The Science Behind Brown’s Gas - with inventor George Wiseman

The Science Behind Brown’s Gas with inventor George Wiseman

Workshop By George Wiseman

Monday, September 25th at 9 AM CDT 

George Wiseman is the inventor of a Brown’s gas technology that has helped many people in the health, freedom, and truth movements improve their level of well-being.

In this HOFW workshop we will talk about the relationship of hydrogen and Brown’s gas to the design and function of life itself, the science behind Brown’s gas effects on health, and how to use Brown’s gas for the best effects.

How George got on the Brown’s gas path he says God put him on:

I started learning how to make Brown’s Gas in 1986.
I learned of the potential health benefits of Brown’s Gas in 1996
I started drinking the Brown’s Gas enhanced water in 2005
I started inhalation (breathing the Brown’s Gas) in 2016

I became (one of my trades) an automobile technician (on the Ranch you learn to fix most anything), specializing in fuel systems (I can double the mileage of nearly any vehicle).

In the late 1980’s I started experimenting with Brown’s Gas for combustion enhancement (onboard hydrogen electrolyzers) and made a simple system that would give an average 25% in fuel economy gain.

I then built larger electrolyzers (WaterTorches) that could produce enough Brown’s Gas to fuel (replace the fuel for) an acetylene torch. The Brown’s Gas works MUCH BETTER as a torch fuel-gas and is only 2% of the cost, but the WaterTorches are a very expensive upfront cost (in the $8,000 range today).

Then, in 1996, an AMAZING thing happened… But I didn’t believe it at the time.

A WaterTorch customer told me that he cured a melanoma (skin cancer) on his forehead, in 3 weeks time, using a cotton ball repeatedly soaked in BG Bubbled water (that he made using his WaterTorch).

It took a long time for THEM to convince ME to try it for myself and I finally did start drinking the BG bubbled water in 2005 (9 years after God made me aware of the potential).

But what I didn’t think of, until a CUSTOMER sent me a video of an Asian ‘hydrogen bar’ where they go to inhale BG like we get a cup of coffee. It’s SAFE TO INHALE as long as you mix it with enough air to keep the hydrogen content UNDER the explosive limit (4% in air).

I felt like an idiot (an occupational hazard for an inventor). And I also felt badly for the hundreds of people I’d miss-advised over the years. They missed out on HEALTH that they could have enjoyed.

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Date: Monday, September 25th
Time: 9:00 AM CDT
Where: Zoom
Investment: Zero-cost with membership to the House of Free Will Ministry 

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