Find Your Sacred Purpose is a a House of Free Will, members-only online course with author, de-programming coach and coach trainer Beth Martens, for people who love freedom to demystify and decode their sacred purpose, to get and stay on their Hero's Journey, and to work with archetypes and de-programming tools, so they can release what stops good men and women from fulfilling on their God-given purpose.

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A group of beautiful souls joined me for a great discussion about what sacred purpose is, what it isn't, and why it's more important than ever to be aligned with. Check out the replay! NOTE: This led to the live course (now passed).

June 2019-154

What I learned about purpose on, what I thought, was my death bed.

I had fought with cancer for 18 months and had been beaten down by brutal treatments. I lost my ability to do anything for myself, but more importantly I lost my will to continue the fight.

When I surrendered fully to death, which I write about in detail in my book, Journey: A Map of Archetypes to Find Lost Purpose in a Sea of Meaninglessness, I had four big revelations in the veil between life and death.

1. I came here for a particular purpose that was coded in my soul like DNA in my body.

2. Even if I died I wasn't going to get out of that purpose.

3. My purpose was intimately tied to my people, even though I was many years away from finding them.

4. With nothing, not even a body, I was whole, complete, and full of joy.

I was literally stunned by this information, and became the subject of my new life. 

Knowing and accepting my purpose saved my life.

I was daunted by the scale of what I downloaded about myself, but I was forever changed by it. I committed 100% to doing whatever it took to answer God's outrageous call.

And not only did I not die that night, but the insight I gained caused me to go into remission.

By surrendering to my death I saved my life and saw my sacred purpose.

But you don't have to go the brink of death to do that.

I did it the hard way.

Because I found my purpose the hard way I have spent the last 20 years since surviving coming up with ways for people who love freedom more than they want someone else to keep them "safe", who can’t walk an even remotely meaningless life anymore, get through the door more easy than I did.

You've been working on this a while.

The shitshow out there isn't going away, and the sense of urgency to have greater clarity of purpose is building up.

But if you don't know what goals to make and actions to take, it can keep you awake at night, make you crazy, and put you at odds with yourself and your loved ones (if you have any left).

Sometimes it takes a knock-em-down brush with death to have an epiphany of what your life is for.

But better to bring that epiphany on yourself, and gain clarity before you are forced to have it.

Would you check off experiencing some or all of these? 

      • Being confused about your role in the madness.
      • Having difficulty making big decisions.
      • Feeling a sense of urgency and that it's "go time" but without having clear direction for how to use your time, energy, and resources.
  • Being easily distracted in life-draining rabbit holes that go nowhere.
  • Having wavering faith in your Creator despite your convictions.
  • Having a strong will to help and serve others.
  • The knowing that you're a rare soul looking for your people.

You know you're not going to...

  • take poison injections.
  • participate unnecessarily in the beast system.
  • go down without a fight.

You know that you will...

  • follow God before any man.
  • protect your life and your family.
  • walk with community who look out for each other, even if you don't know who they are yet.

But you don't know...

what your next steps are to take care of yourself, your loved ones, AND make your difference and be of service in this critical time. 

It's not your first rodeo.

But even though you've worked on yourself over the years, and made great progress in being your authentic self, you feel like you are at the beginning.


Join this course to gain clarity of purpose through working with the archetypes of the Hero's Journey with other like-minded God and truth lovers, and find hidden purpose in your life.

What are archetypes?

What if you could know what's next without having to wrack your brain to figure it out? 

What if you could know exactly why you haven't seen your next purposeful path and plan of action clearly yet, learn a simple system for decoding your life purpose with archetypes of the Hero's Journey, learn easy-to-use de-programming tools, and then start taking purposeful action right away without all the brain burn (that doesn't work anyway)? 


In this course you will experience...

  • seeing through the myths of sacred purpose, what it's not.
  • an invitation to having a full commitment to fulfilling on your sacred purpose. 
  • where you are unconsciously resisting the next leg of your mission and how to let it go.
  • transformational giving and receiving with a Tibetan breath technique to track the pattern of purpose.
  • turning the challenges you've faced, and didn't face, into gold on your path through a guided exploration through the archetypes of the Hero's Journey. 

Includes modules on:

  • Commitment - The First Thing
  • Value Cornerstones
  • Why Letting Go is Finding Purpose
  • Resistance is Fertile
  • Pattern Hunting
  • The Archetypes of Giving and Recieving
  • Best/Worst Case Scenarios
  • Free Will and Purposeful Action
  • Workbook
  • Journey Archetype Card PDFs
  • Recordings of live orientation and retreat

Tuition: $147 


After working with you I was suddenly knowing, “Oh this is what it feels like to be so connected with your soul as to be beyond reproach”.

And then it hit me...I made it to the other side.

Thank you!!!

The worry, self doubt and angst just fell away and it all became about the higher soul mission.

There will still be work and layers to peel but I finally made it over the huge mountain top. Thank you for your love and patience!


- M. Berveiler



I finally know why I hadn’t discovered my own potential, why I couldn’t see myself and what I have to offer. 

What I have seen is the many different ways that I have messed up. 

Thank you.  I am finally confident that I will figure out how to build on what I know about my purpose now, and that it won’t be so difficult.

The immense struggle is over and that is a huge relief.

- J. Castanheira


What's your next purposeful step on the Journey?

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