Are you tired of being stuck on a pendulum swing? Of helping everyone, crashing, and then helping no one?

Would you rather be CENTRED, grounded, and serving toartem-beliaikin-s0qDAVc71Ao-unsplash your hearts desire?

Yes it’s bad out there. People are losing their jobs over jabs, struggling financially with inflation, suffering the constant fear of what’s really going on that you don’t see on mainstream media, people dropping dead of myocarditis and turbo cancers, watching the children get eaten by utter degradation, the list goes on and on. 

But that’s not a reason to take yourself out. In fact, that’s a reason to get clarity about how you give and take care of others, seriously.

The Nurturers have their work cut out for them more and more as we roll into the globalist agenda. 

That’s why I created this free training. I’ve been meaning to do it for a long time. Why?

Because the people in my world suffer in their nature of service, they don’t need to by any means, and I know I can help. Why? Because I’ve been there and how to get off the Nurturer’s classic pendulum swing.

That's Why I Am Inviting You to Join Me in My Upcoming Training Called Getting off of the Nurturer’s Pendulum: Helping Everyone and Helping No One

In this free training learn how to recognize the life and happiness-draining patterns that people with the Nurturer archetype suffer with, that keep them on the perpetual swing of giving their all for the team, and then burnt out, pissed off or melting into a puddle on the floor.

You'll learn a simple release tool to begin letting go of the programs that hold these patterns in place.

In this FREE upcoming webinar training, you will discover:

  • why helping people can actually hold them back.

  • why saying ‘no’ does not equal good boundaries.

  • the three big reasons (unconscious programs) why you haven’t been able to stop the pendulum swing.

  • why the balancing act doesn’t work for Nurturers. 

  • why what seems like different problems in different areas of your life might be under the umbrella of the Nurturer's shadow and greatly simplify your work to overcome!

This webinar training is perfect for you if you...

  1.  Always come up short on time, energy and resources when everyone you’re looking after is thriving.

  2.  Are tired of periodically or more frequently having to pick the pieces up in relationships, with your health, your work, finances, and your spiritual inspiration after you crash.

  3.  Are only happy when you’re supporting others, but you’re secretly not happy supporting how or who you are supporting right now.

How I know this conundrum so well...

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Beth Martens. My calling became a 'life and death thing' 25 years ago when I was forced to fight for my life with a severe corporate hangover, stage four lymphoma. Working with archetypes is how I decoded the cause of getting so sick, and it's how I got my life back.

After surviving against the odds, I turned towards the purpose that I had rejected, because I had been trying to fit in with society, and like a shadow Nurturer, to rescue my family’s business that had been crushed by a recession.

Back then I was helping all of the wrong people,  in the wrong situations, and worst of all, to my own detriment. 

Today, I help people who love the truth, and don’t love theeyre-june-bustamante-gCusOdUbQaw-unsplash liars who distort and control it.

Are you ready to let me help you break the ugly cycle that has you go full throttle serving everyone, to full stop serving no one?

And be centred, grounded, happy and serving to your satisfaction?

It's so possible!! All you need to do is crack the archetype code of it, find the shadows that drain you and keep you trapped on the Nurturer's Pendulum, and the gifts that await within the Nurturer.