Life's Work Business Stories: Nicole Mapu

How Nicole Mapu Transformed Her Life Purpose into a Business - the Freedom Birth Revolution


This woman has so much raw energy pulsing through her veins.

She’s on her authentic soul’s journey and it’s showing up as a business in service to others in the world of birth. I had the privilege of working with her 3 years ago to conceive of her life’s work as a business. At that time she pulled together all of her passions for conception, child birth, sexuality, dance and movement together in a way that was a lock-and-key fit with her life purpose. She went from feeling split by her many passions, to having one clear result she creates with her many passions and created her Freedom Birth Revolution.

The Business She Created From Her Calling

Nicole Mapu serves women who are either hearing the call to have a baby and want to practice conscious conception, or who are already pregnant and want to birth their babies from a place of love and freedom instead of the fear that is so common. She’s a gifted dancer, body painter (who painted me as a Mermaid a few years ago in a body painting contest we should have won, LOL), and orgasmic freedom birth and conception coach for women who are already going deep in their lives in their spirituality and careers, and who now want to go deep in creating and birthing life.

The Women She Serves

She serves women who want an orgasmic birth and to birth their sexuality. They are healers and artists, that are working on opening or liberating themselves in every other way, who now want to do it through conceiving a child and birthing that child. ***

We Recently Talked About Her Story of Transformation

Here’s an interview I did with Nicole (see the video below) that tells of the transformation she experienced when she turned her true calling into a business, and became valued for her expertise in the field of birth and sexuality.

Beth: What called you to do this work?

Nicole: It’s a whole life journey, but the main turning points for me were one, when I was really repressed as a child. I was very shut down and protective of my body. The healing process for me came through dancing freely and liberating my self expression. I learned who I was more fully when I was 19, and through dance really allowed life force energy to move through my body. From there I channeled that I would be working with birth and sexuality, long before I had even made love to anyone. My calling chose me, as part of my healing process.

Beth: What were you challenged with before working with me?

Nicole: When I was preparing for my unassisted birth there was a weight on me because of the disconnection that there is in the world about birth. And I learned that when a woman is free to birth and grow her babies, it’s a powerful transformation. I realized that I’m never working for anything again, even if it’s inside of my passions, that is not in full alignment with offering this service to the world. You [Beth] were a key element.

I wanted to do this but I had all of these seemingly disconnected elements about me. You showed me how all of my passions on my journey can all be one and how working with the archetypes made it easier and faster. So grateful for coming across you. After having my children, my family split up and it was so traumatizing, but it fuelled me to know this is the time to do [my calling] all the way. I could have continued being half into it. Healing from my family crisis called in my expertise in teaching about orgasmic sexual energy. The crisis tied everything together.

Beth: What was missing in your life and work that caused you to find a solution?

Nicole: I was missing some solid and direct guidance. And there wasn’t enough money to sustain me and my children. I wasn’t providing the transformation that I wanted to create. My work was all there, but in parts and pieces, and I didn’t know how to bring together into one offering that would create an impact.

Beth: What were your goals when you hired me?

Nicole: I wanted to have a consistent flow where instead of doing just a bunch of little things, I had one solid thing I did. I had the purpose and understanding of myself, but I wanted to be fully doing all of my elements, providing everything I could provide for my people. I wanted to stay motivated and excited. And I needed my business to be sustainable so I could be free from the system, and absolutely be reliant on my gifts and calling. That way I could be wherever I wanted to be with my children. In Chili where I come from, Canada or anywhere.

Beth: What challenges did you have in your business before working together?

Nicole: I didn’t know how to find the people who would want what I was offering. I didn’t know how to bring in a consistent flow of income, how to present what I offer or how to charge for my services. I used to be really conflicted because I knew what I do was worth so much, but I was fearful of rejection. I didn’t have the confidence to charge my value.

Beth: After working with me what actions did you to take and what results did you get?

Nicole: For the first time I unified all of the things I did and presented an offer that focussed on the end-goal transformation that clients would get, rather than what I do and provide.

  • I was able to organize everything and create structure around my work.
  • I was confident to declare myself as an expert, own it in my own mind and out in the world.
  • My confidence for booking sales conversations was really boosted.
  • I took a jump from charging $50 for a class to charging $900 for a VIP service.
  • I went from feeling bad about charging $50 to feeling really good about charging $900.
  • I felt ready to do this work, it all made sense and I finally knew where to go find clients.

Beth: Any surprising results that you didn’t expect?

Nicole: The first time I offered a discovery call I immediately sold a $900 package. It blew my mind right away. I held a few circles to get the word out and got a lot of them saying 'yes'. I suddenly knew how to present what I had to offer and saw it work right away. It gave me a lot of security because now I knew I had this option. That was huge, because I was still on maternity leave wondering, ‘how am I going to do this [financially]?!’

Beth: How did you feel about marketing yourself before and after working with me?

Nicole: Before working with you I had no clue about marketing myself, even though I had done it for others. But for myself it felt scary and pushy, and felt insecure selling to people. Now I love marketing!! After working with you I saw that marketing is just being myself and sharing who I am with the world. It became my responsibility to put myself out there, otherwise how was I going to step up to my calling. I love it because marketing is that tool that allows me to offer my work.

Beth: What was your biggest aha in working with me?

Nicole: Value - being able to value my life’s work full on. It made it simple knowing what my archetypes were. And also all those little fragmented parts of myself… I understood that they were complementary, but with you I saw that they are ONE, all these different things that I do. It created the unification of my life’s work and my gifts, it was a huge thing for me.

Beth: Were there any surprises along your journey?

Nicole: There was the difficulty of having 2 young babies, having the pressure to support them. This pain was a stick in my butt that ‘I have to make this [business] happen’. Many moments I thought, ‘I have to get a job’ but I just kept finding it in me to say ‘No! I will discover enough strength in myself to really go for what I’m supposed to be doing’! After I had my second child and we moved to Chili, I was so devoted to my family. I was there 100% for everyone that needed me, but I was totally frustrated that there was no space for me to make my business happen.

I always had the heaviness that there was something I was supposed to be doing. I was even starting to lose the connection with my life’s work. So when my family life changed it was devastating, but it gave me the space, the fuel and the determination to step up to the plate, make things happen and go full on with my service. I couldn’t just go along and float with the minimum security any more.

Beth: Is there anything about me that you feel is different other business coaches?

Nicole: With you it’s very personal, spiritual and energetic. How you worked with me was teaching me to trust in alignment, and not think about it so much. You’re spiritual and work with archetypes, but at the same solid, clear and structured at the same time. Sometimes it can be very esoteric with no structural guidance. Or it can be very structured but there’s no flow. With you there’s both. I also liked the fact that you [Beth] mold and change your practice. I like to see that. And I like that you are really active locally and online, that makes you approachable.

Beth: Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Nicole: One of the things I appreciated, and still do, is that fact that in working with you the connection was first. There wasn’t that split between our working relationship and our personal friendship. We became friends instantly. I appreciate that about you, and it taught me I can have a solid work relationship and a personal friendship without one taking away from the other one.

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    In this recording with more than 1,100 views of a recent live Facebook video, Nicole and talked about:

    • The turning points where she went from knowing she could manifest through her calling?
    • How her life’s work felt heavy when she wasn’t yet doing it.
    • How to love one’s self through chaos and use the chaos to have breakthroughs.
    • What breakthrough happened for Nicole when she put the value on and invested in what was important to her.
    • The responsibility we have to fulfill on our soul’s calling.
    • How to charge for the things that come naturally and easily.
    • How liberating it was for her to pull all of her passions together into one life’s work that she’s passionate about.
    • Why having someone else’s eyes on her business helped Nicole see how all of the many things she loves are actually one thing.
    • How society has created an artificial opposition between our life and our work.

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