5 Ways to Tell the Difference Between Your Instincts and Your Fears


So You Can Follow Your Instincts, Not Your Fears (they are not the same thing!)

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Making Decisions with Your Instincts

Women have been turning to their instincts to make their major and day-to-day decisions since before we can even remember. Of course not only women have instincts, they are universal to all living beings.

Here's where the problem lies. In my circles I am often hearing women refer to their fears as instincts. They are listening to...

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End the Tension Between Doing and Being


So You Can Follow Your Instincts and Give to Your Heart's Desire

First a video I live-streamed today!

What's the Problem Women are Facing?

Women are confused about being and doing, thinking you have to choose one over the other, as if they are opposite to each other.

How to Begin Getting Past it?

Tune in for a moment about what you should be doing and any tension around it. Feel the tension between what you think you should do. Do you want to go on like that, or would you rather have a...

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7 Ways to Use Full Moon Energy to Create Abundance in Your Life's Work (and Your Life!)


1. Receive.

The moon represents our receptive energy. When the moon is full, your receptivity is at it’s highest. To best cooperate with and use this energy, see what if anything stands in your way of fully receiving. Are you blocking it unconsciously? Are you confused between the receptive and the active roles and not being clear in either one of them? You could let all of that go.

2. Commune.

Gathering with two or more will amplify the receiving energy of the moon by creating shared...

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How to Serve in Your Life's Work Without Losing Energy


Check out this new video where I talk about bringing the feminine and masculine energies into a complete circle and how you can stop losing energy to your desire to serve in the world.

Don't stay stuck with your nurturing nature a minute longer. Take a moment to answer these questions (in confidence) and I promise to share some feedback about it.  

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Why Relationship Trouble is Hard on Your Business


3 Big Changes You Can Make to Have a Positive Effect on Your Business and Your Relationship at the Same Time


A woman entrepreneur has a lot on her hands, more than her male counterpart. But whose counting?

My mom and dad were both entrepreneurs, and they had VERY different lives.

They owned sister-brother businesses, so they went off to the same place every day, worked about the same amount of hours, had similar responsibilities and stresses. But my mom was by far more taxed by the situation...

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How to Grow Together Instead of Apart?

Look Your Ego Square in the Face

It's a lot easier (in general) for women to get into their emotional side and get down to the work of personal and spiritual development. But going to work on your own, on behalf of a partnership can mean you grow in a different direction from your partner. But if you're really doing "The Work" of becoming intimate with your own ego, it will only bring you closer together with a current, or even future partner.  

Here is a relationship path of ...

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The Difference Between Serving and Slaving in Your Relationship

It's a Fine Line

What I noticed from running our first Having What You Want in Your Relationship class last night is that we are all in the same boat.

We are all going through the same experiences in our intimate partnerships.

We're all trying to clean up the same past stuff from our past intimate relationships too...

When we hide our experience it's because we feel like we’re the only one going through something.

We get to stay stuck, because what is trying to bubble up to the...

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4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Resolve the Intensity You Feel

While the Collective Unconscious is Rising Up.

This is not a new thing, it’s always been rising up. But it feels like a tipping point has occurred recently. Watch the video I made about it today.

As an archetype reader and coach I’m tuned in with the collective consciousness. And the collective unconscious has a tonne of gravity -- it keeps us swimming beneath the surface of awareness. In it we play out patterns, dynamics and dramas in our lives and our relationships...

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Are Your Fears Pushing You Around?

Are you fears pushing you around? It doesn't have to stay that way.

As we walk in life and bump up against what seems like insurmountable obstacles, it’s really more simple than you might think to get past them.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Think about something you’re afraid of.

Are you clear about why you are there in fear, or is it muddy? Even your clarity, is it just more blah blah from the mind’s side? Figuring it out just doesn’t work. Even when you so-called figure...

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