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Check out the recording of the last Journey Code Open House where you'll hear all of the background, see inside modules of the training, and hear from past graduates about their experience.

Is helping people find and live their freedom important to you?

You want to do it confidently with skills, principles, and professionalism, and be valued for that as part of your sacred purpose.

You healed and saved yourself and you live more for others than only for yourself. It's a Divine calling, and you are fed by being of service, but you get stuck not being able to give as much as you know is needed. 

Maybe you serve people professionally already, and are looking for more tools and faster ways to help others through the trials, traumas and tribulations of our time. 

Or you might be that go-to person everyone turns to in a crisis and want to be able to help them more effectively, without losing yourself to it.

And you're deep. You are devoted to your God-given purpose on earth, even if you don't totally know what it is.  

But you get stuck. You need the skills, tools, road map, and healthy boundaries to support others.

medium beth photo1 khj shoot
As a child I was extremely sensitive and could read people, often more deeply than they could read themselves.

Later in life I had someone tell me that according to my astrology, I had x-ray vision.

For most of my early years I experienced that as a curse, because no one wanted my reflections or counsel. And to be honest, I was far from being a clear mirror for them.

So my helping nature ultimately just created conflict.

When I realized that, I decided I was going to do whatever it took to teach and help people in a way that wouldn’t ruffle their feathers, and would actually help them.

I studied anthropology and Jungian psychology.

I studied ancient healing and spiritual practices in Nepal and India over eight trips.

I was a consultant and VP in a family business.

I was a yoga and meditation teacher and workshop leader for a decade.

But no matter how much I learned or taught my findings to others, I never felt satisfied that I was helping to the extent I knew I could.

When she saw me in misery with giving classes every night, when I had a young baby no less, a friend suggested I explore coaching. My first thought was that I didn’t see myself as a coach.

But then I saw how it was working for her, and I realized she knew something I didn’t.

Once I realized my core desire was to help others transform, and trained as a coach, my work became highly and easily valued, it properly sustained me, and fuelled my soul’s purpose.

That’s why I’m so passionate about training coaches in seven months what it took me 20 years to learn.

In my Journey Code Coaching Certification training, not only do participants gain the skills they need to truly help people, but they greatly accelerate their own spiritual growth and evolution.


By answering your calling to be an instrument of other people's freedom, you much more quickly gain your own.

And I know that following a sacred calling can be a life or death thing.

That’s what getting diagnosed with cancer taught me 20 years ago. At the time, I was in the corporate world with my family's business, trying to get the approval from my family and society. But in reality, I divorced from my soul and got incredibly ill.

After surviving against the odds, I knew I would never again return to a life that didn't allow me to be loyal to my soul.

In my coaching practice I enjoy a great level of self-sovereignty, self-sufficiency, and the unregulated ability to serve and create. And that has given my life the meaning I only dreamed possible.

No one tells me what to do, how to earn a living, how to show up in society, or how I can help people.

During the plandemic and beyond, despite the increasing over-reach of the Canadian government for example, no one told me what to do -- not how I can or can't work, not what I should wear on my face or put in my body, and not how I can serve with my gifts.

In fact, it was the globalists' bold moves that inspired me to create Journey Code, because with the ramped up agendas, I saw how people gaining their freedom from the inside out was exponentially needed.


Because as an independent coach, if life changes, I can change, and the way I bring value to others can change.


My coaching practice is the basis for building a culture of people that have common purpose, and share the fundamental value for freedom - and the wisdom to know it's first found within, or not at all.

As the public world is rapidly declining, it is time for each one to assume responsibility for themselves and their own in the private, and to make a life in the Divine vision they're given.

Because how much stronger can we be as a network of skilled helpers that have each other's best interest?

As a Journey Code coach you can set up a life where you can both give and receive in a professional context, not only being valued for your skills, but having a rich and purposeful life worth living.

Because your Hero's Journey, sacred purpose, is the way you are intimately tied with your humanity, the way you serve, and the role you play to be served.

If you are hearing the call to freedom, your next level Hero’s Journey, and the deeper meaning of how you fit with humanity, see all the details below of the Journey Code Coaching Certification training that begins September 11, 2024.

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “My Journey Code experience has been really, really good.

    I'm not trying to blow smoke up your ass but I'm super impressed in how you conduct yourself and how it is so obviously that you've done the work, honed your skills, and are still growing and evolving!”

    Louisiana, US

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “I am really appreciating the content and the experience!

    I find there's a lot of mirroring effects and that is really extremely helpful to me! It makes me notice things about myself that I do.

    I also really like the handouts, and I read them over a few times as well as my own notes and every time I do this I learn more and more and I usually listen to the recording again one more time just to get extra clarity and I get more from it the second time around.

    And I am really enjoying your book, I just finished the last couple of pages of the nurturer chapter and have moved on to the lover chapter, it is all fascinating! And I love how you weave in your experiences along with the teachings! Fabulous!”

    Winnipeg, MB

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “Everything that we are learning truly resonates with me.

    I'm finding it fairly simple to integrate the new knowledge. It is very helpful to watch the process in action while you work with us during session. 

    Thank you so much for this course. It's actually helping me evolve which is instilling me with a strong sense of knowing that I will in turn be able to assist someone else with their evolution.”

    Winnipeg, MB

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “Great experience! 

    I am seeing how these ideas and exercises are so fundamental to living in purpose and having effect in the world; getting things done; feeling positive and increasing energy in life. That positive feedback loop is now going strong! ”

    Ashland, Oregon

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “I'm very excited!

    I am on fire right now! Your program is WORKING and I have an amazing partner!!”

    Austin, TX

The Journey Code Transformation

Here’s what I have seen in students and graduates of Journey Code:

Once they set their sights on helping others find freedom, it greatly quickens their path to freedom. 

Training coaches receive exponentially more than if they were just trying to solve their own problems and meet their own goals. 

While the goal of the training is to have a thriving and professional coaching practice, it’s clear to me of all the people I have worked with, that committed coaches in training experience substantial transformations in their own lives, while preparing to help others.

Here’s what you’re going to experience in Journey Code when you show up and do the work:

  • You gain clarity about your life purpose and direction.

  • Mysterious road blocks are simplified and overcome.

  • You learn how to wrestle (and let go of) programs instead of wrestling with loved ones, life events, and circumstances.

  • Things that have created emotional roller coasters in the past no longer overwhelm you.

  • You can take greater risks for your Hero’s Journey, knowing you have the tools and support to get through whatever you take on.

  • Greater credibility with yourself because you do the work yourself while helping others do it.

  • Compassion for and understanding of yourself and others by seeing clear patterns in archetypes and programming that make sense of what doesn't make sense.

  • Ability to take empowered action when needed rather than being chased by fear and outrage, which is so easy to let happen these days.

  • Greater faith and relationship with freedom itself -- the Source, Life, Creator, or however you prefer to name it.

  • An organic group connection and mutual support that has often led to close and enduring relationships.

What you’ll learn:

  • Simple tools and techniques for deprogramming what holds you back from purposefully serving and creating.

  • How to read archetypes for mapping out the Hero's Journey, to stay on a clear path with clear direction.

  • Solid principles of coaching that means you won’t burn out from working with clients, while you help to fill the growing need for coaching support, and get renewable energy, inspiration, and enthusiasm from working with others in a professional context.

  • How to set clear goals and make decisions without getting stuck in the paralysis of weighing the pros and cons.

  • How to properly vet and get clients for your coaching practice.

Benefits to Journey Code Graduates:

Earn a living as a transformational Journey Code coach.

Inherit a network of support, practice, and engagement in the Coaching Guild of the Private Domain, House of Free Will where Journey Code is being offered.

Be aligned with your purpose and use this work and what you've let Life teach you, to truly serve in this unparalleled time in history.

Coaching Certification Program Outline

Part One: Deprogramming and Releasing Tools 

Once archetype shadows are seen, they are half gone. Unrooting the other half is where the skill of releasing thoughts, feelings, beliefs and programs becomes both a powerful life skill, and a magical way to help others get to the other side of their challenges faster.

As a system that elevates energy, creates clarity, makes decisions easy, allows you to take action and go for goals, these tools will be an invaluable collection to have in your coaching belt.

Nine Deprogramming and Releasing Tools


1. Body & Somatic Releasing

2. Tonglen

3. The 3 Root Programs

4. Spiralling: With the Scale of Emotions

5. Melting Resistance

6. Pride Programming

7. Letting Go of Composite Programs

8. Goals Guide the Way

9. Clear Decisions

Part Two: Coaching With the Eight Journey Archetypes

In this section you will learn to read archetypes, which means you'll learn their languages, recognize their patterns of gifts and shadows and be able to help others make shifts based on your reading.

In addition to reading the individual archetypes based on the 8 archetypes outlined in my book, Journey, you will also learn to read someone's position on the Hero's Journey - the path to overcome challenges and ultimately return to the people with the elixir.

By learning to read archetypes in yourself and others you will be able to create shortcuts for self-awareness and precision for helping to identify exact stuck places so that changes can be quickly made.

The Eight Journey Archetypes 


1. The Child - where the Journey begins

2. The Rebel - rising up with purpose

3. The Warrior - building and training for the long haul

4. The Nurturer - caring with boundaries

5. The Lover - the soul's Journey

6. The Hedonist - inheriting the earth

7. The King - creating legacy

8. The Alchemist - transforming lead into gold

Part Three: Seven Principles of Transformational Coaching 

In this section you will learn how to be a powerful coach with excellent boundaries. You will learn how to lift people higher than they can hold themselves, motivate them to do what they want to do, but can't do fast enough on their own. And you'll give them the comfort of a hand-hold through the scary steps of personal, spiritual and professional development.

These seven guiding principles will be first learned and then practically applied to facilitate tangible results and transformations in people's lives.

The Seven Coaching Principles 


  1. Doing Your Own Work Will Make You An Excellent Coach
  2. Lead Clients To Their Own Conclusions
  3. Tough Love and Saying Hard Things
  4. Boundaries
  5. Key Coaching Questions
  6. Raising the Bar
  7. Informing vs. Transforming

-Catherine Bonandin, Producer of Anarchapulco

 All of the Details

Certification Requirements

  • Attending the majority of live classes.
  • Recording of one or more coaching sessions for feedback.
  • Getting one paid coaching client.
  • Practice coaching with feedback (four weekly sessions).
  • Partner practice sessions (ongoing weekly for seven months).

 Training Time Commitment

  • Weekly 2-hour live group classes.
  • 1 hour weekly partner time.

 Provided for You
  • Handouts as needed and a PDF handout manual.
  • Live call recordings available within 24 hours of every class.
  • A PDF of Journey: A Map of Archetypes to Find Lost Purpose in a Sea of Meaninglessness plus a hard copy by mail for early birds only.
  • Seven monthly personal coaching sessions.
  • Past class recordings.
  • Bonus courses: Primal Power, The Magic of Goals 
  • Bonus training: How to Vet and Get a Client

 Bonus Resources

You receive the following bonus courses as part of your Journey Code coaching:



Required Reading

Journey: A Map of Archetypes to Find Lost Purpose in a Sea of Meaninglessness

(PDF copy included upon registration)

Order hard copies of Journey for yourself and your clients at cost for only $13.00



Tuition: $5,200 USD

Early bird by August 11: $4,200 US


Dates of Note

Orientation: September 11, 2024 (1:30 PM CDT - 3:30 PM CDT)

First class: September 18, 2024 (1:30 PM CDT - 3:30 PM CDT)

Weekly classes are scheduled beginning then and running for consecutive Wednesdays at 1:30 PM CDT.

Modules 1-14: Sept 18 to Dec 18

Modules 14-24: Jan 8 to Mar 12

Practicum: Mar 19 & 26, April 2 & 9

*Break for December 25th*

*New Year’s party on the 1st!!*


What happens when you register?

You get instant access to the Journey Code modules including past class recordings, the King Hero's Journey, the MerPreneur's Journey, Primal Power, and the Magic of Goals courses, AND a PDF copy of my book that maps the second section of the training, Journey: A Map of Archetypes to Find Lost Purpose in a Sea of Meaninglessness.


 Two Steps to Apply

First: Journey Code is a members-only training in theBM HOFWM Logo NEW with Tag Sept 2022 House of Free Will [HOFW], private association. If you're not already a member, click below to apply. 

Step 1: Apply for House of Free Will Membership

Second: Click below to answer the questions and get in touch to make a time to talk on the phone to see if it's a good fit for us.

Step 2: Apply for the Journey Code Coaching Training

Your training has been absolutely phenomenal!

I have benefited on many levels. The content and techniques are superb. The nature of this course has an intricate overlap of the application and implementation of the material that is beautifully woven together.

As we are coached, we are learning to become a coach, and as we resolve our own issues, we learn to guide others to resolve their issues. This is all brought together masterfully by Beth's eloquent expertise as our coach. Thank you, Beth! Also, the coaching partner and group dynamic has been so inspiring and a key aspect to the whole program! 

This is taking my coaching skills to a new level. It feels like this was a missing piece that I needed. Much of what I have done in the past had to do with the mind, which certainly has a place in the toolbox.

However, learning to work on the emotional level to help people move past the illusion and choose something greater is truly amazing. This had been a question for me prior to this, even in the past spiritual work I've done.

This is also teaching me a new posture as a coach. I have spent a lot of time as a speaker/teacher, and now I am becoming a listener/guide. I now feel more fully equipped to coach others to the freedom they seek. This is changing my life and enabling me to fulfill my sacred purpose. 

In addition, I cannot say enough about the power of the use of archetypes! Finally, I've said this course is phenomenal because of the unexplainable phenomena that keeps appearing in my life! It truly feels like something beyond me at work. There has been a corridor of people from various geographic locations and different times in my life that I have had needed conversations with starting from right before I started this course. It has been truly transformational!

- Scott Lipes
Ballwin, Missouri

Through the eyes of some graduates.

A bit about me if we haven't met yet...  

I’m a pattern hunter, archetype reader, podcaster, author, coach trainer, and business coach, and my calling is a life or death thing.

After a decade as a corporate VP in my family’s firm, eight trips to India, and a three-year battle with cancer nearly 25 years ago, I used archetypes and deprogramming harmful patterns to save my life.

Today I help people who love the truth more than they’re afraid of tyrants, who want to serve on their Hero’s Journey, to find their sacred purpose, be valued for their life’s work, de-program the beast system, and survive the ordeals of the adventure.

As recovering feminist, I am honoured to host regular King Hero interviews highlighting leaders, entrepreneurs, movement makers, and purveyors of freedom. 

Journey Code is the brainchild of the plandemic that began in 2020 five minutes after I published My book, 'Journey: A Map of Archetypes to Find Lost Purpose in a Sea of Meaninglessness’. I always knew I was going to teach the skills of helping people deprogram, and the new circus world we found ourselves in inspired me to create a way for more of this work to become available.  

Visit my homepage to sign up to do a free King Hero Archetype Quiz to learn where you are on the path of purpose, and which of the eight Journey archetypes may hold important keys for your freedom at this time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not finding your question below? Contact me at the form below.

Do I need to know anything about coaching before joining?

No previous coaching skills are required for Journey Code. You will be learning everything you need to become a confident coach in this training. 

How much time will it take to get the most out of the training?

There are two hours of class time each week, two hours of prep time for the classes, and one hour of partner work per week. Your life is the subject of the practice required, so if you are open to self-reflection and motivated to get past your stuck points, then you need not take time away from your life to gain mastery in the tools, archetypes, and coaching principles.

What is required to certify as a Journey Code Coach?

To complete the course I ask that you attend the majority of live classes, engage with your partner, and participate in giving and receiving coaching throughout the modules. Certification requirements also include one assignment, providing a recording example of coaching for feedback in the final month, and getting one paid coaching client.

What if I don't certify in the 7 months of the training?

If for any reason you complete but don't certify as a coach there will be more opportunities in the House of Free Will Coaching Guild to continue practicing coaching and fulfilling certification requirements.

What if I can't make all of the classes live?

Recordings for the live classes will be provided up to 24 hours following so you won't miss anything, though I recommend making every effort to attend so you can take advantage of receiving coaching in the group and getting your questions answered.

What am I going to do with my coaching practice partners?

Coaching practice partners will be assigned, but you're welcome to change and take on additional partners over the course of the training and beyond. In your weekly partner sessions you will be practicing the tools and principles you learned that week so you can develop the skills over time. 

Do I have to become a member of the House of Free Will Ministry to take part?

Yes, all of the coaching work and trainings I'm doing is inside the members-only, House of Free Will Ministry in the Private Domain. If you haven't yet become a member, here's the link to apply.

Membership Application

Any questions?

Send me a message and I'll get right back to you!

Thank you so much! I'll be in touch shortly.