Sacred Purpose Open House

What are your next sacred and purposeful steps?

Beth here.

I wanted to tell you what I’m hearing from my people.

They don't know what their next steps are because they are overcommitted to people and things they don't even resonate with.

Or they’ve been been brave enough to let go of those commitments, but aren't sure where to invest their time, energy, will to serve, and love next.

Imagine going into 2023 not having clear and purposeful direction. Imagine if you did??

There are many reasons cracking the code of sacred purpose is important right now.

Whether it's about troubleshooting the losses and attacks of the past two years, deciding where to station yourself and loved ones, how to give value to your community with mutual benefit, or where to set your compass to create for the years to come, there is much work to be done.

If you know it's go time for taking action and co-creating with God who favours life to make a futurephoto-1657741801274-2b4cfb60452d in your vision, and you need to see clearly what your next sacred and purposeful steps are going to be sooner than later, you're invited to my Sacred Purpose Open House.


If you want to save yourself a ton of rabbit hole time weighing the options, stop mentally grinding, and actually take your next authentic, life-supporting and purposeful steps, but you just haven't been able to get there (or get there fast enough) on your own yet, jumping into the Open House to learn all about the course may be helpful.

At the Open House I’ll be leading a discussion about 

  • why living with purpose is more important than it’s ever been given where we’re at.
  • what are the myths that will stop you from getting out of the gate, and 
  • the true nature of sacred purpose and the Hero’s Journey.

I’ll also share more about the Find Your Sacred Purpose course with a live retreat that starts in November and answer any questions you might have. 


Connect with others who love sacred purpose too!

There's no purpose without the people.

That's why I'm honoured to be surrounded by those who I feel to have very high moral, spiritual, and emotional intelligence.

  • They don't like small talk.

  • They love what's real and true and can spend all day on it.

  • They are brave and able to take leaps of faith.

  • They know that what's in them is by design.

  • They love God and freedom more than anything.

In this Open House you'll meet others of like heart and mind.

I’ll speak in detail about the Find Your Sacred Purpose course with a live retreat that starts in November and answer any questions you might have. 

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