Awakening the Warrior Archetype Shows Women with Caring Businesses That It’s Not Always Necessary

The MerPreneur's Journey Through the Lens of Writer and Poet, Tanya Markul

Part 2 of a 5-part article series

The questions I asked her in this 5 part series are an archetypal map of the MerPreneur's Journey, the heroic journey for slaying the demon-mermaid-dragons, for returning to community with the gold and being valued for it so it's a sustainable movement.

The Warrior is about where you have put in the muscle, gone the distance and taken the time to create. It's the energy it takes to be that container for others to get the meaning and benefit of your work.

Beth: How have you put in the muscle and time to get ‘er done and come out a champion for others as a result?

Tanya: Oh my god, lol, I am like the original ‘forest fairy’, the queen of multi-tasking and I have a ton of energy.

I think where it all comes from is I have repressed myself for half of my life. I have repressed my craft that came so naturally, that was a blessing to have come to me at such a young age.

I knew what I wanted to do, I knew I wanted to write books, and I wrote my first book at six years old. When I repressed it, it got stored in this giant locker somewhere. Now I feel as if I’m catching up.

But no matter how fast inspiration comes, I’m not using it up.

~The more I reach what feels like truth to me, the more keeps coming out.

I have two young children. I have an 8 month old, a 4 year old, I have a husband, we live in an apartment, I’m part of my community, I do women’s circles, I’m writing books like you said.

It’s as if I have to do those things to survive.

I write every single day no matter what. Even if it’s just a list of words, or one sentence, every single day of my life I’m putting something into what I know is healing and expressing my soul.

Beth: Amazing, this Warrior phase is the time to create that discipline, which is a word that everyone can run away from, but that’s the Warrior place. It’s about putting the time in and getting steady and solid, taking on the efforts and battles that make sense.

And then from there you move on to the next place, which is the Nurturer phase of the MerPreneur’s Journey.

Having done the Warrior work and build, you get to fly on the sails of the discipline and the muscle you created. You can fall back on it, and you can move into a softer place with it.

Because women get scared that it’s going to be so much work and it’s going to be that level of work into infinity, as if they will always be in that ‘muscle’ mode.

This stage is about helping people as a business. The Nurturer is an opportunity to move into a softer, caring mode with yourself as well. It is ironically though, not so soft in its shadows.

What are the challenges of helping people as a business?

And when in your career have you struggled with boundaries and 'killing' yourself to be there for others?

Tanya: Yah…there are several things. I used to have that tendency, so I have to be very careful, not to burn myself out physically and emotionally for others. People will ask a lot of me. And I felt like I had to say yes to everything, every question, every invitation that came my way.

I used to feel I had to say ‘yes’ or I would be disappointing someone or losing out on that opportunity, and that isn’t the case.

~I realized that even though I can tap into the Warrior side of myself and open myself up to the energy of the Universe, it’s not always necessary.

I don’t have to be building 5 things at the same time and it’s healthy and replenishing to take breaks.

And it’s also healthy to do one thing at a time. And that can be hard,  because life is precious and it is short, and I feel like once I got the taste of my soulful work, I just wanted to do it 24/7.

But it is more empowering for it to come in healthy doses.

I really have to watch myself. There are a lot of questions and suggestions that come in, and I used to want to take every single one of them on.

A part of holding space for yourself and your craft is to feel like sometimes you can just hold space for people’s questions by not responding. And letting them express and not responding to whatever they want to suggest or express.

Beth: Oh my god, that makes perfect sense and you’re just singing through the archetypes here.

The gift of having created those boundaries is, first you drop the secret resentment we often feel when we are working outside of our own boundaries. And second, once your work is in healthy doses, you have the space to explore the soul of your business, which is the next step in the MerPreneur’s Journey, the Lover and the Hedonist archetypes...   

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