Are You Bursting With Purpose 

But don't know where to begin knowing what it is and being valued for it?

Every being came to earth with a mission. 

I nearly lost my life to not honouring it. I was so out of alignment with myself that my I had to face a 3 year knock-em-down fight for my life with a stage 4 lymphoma.

For me the key turner that saved my life was discovering my archetypes. In awakening them I discovered what was sucking the life out of me, turned the corner and never had to look back.

The Journey archetypes

Those with these archetypes need to be adept at navigating the emotional and spiritual underworld.

They want to be part of bringing humanity back to nature. 

They tend to over-give, over-deliver and lose energy from their generous giving nature.

And with multiple skills, talents, ambitions, and demands on their time, they tend to going in every direction unable to focus in one clear direction.

When things fall apart

On the heels of my father's and mother's death nearly 20 years after surviving my own cancer, I had a breakthrough about the Journey archetypes and the archetypal Hero's Journey that every person on this earth travels. 

The death of a parent is like a sweeping net in the ocean. It pulls and drags everything in its path, the good the bad and the ugly.

What was left on the other side was gold to me. 

Does this sound like you?

June 2019-37.jpgMaybe you're feeling like no matter how much you do to help others, you want to do more. You want to help make needed change in the world. 

And perhaps despite your many skills and trainings, you keep running for the next degree or certification, but just end up in more confusion about what's YOUR thing.

Maybe you had the rug pulled out from underneath you and you need to begin again.

And maybe you are feeling the push to take your calling to the next level, but don't know where is the best investment of your time, energy and resources. 

You know if you only had a clear direction, you could do so much more of your good in the world.

You are not naturally lost, you are naturally clear. 

If you’re ready to dive even deeper into your reasons why you are here on this earth, and reveal your naturally clear direction, join me for a personal Deep Diving for Direction Personal Archetype Reading.

Direction is freedom.

And it begins with knowing what freedom means is for you.

Once you're on YOUR path, it takes a lot of the pressure off.

In this reading of your Journey archetypes you will discover how to tap your gifts and release shadows of your Journey archetype.

It will help you...

  • Make concrete decisions about where to concentrate, so you can stop wasting your time, attention and energy going in every direction.
  • Reclaim the lost energy you’ve been spending keeping parts of yourself submerged.
  • Have a clear path for manifesting through your life's work.
  • See what your next in-alignment move would be.

Here's what this artist and coach experienced in her 'Deep Diving for Direction' Journey Archetype Reading 

It's a pleasure to connect with you.


If you're working towards finding, being more valued for or surviving your life's work, check out three ways below to get started with having a clear direction.

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Deep Diving for Direction

Coaching Packages

60 Minute Reading

$197 USD

Personal MerPreneur's Journey Archetype Reading

90 Minute Reading +

$347 USD

Comes along with the following online courses:

The Magic of Goals

Find Your Sacred Purpose

Releasing to Freedom Audio Course

90 Minute Personal Reading with Coaching

$1,297 USD

Comes along with 6 personal weekly sessions for creating a plan for going powerfully in your new found direction. Also includes the following bonus DIY programs:

The Magic of Goals

Primal Power online course

Releasing to Freedom Audio Course


Awakening Your Inner Compass

Go beneath the surface to gain self-knowledge, emotional mastery and the value of your sacred purpose. That way you can lead others and serve to your heart's content with your natural gifts, without having to run hard for the wrong reason.

What kind of world would create if you had clarity of direction?

Send me a note below and let me know. 

Tell me what kind of world you would create if you had clarity, or shoot me your questions and I'll get right back to you.

Thanks I'll get back to you shortly!
  • Beth Martens

    “I really enjoyed learning about each of the archetypes, both the shadows and the strengths.

    The most exciting thing: It was indeed a journey, and even though Beth provides a map for guidance, you have to undertake the journey yourself for it to be meaningful. Each of the archetypes was like a blueprint, so you can see both the strengths and weaknesses at the same time. I found the “words that express your value” particularly useful.

    I am much more ready to create my own future than I was before I started the course. The more work I did on the Journey, especially the shadow work, the more my mind started to open up and the stronger I felt mentally. I was able to see problems and shadows for what they were and know how to tackle them. I now feel I am having more independent, creative and constructive thoughts and ideas than I can employ in my life and business, rather than merely responding to events or raging at the machine.

    I would strongly recommend Beth’s package and the King Hero’s journey. Suspend your scepticism and realize that the key to unlocking your full potential actually lies within you – you just have to start the journey and your life will be so much better for it. Beth will teach you what you need to stay calm and focused as you move ahead. It takes energy and effort. But its worth it.”

    Communications Expert