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Full Moon Circle


Women Entrepreneurs • Communing • Networking • Moon Ritual • Live Music

The next one: THURSDAY, August 10, 2017

6:45 PM Arrivals

7:15 PM Circle (when the door closes)

9:15 PM Circle ends with communing over snacks

August 10 – Reclaiming Paradise with Natalie Reimer Anderson and Beth Martens

Birthing the Pleasure Portal in Your Biz!

This pleasure portal is why we have embodied! We have incarnated to experience pleasure through the physical body and our 5 senses. This is one of the most disconnected and subconsciously painful portals for many women. Our pleasure has been vilified and shamed through the ages in order to control and have ownership over us. This has left us in a confused, and what can be an abusive, relationship with our own pleasure. To open this portal requires great courage and desire to heal the myths of the past through reclaiming our wholeness, that includes pleasure and giving ourselves permission to desire what we desire.

Discover the relationship between sexual energy, money exchange and your business verve. See how you can use the Pleasure Portal to access new certainty about the value of what you have to offer.

Reclaiming Paradise is a group for women leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs who feel in many ways they are standing on the threshold of paradise, but don’t know how to get inYou know you’re here on earth with a divine calling, to be on fire with passion and purpose, and to share your light, but can’t see past your inherent ancestral limiting stories of what you’ve been taught it means to be a woman. We don’t have to stay stuck like this anymore. A modern day woman being shaped by these old stories that no longer serve us or anyone.


Why We Gather in Full Moon Circle

Communing: A busy woman entrepreneur can feel shut off from her immediate community. It’s not conducive to a healthy soul around your work, especially if you have Mer energy, because while we are fiercely independent and brave, we are equally communal and thrive on deep and convivial relationships.

Networking: This is an opportunity to be seen, and to network what you do, who you are, what you’re a stand for and how you can help others. Please be prepared to share this, in a minute around the circle.

Ritual and Release: I’ll be teaching about how your business is your biggest spiritual journey if you allow it to be. You will get to discover a simple tool for letting your crap go. And you’ll be ritually adorned by our special guest!!

In this circle of women entrepreneurs you will also…

  • Listen to the inspiring stories of our guest presenter.
  • Join voices in singing kirtan.
  • Have an opportunity to take advantage of the moon energy and learn a simple process for letting go of what holds you back from fulfilling your dreams.
  • Journal your intentions.

This evening gathering is perfect for you if…

  • You are a woman entrepreneur who is already established in her service-based business.
  • You are an expert in your field, but haven’t created a business or high-end services with it.
  • Your corporate or career life is killing you and you’re called to do your life’s work for a living.
  • You have a successful service, but you’re overwhelmed with clients and don’t know how to leverage your time and energy.

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