One Woman Reveals How She Turned the Pain of Her Past into the Deep Pleasure of Her Life's Work

The MerPreneur's Journey Through the Lens of Writer and Poet, Tanya Markul

Part 3 of a 5-Part Article Series

The questions I asked her in this 5 part series are an archetypal map of the MerPreneur's Journey, the heroic journey for slaying the demon-mermaid-dragons, for returning to community with the gold and being valued for it so it's a sustainable movement.

How did you discover the soul of your business, so it became a voice for your truth, the beauty of who you are and love you want to see in the world?

Tanya: It really comes down to my own personal story of pain. And I know that it is my work to share that story of pain. And there isn’t just one element to my story, there are many things that happened to me before I hit 18 years old.

My mother was only 15 years old when she had me, so I have all these layers - abandonment, rejection, addiction, divorce, alcoholism, death, loss, abuse, being sexually assaulted.

I have so many things that have happened to me at such a young age. And the fact that I started writing when I was age 6. I was writing about how I felt and I would leave little scribbles and lines for my grandmother to find.

I wrote my first book when I was 6 was called ‘Little Baby Boohoo’. It was about a little baby who cried all the time, and that baby was me.

The next book I wrote when I was 7 was about a princess who was going to take an adventure into the forest to find her prince. That was a story about my mother who went into the forest, she never found her prince and she never came home.

So I know my soul’s work, and I knew it from a young age, that despite what I had been born into, despite what was going on around me, despite what had happened to me, that I had something else to offer.

~I knew I wasn’t going to follow in the footsteps of my ancestry. I was the black sheep, I was the weird one, I was the odd one out, I was the one that was completely different. I’ve always known that  from a young age.

Beth: So beautiful. That’s the magic act of the Lover, to something that’s ugly or negative and to find the beauty in it. Not as a way to cover over it, but through art make it beautiful. You’ve made your life a thing of beauty, out of your spirit having come through all these negative experiences.

That Lover experience gives rise to the next level of the MerPreneur’s Journey, the Hedonist archetype.

This archetype tends to have a bad rap in our society in general, because pleasure seekers can run amok and we have a very unnatural layer of pleasure seeking and promoting right now in the world.

That can muddy the waters in the relationship of people with their own pleasure.

But this is when your life’s work can turn into a thing of beauty first and then deep, deep pleasure. You get to do what you want. Most people in this slave society don’t have that luxury, or haven’t created that luxury for themselves as you have.     

How have you struggled with pleasure (too much or not having it) in your business and lifestyle? Where did this show up for you in your life’s work and how did you have a break through around it?

Tanya: Yes, when I started to write for myself and started to share my work, I got a lot of followers and a lot of ‘likes’ really fast. And it was really unexpected. That feels good, there’s a lot of pleasure in being seen and being approved of and being liked.

I found myself starting to share my work and then I would look for the numbers and the ‘likes’ and comments. That can be such a natural pleasurable high, and I can allow myself to feel that. I allow myself to be loved and liked and even criticized. It’s all a blessing, it’s all a gift.

But there was a fine line for me where I ask myself constantly, “Am I writing for these numbers, or am I writing for the truth of my soul?”

~I have to come back to writing for me, because that’s where the deepest pleasure is and that is where the deepest healing is because that’s what I ultimately want - to keep healing this body, healing this life and following the direction of my soul.

Beth: Amazing answer and so true! Awakening the soul is the deepest pleasure, that’s the thing, that’s the magic of the Hedonist to get to that place where you're not compulsively seeking the approval of others.

It can be so addictive in a business, that we end up in an utter trap because of it. It’s like any comfort zone, because the moment you step out of it and someone disapproves, or you lose likes or whatever it is, then you’re not going to stand by the core truth of your soul.

And it leads us very naturally into the next archetype who I have named the Maternal Leader, the Royal archetype. It’s not the one that rules over, but the one that leads like a mother in the family, community or culture at large that she’s taking responsibility for...

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