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Hey Lovey!!

Thanks for showing up here with me, it means the WORLD to me. Check out my latest video, live streamed from Facebook today, about showing up. See where you're at...

Showing Up is Not Always What it Appears

lilac joyAre you having a hard time showing up for others in your life? Are you having a hard time being present when you show up for them? Are you having a hard time showing up for yourself? Or maybe you're showing up in body only and the spirit isn't there. Are you showing up and hoping things just take care of themselves and not taking the action you need to take? Be as honest with yourself as you can. Why?

It's so liberating to get to the real edge

...where you might be holding back. It's your intention and empowered actions alone that are going to make the difference. Here's the video to inspire you to get past this edge to a new place.

Let me know where you're at...

Especially where it comes to showing up for your life's work. You know, that pesky stuff that doesn't leave you alone for a minute. Comment below or message me privately about where you're at, what you've tried so far to be showing up more to your potential and where you feel you're getting stuck.

Happy to offer some feedback! Also, please share with talented and gifted women you feel could benefit from showing up to their next level.


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