3 Ways for Truth-Tellers to Be Heard and Inspire Action

Without Having to Endure Attacks and Disapproval

Are you the one who doesn’t mind making everybody feel uncomfortable?

Truth-telling, change loving and revolutionary thinkers get a lot of recoil reactions when they spill their beans. I know LOL!!

Before I learned how to communicate with an open heart and sensitivity I used to get a tonne of bad feedback. Many years ago I even had one friend  react violently, not to me thankfully. But when the glass he threw shattered into a million pieces on the side walk, so did my thoughtless approach to spreading 'truth'.

Most people don’t love the truth and the change it inspires. It makes them sick to their stomach to leave their not so happy ‘happy place’ and illusions behind.

With all the truths that need to be told in today's world, and more mounting by the minute, we need to be a Truth-Teller in a way that inspires and empowers instead of frightens and defeats.

I nearly died from being out of alignment with my Truth-Teller archetype.

When I was a young Rebel-without-a-cause I was fighty. I would question everything - our food industry, our health care system, the education system, the legal system. Even the parts of our culture that many feel romantic about, like sports, art, movies and entertainment, was under my scrutiny.

And I got nothing but bad feedback about it. There was often an "Oh no, here she comes..." feeling in the pit of my stomach. So in oder to 'fit in' and be a 'good' person in the eyes of family, friends, clients and colleagues, I stuffed that Rebel down into my unconscious where it couldn't cause trouble anymore.

Archetypes cause the most trouble in the unconscious.

At the time I was a fish out of water in my family's marketing business. I was trying to fit in with the corporate culture and earn approval from my family so I could make a living and be able to afford my eventual freedom to follow my spiritual and artistic callings. This round-about path to freedom was a rabbit hole of denying and outright disowning the best parts of myself.

And I felt like fractured 'parts' of me, rather than the whole of myself. It got so out of hand for me, that my health suffered drastically. I knew something had to give. But the foot on my Rebel's head was so firm, that instead of making the needed changes of getting the heck out of the corporate culture, I made myself sick with a stage 4 lymphoma. Ouch!!! It took me three years to get the lesson. But the moment I re-embraced my Rebel self, I began to recover from cancer.

And from that moment I never had to look back. Despite regaining my health, once that bad-ass cat was out of the bag it still took me many years to recover myself from the pendulum swings of fighting everything and fighting nothing. And I became acutely aware of both my genuine and also the less awakened reasons I balk tradition, question everything and don't settle for anything less than truth.

If you're a Rebel Mermaid...

I’m not saying you should be a Rebel Mermaid like me,  but if you are naturally like that, then there are 3 simple things you can do that will help you work with this archetype more gracefully.

When I learned to act through my Rebel archetype on purpose, here's what changed for me:

  • I learned to pick my battles and save tonnes of energy and heart-ache.
  • I zero'd in on the areas I could make change in the world - helping women be empowered through their life's purpose - and let go of the tension of everything else I couldn't control.
  • And I stopped receiving so much disapproval for my aimless, bad-ass attitude.That's often the sticking point for us...

While deep down we are seeking love and approval, on the surface we're willing to seek and accept the bad substitute, the pseudo love and attention we get when we're acting out. Just like kids who can't get recognized for the good they do will turn to doing wrongs just so someone notices them.

My three best tips for awakening this truth-telling super power.

Here's the amazing thing. Once you've discovered the ways you're struggling with an archetype, you've also discovered the way you are sitting on a super power. They come as a pair. Awake or asleep, light or shadow, the energy of both ways of being in this (or any) archetype is really the same....just going in different directions. So if you're getting the bad feedback, feeling like you need to bite your tongue and stuff your opinion, and not knowing how to reach others with your valuable message of change, here are my three best tips for awakening this shadow as a super power in you.

One: Know Your Big 'Why'.

Always have in mind why you are creating an awkward moment. Know your purpose and the result you want to get from it. Ask yourself how you want someone to respond to you and what you want to inspire them to do something differently.

Otherwise we may get a kick out of making someone think, creating 'shock and awe' or stopping them in their tracks. And the reason it's so offensive is because those we truth share with have no choice, but to either reject you or reject themselves.

But if you have to have a big vision based on a clear purpose to really help others make a shift that's really in their best interest, then you will avoid the rejection and the unconscious power trap/trip of it.

Two: Never leave them feeling awkward.

That’s just the beginning.

You have to humble yourself, let yourself feel their pain and let them know you you genuinely feel it. Meet them where they are at and then offer solutions to the pain of change. Make it easy for them. Be a way shower rather than just a trouble-maker that leaves them to figure it out and pick up the pieces.

Quickly show them what a new place for them could look like, when they make a shift. Spell it out in detail how their life can look when they follow your lead on something.

You think they can see it, but it they could they would just make the shift themselves.

Three: Make Your Truth Actionable

Spell it out, how to take action on their new awareness that helps them and the people in their world.

People desperately want to make a difference, so when you tell them exactly what actions will have an impact on something they care about, they will be eternally grateful that you were cause for them to be part of solutions and reduce human suffering in some way.

What You Can Do Right Now

So if this is a shift for you, here’s one thing you can do right now to begin feeling even more brave about calling shit out. Whether that’s with friends, family, clients or colleagues, this will work for you.


Think of a particular issue that’s burning you and you’re biting your tongue about, and then sit down and write down how the people who hear you speak are going to feel about it.

Sit in their shoes, see with their eyes, feel with their heart.

Be more interested in respecting and understanding where they are at than you are in your own mission and point of view.

After you do that create a message to share, on social media or privately to your own community, with your attention on them. Not on you and what you know.

Any asshole can drop a truth bomb. But it takes real finesse to be heard and embraced for your role as Truth-Teller. If people can feel your genuine love and care for them when you communicate, you will be able to inspire new ways of being and acting.

Are you determined to make real and needed change in the world?

If you want to be heard, understood and valued for the truth you can tell, but don't know where to start creating a mission-driven business, or you want to up-level from offering your modalities by the hour to a meaningful movement that you get paid for, fill out the questions below to tell me where you are getting stuck. After you do that I'll get back to you with some feedback to steer you in the direction of having a life purpose business.

Please feel free to share with your Truth-Teller friends who want to be valued for their bravery!

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