Communing Over the Moon


You Don't Have to Be Brave Alone

While the women in my community are fiercely independent, self-empowered and brave, they are at the same time hugely communal creatures. They thrive on the company of others who are on a similar path, on a mission that is larger than themselves.

We Are All Connected Anyway

What happens when we get isolated on our missions is we forget the interconnectedness of all beings. We forget we are part of a collective consciousness that represents both the magic we can experience when we get aligned with our true nature, and the chaos when we do not.

Holy Company Will Bring Us Home

It's the company of others, this holy company, that brings us back to centre. That reminds us to look inward for our happiness, strength and resolve.

Synchronicity Abounds

And we often find that what we need to hear or know comes effortlessly out of the mouths of others. What we need to see is revealed. And what we need to receive comes without even asking.

On Our Own...

On our own we can be good, but it's only together that we can be great. On our own we can survive, but only together can we thrive. On our own we can do our thing, but only together can we stir the whole ocean.

Join Us in the Winnipeg Area

If you happen to be located on the Canadian prairie, in the Winnipeg area and would like to join a group of women who commune over the full moon, please click here to learn more about the Full Moon Circle for MerPreneurs that I host around the full moon of every month to network, hone our business instincts, release, chant mantras and enjoy the holiest of femme company.

A Special Pleasure

This month we are hosting a beautiful and self-proclaimed MerPreneur, Nadine Miller Munro.

nadine-miller-munroMy name is Nadine Miller aka Moonstone Love in many circles. I am first a mother to 6 beautiful children. I am a mer-preneur. I am a birth Douala, Thai yoga therapist, sex educator, event planner for Living Art a painting exhibition with humans as canvas, and yoga instructor. Some of my other passions include henna, painting, singing, dancing, making delicious foods and being with other woman and sharing in deep conversation. I am honest, and a little wild with freedom.
I am looking forward to this event, getting to know Beth and you all, and sharing in the sacred space. I will be offering henna at the event as an offering to all u beautiful souls. Join us on Full Moon Circle for MerPreneurs on Facebook if you'd like to peek in!

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