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Full Moon Circle


Women Entrepreneurs • Communing • Networking • Moon Ritual • Live Music

The next one: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2017

6:45 PM Arrivals

7:15 PM Circle (when the door closes)

9:15 PM Circle ends with communing over snacks

Corey Lakusiak

October 5 Special Guest – teacher, Earth medicine artist, business owner, mother, intentional creator & juggernaut of change, Corey Lakusiak

Corey Lakusiak is a Prairie artist who is deeply inspired by the beauty and power of Mother Nature.

Dedicated to quality craftsmanship, Corey hand-picks all of the materials used to create quatlity crafted jewellery – for healing: mind, body & heart.

Corey’s artistry arises from her devotion to her daily practices. She is a seeker of Life & Love, and lives with both passion and purpose. Corey is profoundly grateful for the teachings and wisdoms of those who have come before her, especially her mother, who has taught her the importance of committed studentship, and her dad, who continues to inspire her to seek ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’.

“Through my dedicated study of Yoga, the Chakra System & Earth Medicine, I have learned to tap into my intuitive creativity which guides me in the process of making pieces of jewellery that help to heal mind, body & heart.”

“I could share with you my former story of struggle and pain; however, the medicine is not found in that story, but instead in the story of my Awakening. I look forward to this ritual gathering of women where I can share the story of my Awakening and the radical journey that has unfolded (and continues to unfold) since that time.
We will also have a chance to explore & experience the healing properties of Black Tourmaline, one of my favourite stones for assisting in the alchemical & transformational process.


Why We Gather in Full Moon Circle

Communing: A busy woman entrepreneur can feel shut off from her immediate community. It’s not conducive to a healthy soul around your work, especially if you have Mer energy, because while we are fiercely independent and brave, we are equally communal and thrive on deep and convivial relationships.

Networking: This is an opportunity to be seen, and to network what you do, who you are, what you’re a stand for and how you can help others. Please be prepared to share this, in a minute around the circle.

Ritual and Release: I’ll be teaching about how your business is your biggest spiritual journey if you allow it to be. You will get to discover a simple tool for letting your crap go. And you’ll be ritually adorned by our special guest!!

In this circle of women entrepreneurs you will also…

  • Listen to the inspiring stories of our guest presenter.
  • Join voices in singing kirtan.
  • Have an opportunity to take advantage of the moon energy and learn a simple process for letting go of what holds you back from fulfilling your dreams.
  • Journal your intentions.

This evening gathering is perfect for you if…

  • You are a woman entrepreneur who is already established in her service-based business.
  • You are an expert in your field, but haven’t created a business or high-end services with it.
  • Your corporate or career life is killing you and you’re called to do your life’s work for a living.
  • You have a successful service, but you’re overwhelmed with clients and don’t know how to leverage your time and energy.

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