-impossible-to-describe experiences into music. There are four albums you can get or catch on Spotify, iTunes, CD Baby and nearly any other online music provider. The music biz rejected me totally for which I am eternally grateful. Currently I'm working on an album with artist/teacher, Daniel David I AM.

I consider myself a recovering feminist and support the work of King Heroes in order to redeem myself for four plus decades of spreading man hate.

I had my son against the odds in 2007 after being told I wouldn't get pregnant having received so much chemotherapy. He's 16 and doesn't believe in the boogy man virus, leftist bs, or gun laws.

Losing both of my parents close together between 2015 and 2017 changed my life forever. The fruit of the gifts became my book and work on the Hero's Journey.

I am a born and raised business geek, and feel while money may disappear, the value of purpose lived never will. I became something of a law geek recently, but that interest was forced by the law breakers.

I love and adore podcasting. Live interviews are one of the most pleasurable things I've done in my work and have done more than 260 episodes in three years.

Last thing, one year ago from the time of writing I founded the members-only House of Free Will, private domain association to make my work uncontrollable to the next level. It houses nearly all of my coaching, coaching training, courses, fellowship, and building library of solutions, solutions, and more solutions, because there's enough talk about what's wrong already. If you feel like I'm a brother or sister you're welcome to apply.

Oh yah one more...the Mermaid thing, that's a tale for another day hahaha.

June 2019-95