Why Relationship Trouble is Hard on Your Business


3 Big Changes You Can Make to Have a Positive Effect on Your Business and Your Relationship at the Same Time


A woman entrepreneur has a lot on her hands, more than her male counterpart. But whose counting?

My mom and dad were both entrepreneurs, and they had VERY different lives.

They owned sister-brother businesses, so they went off to the same place every day, worked about the same amount of hours, had similar responsibilities and stresses. But my mom was by far more taxed by the situation (I don't think she'd mind me saying).

A woman entrepreneur typically carries more responsibility for the day-to-day of raising the kids, the day-to-day of looking after a home, shopping and preparing food, looking after her relationship, never mind looking after herself (notice that came up last in the sentence!).

Then when she gets to work, she looks after her clients, after every little detail of her business (if she works solo). The get-er-done list is endless!

That’s why it’s so important to be in business with something that you really love, because honestly at the end of the day juggling all of that for any other reason just doesn’t seem right.

But what I wanted to talk about here is, when there’s trouble in the relationship, it really has an impact on her business.

She has enough on her hands under normal circumstances.


Original art by Barbara Yochum

A MerPreneur's life is already intense! She wants and needs to give her all, she's wired to serve. So when things go south in the relationship, it can be a breaking point.

Check and see if any of this sounds like you...

Maybe your partner doesn’t get what you do in your business.

Or if he gets it, maybe he’s so far removed from it that he can’t even begin to appreciate how much work goes into it.

Maybe your partner is jealous that you are following your passion or your dream, while he’s resentfully stuck in some J.O.B. like a slave to the system and not able to support you in your dream.

Maybe your partner wants more from you than you can possibly give under the circumstance. More love, more sex, more sex, more touching his you-know-what….

Maybe he’s not happy for your successes, because he’s focussed on his own needs and can’t put himself in your shoes.

Maybe you’re waiting for him to step up and be someone he’s not with respect to your professional passions. And it just isn’t happening.

Maybe you’re waiting to be a powerful force in the world together, but it doesn’t happen because you can’t work out your petty b.s. or let go of all of that baggage you both arrived in the relationship with.

Well, this is going to affect the way you work with your clients. You will be less present to them, you will be less focused on them, you will have less time to contemplate how to best work with them.

Showing up to your business after fighting into the night, or over breakfast is going to suck the life out of you.

You either have to ignore the relationship issue, suck it up and get on with it, using your business as a distraction. Or you put your business aside to focus on your relationship. It’s a lose lose. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

The Biggest Tragedy of All

Not to mention that biggest tragedy of all is you may feel disconnected from your life's work, your sacred purpose on earth.

Your dream might fade and seem less important. It might seem like something you should sacrifice to help remedy your romantic life, or to sooth a neglected partner.

Please, under no circumstance stop doing the magic you do. Don't abandon or neglect a relationship for it, but never use your relationship problems as a way out of your commitment to you and the Universe.

Your life purpose contract can be delayed, but it will not go away!!!


Here are the 3 big changes you can make to have a positive effect on your business and your relationship at the same time, so you can continue happily doing your life's work:

  1. Learn how to become more intimately connected.

    With your partner, lover, boyfriend, or other. It’s the distance that adds stress, connectivity is going to support you and your professional efforts.
  2. Get straight in your communication.

    Get down to clear, honest communication by finding out what your hidden agendas are. Once you’re clear about any unconscious intentions (getting love and approval, getting control, staying safe through the relationship), then you’re in a position to be truly heard, seen and appreciated for who you are, by your significant other AND your clients or customers.
  3. Become clear about your underlying feminine nature.

    On the surface you’re in a woman’s body. But coming as a woman also gave you a whole divine feminine dimension, which gives you access to incredible power where you literally want for nothing. It will give you a sense of security that depends on nothing, not to mention pleasure you may never before have known.
  4. Let your past go.

    Your past relationships. Your past childhood stuff (which really comes up in romantic partnerships). Your past since breakfast. If you can approach your relationship clean and clear every day it will stand the best chance of being a healthy and supportive part of your life.

All of this really depends on a woman’s willingness to let go of her baggage. It costs a lot to carry around all that emotional debris.

On the Journey

Give yourself credit for how much you give, if you're a MerPreneur, you've got your hands full on a good day.

If you're experiencing relationship trouble, give yourself a break and take a breath.

But be real about the toll it's taking on you, and especially on your business.

To take measures to stop the damage from accumulating, learn how to get more connected to your partner, rather than letting the situation drive you apart:

Become a straight communicator so you can be heard and seen for who you really are. And tap into your divine nature, that feminine 'Mer' energy that is your super-power. It's the place you can connect with the collective energy that is beyond any one of us, but really is all of us.

Finally, let the damn past go. You can't hatch it like an egg, so don't sit on it. Let that stuff come all the way up and let it go, let it go, let it go. You've got important work to do. Everything will look different on the other side, I guarantee.

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