Online Course

Archetypes to Deprogram the New World Disorder


Primal Power is a 5 week online course to awaken the power of the wholeness, authority, purpose, faith, and free will of choice in these trying times. Most people don’t realize they hold the power of miracles in their own hands. By navigating the 5 Primal Archetypes that are universal to everyone, you will see where your power is getting tied up, learn how to let deprogram the new world disorder, and become a force for freedom. 

A Map of Archetypes for Finding, Being Valued for and Surviving Purpose


An 8-week archetype coaching program for strong men to get stronger by finding, being valued for and surviving their purpose. On this journey they will learn to tap internal strength, navigate or avoid a crash, and be a part of creating a difference in the world to their potential without having to go at any pace but their own.


A course with author, de-programming coach and coach trainer, Beth Martens, for people who love freedom to demystify and decode their sacred purpose, to get and stay on their Hero's Journey, and to work with archetypes and de-programming tools, so they can release what stops good men and women from fulfilling on their God-given purpose.