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MerPreneur Archetype Assessment Quiz

What propels you in your ‘go deep’ business?

Take just 5 minutes to complete this assessment to learn your top MerPreneur Archetype. This will help you in these ways:

You will get to learn some magic keys to making the most out of your precious effort. You will…

  • See where you are on the MerPreneur’s Journey and what’s most important to you right now about being in business, whether that’s the case currently or it’s something you want to do.
  • Find out or affirm what your biggest challenges are when it comes to having your magical life’s work as a business.
  • Discover how you can best serve through your life’s work.
  • Be most efficient with your time and attention.
  • Have a clear direction that’s uniquely aligned with you so you can create momentum and ease of flow in your work.

Are You a MerPreneur?

A MerPreneur isn’t completely satisfied with just having marketable skills and being in business that way. She knows there’s something more for her. She’s very in touch with her magic touch and sometimes unexplainable gifts. It’s not enough to just make herself fulfilled with them, and she hungers to serve and help make the world a more life-supporting place.

When she falls unconscious, she gets caught up with the surface of life and feels its heaviness, purposelessness. And she’s is willing to endure just getting by and just meeting her demands. In this shadow she forgets to experience the depth of her own soul’s mission. Sometimes she even uses her magic to hide the fullness of her brilliance, because it’s more frightening to succeed than it is to fail.

Her biggest fear is that she won’t survive it. A health crash, a set back, financial loss, due to all of the extra energy she puts into her business. The thought of raising her vibe and growing her ocean sends her into disbelief that she would survive it.

But deep down she knows everything in alignment with her sacred contract true purpose only gives her energy.

And if she could get more intimate with her sacred contract and only do what is hers to be done, she would receive an endless supply of inspiration and energy. And be able to trade up from running on adrenaline from fear that sucks the life out of her.

My Story

It nearly cost me my life to be out of alignment with my divine purpose. After a 3 year battle with a stage 4 lymphoma I woke up to it in technicolour and working with archetypes and awakening the ‘Mer’ energy and saved my life.

I promise to share the whole story after you find out your top MerPreneur Archetype, so you can bring to the surface your biggest gifts and shadows without having to tank out like I did.


After you fill out the questions below, you will be asked to share your email in order to receive the results. This is how I am building my community, by sharing your top MerPreneur Archetype for free, in exchange for a chance to get to know you and host you in my MerPreneur community. If you prefer not to connect with me and my offerings by email I totally understand, but you might not want to fill out the questions if that’s the case.


And if you’re hip to be part of a community of deep divers such as you are, then I can’t wait to see where you are on your MerPreneur’s Journey that heroically leads to bringing humanity back to its natural freedom!