Life's Work Business Story: Natalie Reimer Anderson

This woman has so much to teach and offer in the world.

She’s heard her call and answered it by creating a business in service to helping others with self love, her field of expertise.

Crafted out of her own life’s journey, her unique marriage of art and science together for the sake of truth and guiding people to their own.

I had the privilege of working with her 7 years ago to conceive of her life’s work as a business. At that time she pulled together all her passions for nutrition, fitness, science and spirituality together with her own experience of surviving a deadly illness in a way that was a lock-and-key fit with her life purpose.

She went from feeling split by her passions, and not getting the results she knew were possible in traditional time-for-dollars natural clinics, to helping many gain huge transformations in their life through her integrated and self-proven Self-Love coaching programs.

We had a virtual tea together and talked about how she transitioned into this roll she fulfills now.

Our Conversation...

Beth: Before we worked together 6 - 7 years ago you were a nutritionist and personal trainer with an untapped body of knowledge and lived wisdom. What are you doing now since coaching with me?

Natalie: I’m a self love coach specializing in helping women (but not only) in finding the subconscious blocks to loving themselves fully and releasing those so they can come into a relationship of communion and harmony with themselves. That in turn changes their habits and behaviours and belief systems about themselves and their interactions with this world.

Beth: So beautiful. When it was “born” I was blown away by this powerful sense of how needed it was. And the proof is there, you’ve been in such demand over these years doing this.

What was a turning point that took you from the place of working in the way you were to how you are now?

Natalie: Changes that brought me to this work? I could go back where the whole course of my life changed that brought me to this work, which was my own struggles with my own health and with my own self perception and relationship to self.

Nearly having to die to wake up to the truth that there was no other way to do this than to love myself and to figure that out. As I recovered my health, I started learning all these incredible things about my value as a human being. How that was the underlying key and missing piece of the entire puzzle.

Here I had been doing all of these health things, I was a professional athlete. I had reached a lot of mountain tops that other people aim for and still I was so unhappy. I was still self-critical, self-loathing and self-judging, so the big shift for me was to nearly have to die. I got so ill and felt like my body was betraying me. But it was telling me, you need to change.

Through a series of synchronistic events things started unfolding in my life that showed me my path. As I got well I learned all of these incredible things about subconscious programming and how that is just blocking us from being the love that we already are.

Fast forward I’m working at a naturopathic clinic and I think, ‘this is the answer,’ the solution.

But there was still something that was ultimately unsatisfying because I knew that was not the answer. It wasn’t about changing those behaviours, it was about changing the beliefs beneath the behaviours.

That’s when I realized, these beliefs were all a deficit of self love, in nearly every single circumstance that has brought those people to my door. And so I decided I needed to make that the foundational piece, I actually left my job at the clinic which was a beautiful job working with amazing people, but knowing that even that was a band-aid for what was missing in these people’s lives and that could affect them positively in that way.

That’s where I called you up, LOL

Beth: What were the main challenges you were experiencing before you worked with me?

Natalie: I think the biggest challenge at the time was at the time no one was calling themselves a “Self-Love Coach”. They were doing things similar and working with the same fundamental principles, but to conceptualize in my own mind that it was not going to be people coming in for an appointment and sitting in a bricks and mortar thing, it was this virtual [business] concept.

So to even try to build that bridge, what does that even mean, what does that look like, an online-based business where I can reach way more people? That was a real sticking point for me.

I think the big thing working with you gave me was this confidence to be able to say, “Whatever your calling is, that is a thing, LOL So if you call it a thing, it’s a thing and you go do that!”

As soon as I stepped into it fully and claimed it everything started unfolding.

Beth: It’s been absolutely beautiful to watch. Now you have the result of your work right in your title as a Self-Love Coach. Have you found it’s a different way to be for you since your time of calling yourself a nutritionist and fitness coach?

Natalie: I’ve found it to be a bit of a double-edged sword and I’ll explain that.

I feel like it is an exercise in bravery and putting myself out there as if I love myself enough to call myself a Self-Love Coach.

It’s perfect for someone who knows it’s the missing link. It’s not about the nutrition, it’s not about the exercise, those are all wonderful adjuncts and yes they’re necessary, but the foundational piece of it all is ‘Do you love yourself?’

So yes it’s been brilliant and I think the most important thing about it all is that the people who do come to me for help with what they can’t see, those are the people I want to work with because they’re ready and it it takes the courage and the humility to say, “I know it’s the answer”.

And they’re not denying it anymore. It’s a vetting process in the title itself, right?

Beth: I love that you said that because it’s what keeps people afraid, it’s what keeps women from stepping into their calling, even if they’re aware of it. They will not step into it for that exact reason, that because it’s such a strong stand and it calls you to much higher levels.

It makes you have to walk your talk in a different way, standing for others, and then the beautiful part is - that vetting, even though it’s scary to think of eliminating people - it’s the biggest gift ever because people aren’t going to waste your time that aren’t ready to do the work.

Natalie: So true. And this is what I learned from working with you is that it’s not my job to make them ready. That idea of the lighthouse, right, you can stand on the shore and shine and those people who are ready to course-correct will find the shore. I don’t want to be just running around trying to convince everyone.

If you stand firm and stand your ground and you say this is who I am, this is what I represent. And just when you allow that to unfold, the right people find you.

Beth: Exactly.

Natalie: I also want to add, self-love now has become such a trendy word so it’s almost considered hoaky  and it turns a lot of people off and I’m ok with that because I know what it truly means. I know self love is chemistry, it’s physiological, neurological chemistry… and all the studies in epi-genetics. I am now being so validated by science.

And there’s a beautiful convergence of spirituality and science coming together. It’s the sweet spot where I find myself and it’s just made my work so ridiculously fulfilling, LOL.

Beth: So great! So even those that come along now and do call themselves self-love coaches they could never do it with the nuances that you’re talking about …even if they had that marriage of science and the emotional and spiritual world, they couldn’t do it like you do.

Being so excited about this, that’s it’s your thing, that’s the magnet for the people who need what you have. That’s really beautiful.

Natalie: Thank you.

Beth: Did you have some concrete goals in entering into the work with me to build your business?

I was starting at a place where I felt like I had a lot of tools, and I felt like I had a lot to offer. And I had my own anecdotal life experience of transforming my health. Literally saving my life through radical and applied self love practices. So it was a matter of o.k, how do I package all of what I am, all that I have learned through my personal experiences.

One experience that was huge for me was getting clear on who that person is that I am here to serve or how to be of the best service.

I had like tons of micro goals and the over arching macro-goal of how does one package that, and and then get it out to the world?

I remember thinking, and I asked you early on. I was like, I know my people are out there, that want what what I have to offer, but it’s ‘how do I build that bridge to them?’

That was the metaphor that we kept using, build the bridge to make the most impact.

Beth: You’re like a poster child for me in taking the risk of building that bridge. I love the way you built your signature system with such amazing intricacy, detail, precision… Do you want to say a bit about it, because it’s so so amazing.

Natalie: Yeah I’d love to. First of all the cool thing about that time that we spent together was, I didn’t even know that a signature system was within me, and it literally took a day to purge onto paper.

And it has not really changed in the 7 or 8 years I thought I’ve been doing this now. It was like, ‘yah, that’s the thing’. I have a 9 month program I call the "Cell to Soul Self Love Program".

[Learn more on the video below at 17:30]

It was completely downloaded, I sourced it and that is my offering to the world.

I’ve run 50 or more people through the program in its varying aspects.

Beth: Did you ever think you’d have such a high-ticket program, working with someone for 9 months creating such a big transformation?

And was it a big leap to go from one model to the other?

Natalie: It really was…

Before this it was dollars-for-hours, counting ‘reps’ and calories. Part of what I didn’t understand before, that now I have come to, is to value of the transformation [not the time].

Once I felt like I understood that, and was in integrity with my own value of what I was giving, I was willing to meet clients with this tremendous body of knowledge, KNOWING that this works.

At that point I was able to put a value on it that was and is so easy to stand by.

I want to share something really quickly because to me this was the biggest affirmation and confirmation of my work I’ve ever experienced. Recently I’ve had a former client who went through my 9 month program pay to sponsor someone to take my program. She said she got such great transformation that she wanted to, “…pay it forward.”

I thought, ‘I could die tomorrow, LOL’.

Beth: There’s no bigger endorsement or affirmation, congratulations!

After working with me, what kind of actions were you taking differently?

Natalie:  I got over, with your help, and continue to get over them, visibility blocks, to wanting to be out there. I had to change what it meant to put myself out there and stand courageously in my work and remembering ‘it’s not about me’.

I had this block about it being arrogant to be putting myself out there and it’s like, ‘Look at me, look at the great things I’m doing.” And to always bring it back to, ‘Who am I here to serve, and how am I here to serve them?’ I learned with you that when you do put yourself out there you are being the invitation to other people saying, “It’s o.k. to be me, it’s o.k. to be seen.”

Especially as women entrepreneurs, we have to be seen and we have to be heard. If we’re going to make an impact in this world, we can’t hide anymore.

I was so comfortable hiding in my little office in the naturopathic clinic, sure I was making an impact on the 1, 2 or 3 people I would see in a day, but this has opened up a world, and created that bridge. I found there’s so many people who need what I have to offer.

It was like I was hoarding that in my fear of being seen. That was my own block I needed to get past and see it for the illusion it is.

You pushed and pushed and pushed me, lovingly, ‘go Nat, get visible’, and I had to just flip in my own mind the ‘why’ I was getting visible, and it was transformational for me for sure.

Beth: Amazing and yeah it’s a core thing, accepting that our calling includes sharing it, bringing it back to the community. There’s nothing more terrifying than taking the risk of being seen for who you actually are, because there was a time when we didn’t even actually survive that. So bravo to your courage!

Natalie: The beautiful part of it is once you challenge the illusion or the belief system that you had, you realize it’s just an illusion. And once you survive it and go through to the other side, it has no power over you anymore.

Beth: Yes!! And once you shift your attention over to the people who need and want what you have, who are literally waiting (although they may not know what they are waiting for, almost for sure) it frees up so much energy. And then it’s an “Oh yah, this is just the way I fit in with humanity, the circle of how I give and receive.”

Natalie: That’s beautiful. Like Mary Oliver’s poem, ‘To take your place among the family of things.’ [from ‘Wild Geese’]

Beth: You were a school teacher before you had your kids right? How does that chunk of your life and experience show up in the work you do right now.

Natalie: On the one hand it’s all teaching, but at the same time I’ve realized now that you can’t teach anybody anything. They are actually completely equipped with everything they’ve ever needed. I’m just helping them remove the veils, so they can see that ‘infiniteness’ that has all the knowledge they will ever need.

My favourite thing about my work is holding space and holding their highest vision of themselves until they can see it for themselves. It’s a revealing process.

In this I feel like I’m right in the pocket of my calling. I get to be the one in my client’ lives who militantly and positively has their back. It’s the privilege of my life.

Beth: Are there any outcomes you didn’t expect from working together?

Natalie: All of it, LOL

Honestly I didn’t have any expectation of it becoming what it is. I’m always excited about the next unfolding and where the next pull draws me. It’s surprise after surprise and it’s so fulfilling to open up the next day’s gift.

I’ve worked with so many people who’ve had tremendous success in my program.

Beth: Were there other challenges you overcame in working with me?

Natalie: A big sticking point was not having a great relationship with technology. I come from a generation where we didn’t even have a computer in school.

To be able to create that bridge to serving clients, technology was a big piece of that and to be comfortable with that and know how to do that in the most efficient way possible was something that I learned (and am still learning because it’s constantly changing).

I’m from an old school wanting to be face-to-face and trading dollars for hours but I knew it would limit my ability to work with more people.

Also I had no idea how to market myself.

Beth: The tech and marketing obstacles can literally cause paralysis.

Natalie: It’s intimidating.

Beth: Is there anything else in your life that shifted, around your relationships, family life, your own health, financially?

Natalie: Yes, all of those… It gave me two main things.

A deep personal satisfaction in being and doing what I’m here to do. You cannot replace that, to be in alignment with what you’re here to do. That gives freedom.

And I have more time. I am my business, not split into rolls. I have a better relationship with my husband, my children. I have more time, and because I’m in my purpose, it just elevates everything around you.

Beth: What an amazing example to set for your children. Once you assumed this much more holistic way of being, your kids see that. I feel like we’re first generation looking at life like this. It’s so it’s amazing to have your kids follow that lead in you.

Natalie: Thank you. I think about it every day, the example that I get to live for them. That anything is possible.

Beth: Beautiful.

So how did you feel about marketing before we worked together, and after?

Natalie: Before, uh hated it, LOL!

I still have an interesting relationship with it and it’s something I’ll continue to work on, but just to have my truthful authentic voice come through in the market place, to stay in my lane to be very very clear about who I am and who I serve, and to remain focussed on that, it drowns out all the other noise.

That’s the biggest gift is being really clear. It has felt like I’m just telling it like it is and saying who I am, and then those people find you, they’re drawn to you, like a tuning fork.

Beth: So how do you feel now if you’ve got a program coming up and you have to market it?

Natalie: Now I’ve come to have a lot of fun with it. I think it can be a really fun thing because it’s creative expression.

It serves me as much as the people that hear it, to be able to express. Because that’s the nature of the autoimmune condition that almost killed me and was shutting down my fifth chakra, my creative expression and having my voice heard. So it’s therapeutic for me to get out there and use my powerful voice. And as Marianne Williamson says, it gives other people permission to do the same.

Beth: Any other insights that you haven’t shared about our work together?

Natalie: I think the beauty of what you do is give people an empowered outlook on what is possible for them. And the continued releasing of old belief systems that weren’t serving me and blocking me and making me feel limited. The  answer is everything, LOL!

Beth: What would you say is the difference between working with me and other business coaches?

Natalie: To me you are a brilliant combination of your own experience in business with your corporate background, so an absolute wealth of knowledge to tap into as a resource for that…

Having had your own experience of nearly having to die to finally walk in alignment with what you’re here on this planet to do made you a lighthouse for me - an example of again, that invitation to what’s possible.

It’s really hard to be a ground-breaking leader out there with no example to follow, no mentorship - and I truly believe in mentorship. You’re inspirational and aspirational which is one of the reasons why I hired you.

The thing that was probably my most exciting discovery in working with you is the spiritual foundation that you bring, the desire you have to raise the consciousness on the planet.

To me that is the ultimate reason for all of this work.

When I saw that in you, and you helped me to see that in me, it was a chemical reaction and I just felt incredibly empowered. We share the big ‘why’ of our businesses.

Beth: Any final thoughts?

How abundantly grateful I am for having found you and you’re doing this work and your vision for helping a million women. You’re literally a surrogate, willing to hold that space for other women to also step into their calling so they can go out and affect change. You’re like the pebble that starts the ripples.

I think the work you are doing is incredible, I know it started all of this for me.

Beth: It’s been a complete honour to work with you and watch this beautiful unfolding in your life to the benefit of so many.

Natalie: It’s been a pleasure.    


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