8 Practices of Successful MerPreneurs


How to Use Your Mer Nature to Serve to Your Heart's Desire

I have found incredible comfort in being specific with identifying my strengths and the underlying pitfalls that are inherently there in any strength. By working with an archetype, or an archetype cluster such as Mer is, in a precise way, we can grow in leaps and bounds because...

“So often people are working hard at the wrong thing. Working on the right thing is probably more important than working hard.” – Caterina Fake, Co-founder, Flickr

 Please use this graphic below as a reminder when you get off track, when you feel you are losing energy in your business. And use it when you are in your true flow, gaining momentum, to make the very best use of what you are already gifted with.


1. Discipline

Because the Mer cluster of archetypes contains some Warrior energy, she may tend to reject routine, regularity and all the blessings that discipline brings. A successful MerPreneur remembers the true root of discipline is devotion, and the root of that is love.

2. Maternal Leadership

She leads like a mother, not a ruler. That means she creates for the greater good. She's not leading the masses just to make herself look awesome, or to give herself the luxuries she deserves for being out in front. She's leading so she can take care of what's hers, all of it.

3. Bravery

Not only does she do the scary stuff of being visible, speaking her truth and standing up for her value, she faces her own inner demons and dragons and helps her followers and clients do the same.

4. Follows Her Instincts

A MerPreneur tirelessly follows her instincts.  When she's in her sweet spot, she's willing to be misunderstood in order to let them be her guide. She knows that following her instincts is the greatest service she can be to the greater good, because that is what instincts teach us.

5. Communalism

She is fiercely independent, but a successful MerPreneur surrounds herself with like-hearted community who will mutually support one another in their brave actions, and reflect back to her ways to stretch and grow.

6. Alchemy

While she embraces structures that guide her flow, her primary source of creativity in her business is the unseen world of magic. When she resides in this transformational element, she is also the catalyst for others to experience their own leaps of grace.

7. Emotional Genius

A successful MerPreneur knows that she is ruled by the water element, which governs over the emotions. In her element she doesn't feel at the mercy of these waves, she learns to dive deeply under the surface storms and expertly navigate the emotional underworld.

8. Follows Natural Cycles

A successful MerPreneur learns how to capitalize on natural cycles. She learns what nature favours and when, so she is in tune with the source of her abundance and able to capitalize on forces bigger than herself. ********* DOWNLOAD A PRINTABLE VERSION

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