Ascension Myth Busting

Hey Beth here, welcome to one of my favourite soapboxes,beth busting the myths of ascension spirituality.

I gave part one of this talk at the 2023 Soulshine Festival, made a follow up video below to go deeper into the points I didn't have time for, and most recently gave another version of this talk specially for the King Heroes, live at Anarchapulco, 2024. 

In these presentations I discuss why the path of ascension is not only a dead end, but can set you back on your Hero's Journey to free yourself and serve others to help them get free too. 

I included links below the talks to learn more about being a member of the House of Free Will, the Journey Code Coaching training that begins again in September 2024, and my social media links so we can keep connecting there. :-) 

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Ascension Myth Busting Part 1 (audio from live workshop presentation at Soulshine Festival, Blackstock, Ont.)

Ascension Myth Busting Part 2

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