How the Thug Unicorn Blogger Turned a Major Betrayal Into a Creative & Professional Rebirth

The MerPreneur's Journey Through the Lens of Writer and Poet, Tanya Markul

Part 1 of a 5-Part Article Series

I had the great privilege of interviewing this amazing writer, poet and author of several published works including “The She Book”, the Thug Unicorn blog and the the Eat My Stardust" writing course.

I wanted to interview Tanya because after watching her work evolve for the past several years, I realized she is a bonafide MerPreneur who is being valued for her authentic life’s work.

She takes the adversity she’s been faced with in life and makes it, not only a thing of art and beauty, but also very much helps others, holds space for others and becomes a container where they can heal of what keeps them stuck in hopeless and imagine-less places.

The questions I asked her in this 5 part series are an archetypal map of the MerPreneur's Journey, the heroic journey for slaying the demon-mermaid-dragons, for returning to community with the gold and being valued for it so it's a sustainable movement.

Tanya has answered her call with a sparkly vengeance.

Here's the beginning of Tanya's Journey through the Nature Child & Rebel Archeytpes...

Beth: Welcome Tanya, it’s such a great pleasure to have you here!!!

Tanya: Thank you so much, I’m grateful to be here and totally excited to connect with you.

Beth: For those who don't know, the MerPreneur’s Journey is the Hero’s Journey with a Mermaid twist. It’s the archetypal, human journey. This is what every human on earth is going through. We can either accept the call and journey consciously, or we can reject it and journey with a lot more difficulty.

Beth: I'm going to ask you about the Nature Child archetype first.

Was there a time when you had to overcome feelings of being naive, in denial or being afraid  of betrayal in order to jump into your work full time and with such purpose? And how did you get past it?

Tanya: Yes, every single one of those, lol! I knew that I was going to be some kind of writer, some kind of poet because I started writing when I was six years old.

I stopped writing because of tremendous loss and a realization of what I was born into. Those were things like rejection, abandonment, abuse and neglect. So writing and creative expression stopped for a very long time in my life, for self-preservation and needing to protect myself.

Fast forward to the adult years, in the past 5 years, I experienced a tremendous betrayal.

I had been working on a project 24/7 that was so close to my heart, it was my life. I could see all the red flags from the very beginning, but I ignored it because the vision was so beautiful and so aligned with what was in my soul.

But then came the night that it was all taken away from me while I was sleeping, literally....

I had offered what I consider my genius and my whole authentic and creative self to it, and when it was gone I was like, “Who am I?”

It was a tremendous fire in my life and a tremendous stress. But, I’m thankful for it now, because if that betrayal didn’t happen, if my whole entire empire wasn’t burned to the ground, I would never have found myself.

That is when I was truly rebirthed as a writer and a poet. It broke a dam open, the waters were flowing and I started writing writing for myself.

Page 72 from The She Book - Tanya Markul

Beth: Wow, that’s amazing Tanya because that is the whole message of the Nature Child, that we actually have to get betrayed.

The shadow isn’t that we got betrayed, the shadow is the avoidance of the betrayal which sometimes we can avoid and sometimes, it’s like you say, you wake up in the morning and the deed is done.

Tanya: Literally, that’s how it was for me, and I love how you’re saying this and I wish someone would have told me this a long time ago, but I’m completely healed from that experience now.

My feeling about it for a long time though was, “F- you, f- the whole thing, f- this person who betrayed me…” but now I am completely like, “Thank you, thank you so much!” I’m so glad that happened. It was such a blessing.   

Beth: What you’re saying about not even wanting to change that betrayal you went through leads so naturally into the next archetype on the MerPeneur’s Journey, whose name is the Rebel.

Women especially can avoid at all cost getting into their anger and being royally pissed off and have that fire move them to a completely new place.

Do you feel like you’ve discovered a cause, something that you let make you mad enough to do something about it, or be part of a change you want to see in the world?

Tanya: Absolutely. This is what I stand for… I want my poetry, prose, and thoughts to be a way for others to share their emotions. I stand for this emotional revolution, emotional empowerment, emotional literacy.

I really believe that as women and humans of the world we are so repressed. We’re taught that particular emotions are “bad” and “good” and there’s so much taboo to feeling anger and rage, that just doesn’t work in the world any more.

~I want to liberate as many people as I can by sharing my own personal stories of pain.

Maybe if someone reads some of my words that they will start to think differently about what has happened to them and start to imagine what they can do with that story of pain, trauma and betrayal.

Beth: Amazing, because that’s the whole trajectory of the MerPreneur’s Journey, is to turn around, and based on what you have overcome, help someone else do what you did!

You’ve already come full circle and we still have 6 archetypes to go, LOL!

Tanya: LOL

Beth: The next phase is the 'build' phase, where we will see how you cultivated discipline and how you learned to care for others in a healthy way. When you and I first connected you had a brand new babe in arms and you were writing a book and running a blog and you were editing...

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Listen to the Whole Interview:

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