Group Coaching for Primal Power Graduates

Did you study about the 5 Primal archetypes and enjoy the fellowship and breakthroughs you were having, and you want to go deeper?

Just like in law, and any area of life, the power lies in your resolve to not quit, especially when it gets hard. There are four main reasons people quit doing the inner work to find their power.

Three Things Will Stop You 

1. Archetypes and programming are deep and the work can seem overwhelming.

2. You haven't yet proved to yourself that you have the power to keep going.

3. You stop because you feel good, but because job isn't done you go back into old patterns. 

Big and small patterns that were hidden are going to be much more in focus after taking in the Primal Power course material.

You got traction, but if you'd like to get more momentum with this work by getting some coaching support, Jackoline Milne and myself are co-hosting a 5-week Primal Power coaching group where we will provide guidance and one-on-one assistance in a group setting using the tools of deprogramming, and wisdom from the Bible.

Each week we will focus on the gifts and shadows of one of the five Primal archetypes, in order as they are given in the course, but you can work on anything that you feel is an obstacle for you.

  • The Masculine-Feminine: The Power of Wholeness
  • The Child: The Power of Purpose
  • The Victim: The Power of Authority
  • The Prostitute: The Power of Faith
  • The Saboteur: The Power of Free Will

Matters you can get coaching assistance for

Handling conflicts, cutting losses, damage control, and getting courage in the lawful process.

Speaking out and being a voice for the truth you want to spread.

Resolving relationship struggles and indecision.

Finding the roots of financial patterns and self-sabotage. 

Addressing health issues and symptoms that may have a mysterious cause.  

Creating and working towards clear goals instead of always troubleshooting. 

Tapping into your God-given sacred purpose.


How group coaching works

We will gather as a group on Zoom each week for a 2-hour coaching call. We will talk a short while about the archetype of focus that week, but the majority of the time will be spent with the call open for coaching. Participants will be invited to put their hand up to let us know they would like assistance, and they'll receive one-on-one coaching to help them let go of shadows and programs and any insights from the Bible as they arise.

While one person is receiving assistance each one will be doing their own releasing work alongside, so you'll never be just waiting your turn to do the work. You can not only be witness to another's transformation, but be having breakthroughs at the same time.*

“For where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I with them.” 

Matthew 18:20

*I did most of my releasing training in these coaching group settings and found them very powerful and effective. The group releasing together creates a beautiful flow and momentum,


The calls will be recorded for those who sign up but can't make it live for one or more of the group coaching sessions.

Here's how, if you prefer, you can maintain your privacy if you receive coaching in the group Zooms:

1. Use a screen name for your Zoom window.

2. Don't turn your camera on.

3. Don't share any details of the situation you are asking for assistance with. As long as are able to talk about how you feel about it, we can help with it.


The Details

Date: 5 Consecutive Sundays beginning March 20, 2022

Time: 2:00 - 4:00 PM CST

Investment: By donation 

You might be new to the model of compensation and exchange we are choosing to offer our work through which is based on principles of generosity and mutual well-being. We want to encourage everyone to give freely from their heart as they feel moved and able to give at this time rather than under the feeling of compulsion which the present system of commerce is based.

This crisis has revealed deeply many things and how humanity has become controlled through money at every turn. We are all seeing people with integrity and personal spiritual beliefs being severely discriminated against financially and this could be the norm from now on.

Everyone who is drawn and moved to embrace this process of self awareness, emotional healing, and de-programming, supported by biblical assurances, should have it without an excess burden of a financial obligation which might cause them to not benefit.

Hosted by Beth Martens and special guest, Jackoline Milne

When I met Jackoline Milne, Metis, married woman of 3 children, raised in the North West Territories of Canada, I knew she was the missing piece to this God's Law edition of Primal Power. With fearlessness in farming, law, connection with the spirit of northern peoples, nature, healing, and an insatiable hunger for finding truth in the deeply layered and encoded Bible she was a welcome addition to the Primal Power course, and now to the Primal Power group coaching.

Jackie and Beth pic

More about Jackoline:

Jackie is the founder of a farm school training program for integrated regenerative farming systems and methods in NWT. For it she was honored by the Governor General and given a special medal, Meritorious Service Medal, which is the highest honor a civilian can receive. 

In addition she is a 20-year survivor of an active and dangerous personality cult here in Canada. They snagged her as a young adult just out of high-school when she moved south. Removing herself from it was the beginning of her law journey when she understood the nature of liability.

Visit her YouTube channel for her videos explaining what she learned from those years, how she woke up to and called out the crimes of the cult, and the wisdom her long-time study of the Bible, outside any religious setting, has given her.

Learn more about Beth here.

Any questions? Get in touch!

Thanks, I'll get right back to you!!