How Artistry and Creativity Can Be Braided with the Magic of Making a Difference

Through the Lens of Writer and Poet, Tanya Markul: A MerPreneur's Journey

Part 4 of a 5-Part Article Series

The questions I asked her in this 5 part series are an archetypal map of the MerPreneur's Journey, the heroic journey for slaying the demon-mermaid-dragons, for returning to community with the gold and being valued for it so it's a sustainable movement.

Was there a time when you decided you were going to take more responsibility in your work? 

What happened when things grew out of a more manageable level? Also how did you cope with being followed and adored, which I know you are?     

Tanya: Yah, I knew I wanted to do something more because of the response I was receiving. And it’s not just because I was receiving a hundred comments, just a few sincere comments and questions made me want to go to a different place.

I offer an online creative writing and expression course, for my second year now. And one thing that has taken me deeper is I wanted to serve the women in my community.

So about 2 years ago I stared hosting women’s circles with another local woman here. It has become very intimate, and it invites me to cross a threshold of, 'Am I walking my talk? Am I living what I’m really offering the world?'

It’s been so rewarding, revealing and challenging as well, to put myself out there. Because I’ve also been really repressed, shy and afraid of being seen…and afraid of being successful. So it’s just taking me to the next level of what I want to be doing.

And how do I handle being followed and adored…?

It is an amazing feeling, but for me I just want to be myself and I don’t want to change myself to fit any kind of image.

To fully accept that love and adoration I feel like I have to be fully grounded. I just want to be myself and be loved in that way, not because I’m trying to be someone else.

Beth: There’s such freedom in that, and I can really hear it in your voice. It’s so fearless to say, “Ok, take me as I am or don’t take me, but I’m still doing this.”

Tanya: YES


Beth: So we’re coming to the last leg of the MerPreneur’s Journey.

Once the Maternal Leader gets past those tests of power, it leads her to the Alchemist, who values social justice and has divinely driven powers for bringing it about.

It’s not the time of muscle anymore, it’s not the time of being a servant to look after people, it’s not even the time of standing to be the leader and have people follow you and take your example. With the Alchemist it turns into a much more magical journey.

And Tanya, you are a magical creature! It’s the first thing I saw when I got connected in your world, it sparkles.

To me the most incredible magic trick of all is wholeness. That’s the basis of alchemy, to marry the opposites. To take what we think to be not only separate, but what is in opposition in our selves, and come into wholeness.

Was there a time when your business and your work took on that quality of wholeness, where you could be that unique self you’re talking about already?

Tanya: Yes, I feel like this started with motherhood for me. And I feel like I’m still blossoming and revealing this wholeness. The beauty of motherhood is that, while it’s not easy, you’re raising another human being and it takes a lot of your time, your energy, your body, your spirit, with respect to your craft, there’s no time for BS.

So being a mother has really allowed me to polish my work, my vision and my words and has made me into a real compassionate person. It’s also given me the confidence to want to stand for people who don’t have a voice or whose voices aren’t being heard.

Since I’ve had my first child I’ve been involved with women’s groups, I’ve been doing work in Scandanavia to give a voice to immigrant women. I just did a fundraiser for hungry children in America and I don’t want to stop.

~I feel like my artistry, my creativity, my words can absolutely be woven and braided with the action of helping others to really make a difference in my community and broader community in the world.

Beth: That’s so beautiful because that’s the capacity you have at this stage. You’ve seen magic and transformation in yourself and you’ve seen your work transform others, and so you want to be the instrument for social justice for others that you’re describing right now.

I have one more question for you, this is a biggie. And it’s the whole purpose of the MerPreneur’s Journey, awakening into seeing all is not right in this world especially where nature is concerned. The world, nature and humanity as part of it, have been turned upside down. How do you we think we bring humanity back to nature?

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