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Full Moon Circle for MerPreneurs – Business Networking in Winnipeg


Full Moon Circle for MerPreneurs

• Women Communing • Business Wisdom • Ritual Adornment • Live Music

THURSDAY, May 11, 2017

6:45 PM Tea and adorning

7:15 PM Circle (when the door closes)

9:15 PM Circle ends with communing over nosh (feel free to bring something)


Sherry Selley, Creatrix of Tribe

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 8.33.36 PMWhen Sherry Selley began suffering from anxiety and panic attacks she turned to a prescribed anxiety medication. When that didn’t work she turned to MEDITATION. Meditation changed her life is SUCH a profound way that she walked away from a lucrative

job position in order to become Certified to Teach and share this new found treasure with the world.

She had found her true soul’s purpose.

That decision has led her down a beautiful path of love, light, meditation, rituals and amazing like minded friends that she lovingly calls her “tribe”.

Her first thought when finding her new path was “THIS is exactly what my soul needs!” Her second thought was “Everyone needs this!”

And with that, Tribe Meditation was born, with a keen interest people’s mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Sherry is a Certified Meditation Instructor , Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and Author of the upcoming book 402.

She is the creator of TRIBE and the online course course Shine Your Light.


Are you a MerPreneur or a MerMaven?

An expert in your field where you get amazing results for your clients? Or a MerPreneur, a MerMaven who has built a business around her magic expertness? Then if you’re in the Winnipeg area, I would love to host you to gather with us around the energy of the full moon! READ MORE TO SEE 

This Circle is for…

Communal Love:
 A busy woman entrepreneur can feel shut off from her immediate community. It’s not conducive to a healthy soul around your work, especially if you have Mer energy, because while we are fiercely independent and brave, we are equally communal and thrive on deep and convivial relationships.

Networking: This is an opportunity to be seen, and to network what you do, who you are, what you’re a stand for and how you can help others. Please be prepared to share this, in a minute around the circle.

Ritual and Release: I’ll be teaching about how your business is your biggest spiritual journey if you allow it to be. You will get to discover a simple tool for letting your crap go. And you’ll be ritually adorned by our special guest!!

In this circle of women entrepreneurs, MerMavens and MerPreneurs, you will also…

  • Sing empowering mantras to cultivate even more courage for the daily challenges of a MerPreneur.
  • Get your Mermaid on!

    This evening gathering is perfect for you if…

  • You are a MerPreneur with a business, and love having like-minded community and group wisdom.
  • You are a MerMaven, expert in your unique fields, but haven’t created a business or high-end services with it.
  • Feeling like you don’t want your business just to be about money, but you can’t ignore it anymore either
  • Corporate or a career life is killing you and you’d rather follow your passion into a business instead.
  • You’re deep into your passion as a business, but you’re overwhelmed with interest and don’t know how to let that tap run without you running down the drain.

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