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This world would be an uglier place without you and all of the Nurturers that are willing to roll up their sleeves and lend a hand.

But if you feel stuck on the pendulum of helping everyone, crashing and helping no one, in this training you will learn a ton about yourself and how to begin getting off of the swing altogether.

Hint: Balance is not the cure, and it's not about saying "no".

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Here's what people who attended the live training said in the chat!

Barbara: Great workshop. Thank you!!!

Olemara: Thank you Beth, very exciting! My time’s a challenge — if I sign up, can I work from just the recordings etc. afterward? (The answer is YES!)

Dana Turner: Ty ur a kind bright 🔆 soul love u sister

Lori: Thank you so much Beth—for your time, wisdom this wonderful, doable offering of your course!

MsRhuby: Mostly what I like are key phrases you mentioned. We need a language to express.

Jennifer: Your stuff is ALWAYS helpful Beth! ❤️

Janet: I’m so glad I attended! Thank you everyone, thank you Beth!

Justine: TY 💓 Amazing 🤩

Jon: much gratitude!

Liliya: Thank you for your kindness and knowledge!

Michelle: Thank you all, Beautiful Souls, I am looking forward to getting to know all of you, better. <3 Thank you all for this time, together.

And if you want to go deeper and heal the shadows that stop you from being a healthy helper, here's where can learn about the follow up course, The Nurturer Cure
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Sign up by Saturday, May 18 and receive the early bird, a bonus Nurturer Goals coaching group, and the Find Your Sacred Purpose Course!

The early bird ends June 15th.