Crushing With Boundaries
Instead of Being Crushed By the Weight of What You Give 

If you're a Nurturer, you have to help. It's just part of who you are.

But if you're getting crushed under the weight of your loyalty to serve, then you're really not helping.  

Because as soon as you’re clear about your purpose as a helper, you will know how to manage your time, energy and give-a-heck nature like a ninja. You’ll be able to serve to your heart’s desire without unnecessarily sacrificing yourself.

Are you ready to give from your highest capacity, so that you can pour your heart and service into your people without getting crushed under the weight?

You're in good company if you want to be of service to your family, friends, community and maybe even the world at large while we navigate the apocalypse.

Is there an almost invisible force within you that drives you to want to serve and make a difference?

Your life experience has taught you how to overcome your challenges and the moment you did, you knew you would turn around and bring your knowledge and assistance back to the community and share it. 

And yet...

You might have the habit of helping too many people, which overwhelms you and makes your life chaotic - not exactly what ya want.

And sometimes you doubt that people really value your wisdom or trust your knowledge, and that's likely why you far-too-often find yourself 'over-helping' to compensate for what you might feel you lack.

You don't have to stay stuck in this struggle.

There is absolutely nothing stopping you from taking care of yourself and your life, and at the same time being able to contribute and give back without getting trapped in the nuances of the shadows, and create strong and healthy boundaries.

You just have to find the roots of the beliefs, emotions, and unseen programs that are keeping you stuck in the cycle of doubt, overwhelm, burnout, and amnesia that makes you rinse and repeat between crashes.

Here's why I'm passionate to teach about the Nurturer archetype...


I’ve been there. 

It nearly cost me my life 25 years ago when I was knee-deep in the thick of almost a decade of working in my family’s firm.

I wanted desperately to help my family's business recover after a knock’em down recession in the early nineties that had reduced their business from being one of the top three agencies in the city with a staff of thirty - to being just three people, of which my father and I were two!

And while I loved my work in communication and marketing, I honestly had no love for the people we served, who were the dispensable pawns behind which those nameless and faceless corporations hide behind.

In my last year of nearly a decade as VP of the firm, the year to end all years, I found myself hating every. single. day.

Sometimes the stress was so intense I thought it would be better to throw myself off the building where our office was, rather than to go into work.

In one event that we were putting on, I ended up on a Nurturer’s marathon high and worked 48 hours in a row without sleep. 

I only stopped to shower and get onto the next task, while putting out all of the fires that came up at the last minute before the event started.

I banged my head against the shower wall every morning, praying to God for a way out of the punishing pace I set for myself, soothing myself only with the thought of getting to my first cup of coffee.

Next think I knew, I had a stage four lymphoma, not the exit I had hoped for (be careful what you wish for).

I freed myself but at a great cost with no guarantee of survival.

It was a big fat mistake.

Things didn't have to get that low. There was no need for me to leave dramatically, with the threat of death.

I could have simply decided, made a clear boundary with myself, and gracefully left with my health intact.  Being a VP in the corporate world was clearly not my beautiful calling.

So now I am dedicated to helping the helpers. 

I help them see the patterns that drain life energy.

That way they can see them much much sooner than I did, when problems are way easier to solve, so they don't have to suffer the extremes.

Fast-forward to today, I'm divinely guided to serve without sacrificing myself.

As a coach, trainer, and founder of the House of Free Will, I am called to greater and greater boundaries, because it's better for everyone involved to build healthy and loyal relationships that can stand the test of time and trial. 

I would love to help you do the same!

Here's the plan you could have.....

Step 1:  Go from crashing to crushing in life in both self-care and service.

Step 2:  Stop trying to make yourself indispensable and neglecting your own needs.

Step 3:  Create solid boundaries within your self, sourced from love.

Step 4: Turn your passion for serving into a purpose-driven vision.

With your plan in hand, you will know:

  1. Who you are, and why supporting others is important to you. 

  2. How you best serve so you're making the best use of your skills, talents, and interests.

  3. And who you best serve, without which you die trying to please everyone. 

By doing the deep inner work - and seeing where you need to do it precisely - you are going to much more easily...

  1. Go from drained to energized while serving others, and replace the 'fake' energy of adrenaline and dopamine with real Life-blood.

  2. Feel good about yourself and those you help.

  3. Know that your contribution is valuable, and valued.

  4. Give back more than you ever thought was possible!

    What is the alternative?

  1. Stay stuck, burnt out, and resentful of your time and effort, and being under-appreciated.

  2. Continue to create circumstances and situations in your life where you are worried about others and abandon yourself.

  3. Watch in frustration as the world continues on its trajectory and you give up caring.


Does this sound like you?

    • You over-give for everything you receive.
    • People don't value what you have to offer.
    • Everyone around you is good, but you come up short on time, energy, and resources.
    • You're not happy if you're not contributing, and not happy when you are.
    • When you decide to contribute, you give your all like it's an Olympic sport.
    • You hope people would reciprocate, but it's not always, or sometimes ever, the case.
    • You realize you're helping others with their purpose and neglecting your own.
    • The people you help the most can even turn on you like you did something wrong to them.
    • It gives you a sense of purpose to serve and assist others.

The Nurturer Cure Course: 4 Modules in 4 Weeks

Module 1: From Crashing to Crushing
Thriving With the Tools of Pattern Recognition and Interruption

  • Beyond licking the wounds.
  • Alternatives to beating yourself up.
  • Self-care manifesto and goals.
  • Letting go of secret resentments for those you help, and the insidious “Get away!” energy.
  • Cleaning up and preparing for more purposeful service.
Module 1

Module 2: The Need to Be Needed
Healing the Pitfalls of Being Indispensable

  • Why you need people to need you, why it’s a huge drain, and how you can stop that.
  • Your true role in other people’s lives.
  • Profile of a healthy helper. 
  • Profile of someone who is being enabled by a Nurturer.
  • The Nurturer’s worst case scenarios.
Module 2

Module 3: The Art of Solid Boundaries
The Lover’s Invitation to Truth and Beauty

  • What are solid boundaries?
  • What they are not.
  • Why you need them.
  • Knowing the difference between a Nurturer’s High and real Life energy.
  • Symptoms of bad boundaries.
  • Sourcing love and ditching the need for approval.
  • Getting past self-worth traps.
  • Game plans for tough love conversations.
Module 3

Module 4: The Elixir of Sacred Purpose
Bringing the Nurturer Home

  • The Hero’s Journey of a helper, and how to stop feeling like you're always working on someone else's purpose.
  • Deciphering the code of knowing who you are naturally wired to help.
  • Knowing precisely how you help (without killing yourself).
  • Finding and releasing energy drains/hooks within.
  • How God will work with you, but not for you.
  • New decisions for a healthy Nurturer.
Module 4

All of the Details

What: Four weekly live classes on healing and deprogramming Nurturer archetype patterns

Date: Beginning Wednesday, July 10th on Zoom

Class time: 1:00 - 3:00 PM CDT

Includes: A workbook, discussion buddy, access to online materials and recordings, a private discussion Telegram group.

Investment: $347 USD

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Upgrade with Nurturer Goals Group Coaching Session - in addition to the early bird savings, receive exclusive access to a private group coaching session on Nurturer Goals July 5th, 1 - 3 PM CDT (with a recording), so you can set a clear path ahead of you!!

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Upgrade to include Find Your Sacred Purpose online course so you can at your own pace get some clear direction as to why you are here on this earth, to prepare for releasing the Nurturer shadows, of which purposelessness is the big one.

Find the details to both of these upgrades on the order form.

Beth Martens

If we haven't met already...

I’m a pattern hunter, archetype reader, podcaster, author, coach trainer, and business coach, and my calling is a life-or-death thing. After a decade as a corporate VP in my family’s firm, eight trips to India, and a three-year battle with cancer nearly 25 years ago, I used archetypes and deprogramming patterns to save my life.

Today I help people who love the truth more than they’re afraid of tyranny, who want to serve on their Hero’s Journey, to find their sacred purpose, be valued for their life’s work, de-program the beast system, and survive the ordeals of the adventure. As recovering feminist, I am honoured to host regular King Hero interviews highlighting leaders, entrepreneurs, movement makers, and purveyors of freedom. 

My book, 'Journey: A Map of Archetypes to Find Lost Purpose in a Sea of Meaninglessness’ was published in 2020, five minutes before the plandemic.

How some have benefited from working on the Nurturer archetype

Beth Martens - House of Free Will

I know I am here on a mission from God and I know that I can only do good work with clean hands. Not that I am so far out of my integrity, and.....any amount, no matter how "small," makes a difference.

Thank you for being you, a woman I look up to. Thank you for embodying integrity. Thank you for reminding me of what my soul knows. 

Beth Martens - House of Free Will

I feel a sense of "freedom" that is beyond mind, and I find my brain sometimes scrambling to find the hooks it used to hang its hat on, as it were. Interesting feeling. 

I am guided to choose wisely when needed, in matters concerning my son, until he is ready and able to do so himself.

Beth Martens - House of Free Will

It helps me see why and how I’ve have pushback and resistance so often when “trying to help”.  Now, instead, I can reference/memorize some of these points and hopefully see better results immediately.

Beth Martens - House of Free Will

This is just to say how I'm thrilled to be on this Journey. What a relief, in particular,  to own steps to lead people to their own conclusions. I've 'helped' people all my life and can see how that point has been my huge stumbling block, giving advice. I've taken the driver's seat, so wrong as it never works. 

Beth Martens - House of Free Will

Beth modelled the depths of her coaching ability by demonstrating how she reads at the feeling level, amazing! It encourages me to nurture the power of empathy within myself to better serve my clients. Thank you, Beth!  

Beth Martens - House of Free Will

As a child of alcoholic parents, I was parentified and essentially groomed to be the caretaker of my entire family from the age of about 5 years old onwards .

It was a pathway that continued for most of my life and contained the seeds of my near destruction by being over giving, over responsible over achieving and hyper agreeable.

The first big wake up that I was heading towards destruction was a near death experience from my heart being literally burnout. It made me so ill that I had no choice but to withdraw from the world including vocationally and try to build myself up again. I literally was like the walking dead.

Finally, after enormous amounts of hard work, I returned to a place I was proud of, being self sufficient and with a thriving self employed practice helping people. I was achieving again…….I was winning.

Guess what, it all collapsed again and this time it was even worse, this time I couldn’t see a way out of this pattern. I become disillusioned and angry at God for taking things away from me ….yet again…..I couldn’t understand why I was here again…..especially when I worked so hard and here I am with nothing to show for the entirety of my life why why oh why…….

Then I prayed for help, despite blaming God, as I knew I couldn’t keep pushing this boulder up a hill anymore, I was burnt out and exhausted and moving into that death space again. I really needed help.

The answer came to me in the form of Beth Martens and her Archetypal and De Programming work and specifically the information contained within the Nurturer Archetype.

It was like a ‘bolt from the heavens’ when I worked with this material. I could see where I was getting stuck having not been taught boundaries as a child and instead had been groomed to give my all to another, to love and care for those in pain, even up to the point of death.

As an empath and highly sensitive person, this was torture to my very soul to swing from giving too much, losing myself, burning out and then giving nothing as I recovered. This was pure crazing making.

Being part of Beth’s coaching, courses, and Journey Code Training was some of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. They helped me deprogram from the grooming and find a much healthier way to really love, care and truly be service to others which does not include harming myself through neglect.

I now have and maintained an incredibly busy and thriving practice and best of all, I have finally learnt what boundaries are at 55 years of age. Beth taught me, what my parents could not and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for this massive gift of freedom. Thank you Beth for being you ❤️

Divinity Within

Beth Martens - House of Free Will

I realized that a component to the activation of the Nurturer shadow in me was an unawareness of my motivations. Programming kept me in the trap of presuming that all helping or offers to help were a “good” thing. Nope. My breakthrough (and liberation) came with the simple question: What kind of help really helps? Without a clear answer within myself, and one for each instance, the shadow side of the nurturer, hubris, showed up. Using the gift side of the archetype, there is an awareness that it’s the allowing of God to work through me, and not on my timing or my personal needs. And that requires of me my ongoing listening-to and responding-to that “still, small voice.” (Bonus: it also benefits other aspects of my life.)

Artist, coach, astrologer, Journey Code apprentice

Join the mission to crush at boundaries.  

And learn the tools to reclaim your life force.

Do you want to ask me something?

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