Does this sound like you?

You’re awake, you see the lies, and you see the truth, but you’re still stuck with anger, anxiety, depression, feeling bitter about sleeping people, and hopeless about the days to come.

You’re faced with impossible choices and without a clear view of the future you don’t know how to begin making them.

You know how important it is to unite in the collective consciousness in the high energy of love.

You know this war is spiritual and that it’s the soul we’re really fighting for.

You’ve lost important relationships and want to connect with more people who didn’t drink the Kool-aid about what matters most to you.

You want to go deeper into meaningful relationships than you can in video chats, post comments, and Telegram groups.

You Want to Use the Power God Gave You make a difference in the madness.

But beyond educating yourself, and trying to educate others with limited results, you don’t know where to begin.

The other night I had a breakthrough talking to God. 

I was having the same prayer no doubt millions are having. “O.k. God, if you’re so all-powerful, why don’t you put an end to the mounting suffering?”

grey-fur-rocks-sitting2-beth-khjAnd then I was was flooded with images of many miracles - Biblical, mythical, in others’ lives, and in my own life.

I looked up and heard this,

“It’s you. You’re the miracle. I gave you free will. When you use it, it is miraculous. You are the miracle if you use the power I gave you.”

“I gave you dominion over all - the creatures that crawl, fly and swim, the Watcher angels - over all of the earth. And still you beg me for a miracle, LOL!?”

The powers that ought-not-to-be need people to believe they have no power. If everyone believes or even acts like it’s true, it may as well be.

But it couldn’t be further from the truth.

When You're On a Path of Truth

When you’re on a path of truth, especially these days since this psyop of epic proportion, it turns your life inside out.

Relationships go sideways, finances, career choices, health, and even your relationship with God may suffer. 

We’ve all had those painful losses and awkward partings over colossal mis-meeting of the minds.

Marriages, families, parents and children, friends, communities, and each one inside themselves have been divided.

Your own best friends and family may have turned on you.

Sometimes you wonder if you're the crazy one.

But here are the reasons pain and loss can be transformed into a gift.

1. It royally brings up your stuff. If your stuff doesn’t come up, there’s no way to be free from it. It’s a gift.

2. It magnetizes you to your true tribe, and repels those who are not your people. It’s a gift on both counts.

3. It makes you decide, to go with or against your integrity and values. It’s a gift if you go with them.

The only way to receive these gifts is to do the work of mastering your inner world. Otherwise you will forever be tricked into working out there on waking people up who don't want to wake up, missing your inner power entirely. Or worse, you give up, slip quietly into not carrying, and not exercising your power at all.

When you take the unchartered path, you find out what you’re made of.

It builds your character and confidence. 

You have greater confidence, because you’re more emotionally, spiritually, and physically competent. 

You know yourself, find out where you are losing your energy and natural inspiration, and get to experience what a powerful creator you actually are!!


Each of the Primal Archetypes is designed by the Creator to give us personal power. All of it.

Miraculously So.  

Because these Primal archetypes - the Masculine/Feminine, the Child, the Victim, the Prostitute, and the Saboteur - are universal, you can affect change in the collective, and awaken the energy you need in order to do what you are capable of and created for.

It calls for gaining skill and precision in navigating the emotional underworld. 

I saved my life from cancer this way. 

And I get myself out of every single pickle this way.

Module 1: The Power of Wholeness - Masculine and Feminine Archetypes

In this module you'll study the nature of the Masculine and Feminine Archetypes that are divided intentionally to limit the power inside ourselves, you will discover the POWER OF WHOLENESS and the goodness generated from men and women working together to be a force for good. 

Modules 2: The Power of  Purpose - The Child

By awakening the Child archetype you'll find out where you get stuck in the shadows of betrayal, abandonment, and denial. You will discover the POWER OF PURPOSE, force of nature and connection with the Divine that the Child really has.

Module 3: The Power of Authority - The Victim

Working with the Victim archetype helps you discover your own power to author your experience, to claim radical responsibility that gives the POWER OF AUTHORITY. 

Module 4: The Power of Faith - The Prostitute Archetype

Find out where you are selling out, and pre-emptively decide to walk in the POWER OF FAITH instead of letting Babylon 'sell' you safety, comforts, breads, and circuses.

Module 5: The Power of Free Will - The Saboteur Archetype

With the Saboteur archetype find out why you might shoot yourself in the foot every time you are about to have a breakthrough in your freedom. Discover the little known POWER OF FREE WILL that is each being's most precious resource.


When they operate unconsciously, these Primal archetypes are five psychic jails that people unknowingly consent to be in. What you might not know is that the jail itself is the path to true security, authority, free will of choice, and unshakeable faith. 

What You're Going to Experience in Primal Power

  • Getting close to God, the source of true power.

  • Dissolving inner tension and conflict. 

  • Learning how to access Divine authority and operate from a higher jurisdiction than the powers that ought not be.

  • Finding out where relationships fall victim to hidden agendas within, and how people use relationship to avoid the risk of going on their Hero’s Journey.

  • Learning how to have impeccable faith in a time that challenges it like nothing else, so you don’t sell your soul to the devil when “he” promises the world.

  • Experiencing true free will of choice and why so many default to not exercise it.

  • Learning the most effective way to be a force for change in your life and the lives around you.

  • Undoing the programming that clouds clear action for when you most need it.

The Masculine -Feminine 

When the Masculine and Feminine are in alignment and work together as intended they are a strong basis for manifesting what is wanted, and naturally birth creations that align with purpose.

The first of the 5 Primal Power classes will focus on awakening the Masculine and Feminine forces, and show you how to deprogram the split between them that the New World Disorder depends on for their nefarious plans.



The Child

The Child is gifted with direct downloads from nature, the creative power of play, true innocence (that's not ignor-ance), and a beginner’s mind. In the shadow they are challenged by insecurity, denial, fear of betrayal, abandonment, and a desire to trust blindly.

The Victim

The Victim is gifted with inner authority that stands and speaks for itself. It's challenged in the shadows by giving power away to perpetrators and authorities that promise security, but who are only acting in their best interest.

The Prostitute

The Prostitute is gifted with unshakeable faith that gets you through those moments when you leap without knowing what the future holds. In the shadow the Prostitute is challenged by doing things that are not in alignment with their values and the integrity of their soul, just so they can survive. 

The Saboteur

The Saboteur is gifted with a bounty of invaluable choices and potential. In the shadow the Saboteur is challenged by burning bridges, and quitting on relationships, goals, and what's truly important. In the process they abort true purpose and the birth of the authentic self.

Do You Feel Like You Came to Earth for This Moment in Time?

I certainly do!

Every challenge I've overcome led me to this. I kicked a stage 4 lymphoma, I survived through the death of both of my parents within 2 years of each other, and when the covaids hit in 2020 instead of laying down and dying I became even more committed to helping people reclaim their God-given power, so they can be the Heroes in their own Journey.

I know for sure if people became aware of the raw power that breathes through them, beats their heart, and gives them hope in the face of hopelessness, that the truth can prevail. 

It's destined. But it can't happen without consciously choosing it and doing the work of finding the lost energy.

See What Some of Them Said About Their Experience Taking This Course!

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “Beth! Wow! It really resonated with me about what you said in the Saboteur video of creating illness so you wouldn’t have shine your light and be successful. I muscle tested to see if that’s what I did... the answer was yes... I would have never thought that. 😳
    Amazing insight! Thank you!

    With help of your Primal Voices sessions and doing some work on myself I am at peace. 💜❤️💕”

  • BM Primal Power Site and Membership Card 700x380 Primal Power

    You want to use the power God gave you. But you don’t know where to begin.

    Go on an archetype journey to reclaim your personal power and harness your free will of choice so you can be of the most service to others as they awaken to the programming of the New World Disorder. 

    “My journey to working in the realm of learning archetypes with Beth goes way back. The first archetype program I joined, the Primal Voices, literally healed a physical tendency to manifest a very annoying sore throat with colds at the time.

    When it comes to knowing how to use archetypes to heal, obviously Beth is the expert on that topic having healed herself of a terminal cancer diagnoses by an archetype epiphany - so it is no surprise that physical ailments respond to the emotional release infusion she brings to the archetypes.

    After working very closely with Beth for a long time, she held fast to the truth of how my archetypes showed up in business. When I was playing small and didn't yet see my highest expression and purpose. She kept holding fast to it for me and shedding light on truth - even when I doubted it.

    Now years later as I've grown as an entrepreneur and admitted certain things that I didn't want to believe to be true about myself, I now see how right she was all along! Thanks Beth for remembering when I forget!!”

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most often ask:

What's an archetype and what's the purpose of working with them?

Archetypes are the reason you are unique, I see them as lenses through which God experiences. God Light shines through them and creates a human experience. Archetypes are a system for seeing the patterns that reveal the order of creation and it's Creator, and show exactly where power is lost, hidden, or suppressed. 

Is it hard to let an archetype shadow go?

Letting shadows go really means waking up to the hidden power in it, and the artificial programming that sits on top of it. Working with them is learning how to turn the lead of a shadow into the gold of awareness and excess energy. By transforming the raw material of unwanted experiences into what is aligned with your sacred purpose and direction, you will increasingly raise your energy and inner authority.

Is this going to help me with my relationships?

Relationships have been a hidden casualty of the plandemic that effects every level of society. By working on the collective consciousness inside yourself you reclaim the energy needed to heal with loved ones, and to create new relationships with like-hearted souls that will have a great ripple effect in your community.

Is this a practical course or are we just learning about archetypes?

Every archetype has its own mythology. First you will be learning about the archetype so you can find it inside yourself, and then you'll learn how to see through it, decode it, and  deprogram the way archetypes are being used against you. While the work is emotional and spiritual in nature, this is the most practical thing you can do for yourself.  

How is this going to help me influence people and put a stop to the madness?

In this course you will source power you may not even realize exists. When even a small number of people access that power they can move mountains, and mountains upon mountains. This is about honour, integrity, authenticity and the brave stand for truth at every level. By doing your own inner work to reclaim your power you will become a beacon to those who need to hear what you have to say. And it will save you from the fruitless task of changing other people's minds.

I don't want to join another Facebook or Telegram group. How does the community part of this course work?

The discussion forum for the course will open when you register, and you will have membership in it as long as you choose and I'm on the platform. It's totally private, course members only. I hope it's a place to begin lasting relationships with truth-lovers who are willing to find the gold in the lead.

What's Included

- 5, 2 hour online class recordings x's 2

- Lifetime access to the private (off social media) fellowship forum. 

- All of the bonuses mentioned here.

Time commitment: Take the course on your own time, but you'll receive weekly modules

Where: Located at a Private forum on my secure Simplero server

Investment for the online course: $250 USD

Investment with personal coaching upgrade: $997 USD

*Please note, there are no refunds, but funds may be transferred to other services.

Add Personal Coaching

Include 5 one-on-one, 45 minute Zoom sessions helping to get past the obstacles of each Primal archetype:

Go Deeper


one time
  • Online Primal Power Course Modules
  • The Primal Voices Modules
  • The Magic of Goals Course
  • 5 Personal Zoom Sessions on each Primal archetype


Primal Voices - 4 Module online course including videos, audios, mini archetype quizzes, PDF archetype cards, and journalling exercises on the Child, the Victim, the Prostitute and the Saboteur archetypes. 

Private Forum: Lifetime access with current and past participants off of social media where people can connect, team up, report victories, and reflect on course work together.

Deprogramming Audios: Download 4 audios that will help you take out the key programs that keep people enslaved to the system.

The Magic of Goals - This is a time to create in your image like no other. As long as you're always trouble shooting what the controllers send your way, you're behind their 8 ball. This online course will show you how to create clear goals and get them!  


Any questions? Get in touch!

Thanks, I'll get right back to you in 48 hours or less!!

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