You want to let go of what stands in your way of being free in the private.

You couldn't figure out how to do that properly and either avoided taking action, or you dove in headlong with this law guru and that law guru.

Maybe you even got burned and shied away from the whole mess.

But the fact is that even if you know how and you probably don’t (I think I finally do!! Disclaimer, disclaimer lol) many people get to that precipice and don’t even do what they know and set out to do.

You hear from gurus you need to change your status and jump through a million hoops for hopium at the end of the rainbow. I hope you’re disillusioned by now.

Hypnotized by controlled op, good people are forgetting what they’re really here to do in the so-called freedom movement.

Be free!!

God recommends taking safe haven in the private domain with our brothers and sisters. 

Looking for solutions these past three years I dove into the Wild West by creating the House of Free Will. It's not even a year old, and I’m still very much finding my way.

But what I have deeply taken in deeper than my skin, is that we are meant to take safe haven in the private, protect and provide for our people in every way we can, and create the life I personally always grieved could never be found in the soulless public.

12 For as the body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body, being many, are one body, so also is Christ. 13 For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body—whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free—and have all been made to drink [g]into one Spirit. 14 For in fact the body is not one member but many. 

1 Corinthians 12:12 (NKJ)

What stops you from being free, drinking into one Spirit?

That's the question. 

And there’s a simple but brave decision on the other side of that. Every time you decide on freedom and prove the boogieman to be just that, you gain your power to the next level.

I realized at some point in the height of the pandemic tyranny when our controllers were trying to force compliance on us that we actually have all the power.

God gave us power. Not some of it, but all of it.

We just don’t act like it, and then it’s like it’s not there.

There are a lot of rabbit holes to get lost in.

After 240+ interviews in three years I went down a lot of them myself. Many days I’d wake up with a question mark on my head, and no matter how much I studied or learned, I’d go to bed with a question mark on my head.

Looking back I realized in many, most, nearly all cases I was learning gobbledygook, getting lost in legal fairy tales, patriot mythology (as Aphonse Faggiolo would say), and schemes that are too good to be true... and there's no reason they shouldn't work. Ack!

People go to jail, they get liens put on their property, they get fined thousands of dollars, or taken for thousands of dollars, for following law gurus down the garden path.

But  I didn’t give up searching.

It wasn't until I stopped looking for the guru to guide me that I got clear and came to some solid conclusions. In this cult of weaponized confusion I was so grateful be able to even conceive of the private domain that is hidden in plain sight.

Because what else is there to do but to crack the code of freedom?

And it was a happy day when I realized how it’s not about fighting the beast system, though there are times to have and use legal skills. To me freedom is way more about building in the private, the life we actually want. 

Not just to survive the apocalypse, but to have an abundant and fruitful existence on this garden earth with people we relate to, share values and goals with, and genuinely love.

The only way we’re going to do that is together with our people. Not just any people, but our people. The ones it's easy to lose when you often don't choose the people you're going to be around in education, employment, health care and other public institutions.

Life-long programming is the reason why good people have lost their way.

The biggest obstacle to creating and living with much more privacy and freedom is the unconsciously embedded world view from having been born and raised in captivity.

Where the private domain is concerned, unlike the public that is all many know, the programming runs so deep that like a fish in water desperately seeking water, and the remedy is hidden in plain sight.

It's a myth that once you see a lie you are no longer programmed by it. Seeing the lie is just the first step.

This happens when you detox the programming that keeps you locked in public systems unnecessarily: 

1. The work of living freely is greatly simplified.

2. You genuinely believe it's possible.

3. From clarity of heart you can vision and take action in alignment with your unique goals.

That’s why I created the Primal Power Private Edition version of this course. And that's why I moved my work largely into the private domain.

In this edition of the course you’re going to learn about the private domain through the lens of the five archetypes that have these gifts: Purpose, personal power, faith, free will of choice, and wholeness.

By seeing through the lens of the archetypes you can see the hidden reasons and unconscious mechanisms that are the gatekeeper of being free in the private. In Primal Power you'll learn how to let that go, for realz.

You Want to Use the Power God Gave You to Be Free in the Private you can not only have a life worth living, but so you can make a difference in the madness without being in the jail of the public domain.

But beyond educating yourself, and trying to educate others with limited results, you don’t know where to begin.

Or you're deep into exploring remedies for "leaving Babylon" and you're disillusioned by the results you and anyone are getting. 

And maybe you're just discovering that there even is a private domain in the first place, and want to explore the possibilities of every avenue for freedom more than they are afraid of the beast system.

The private domain became a trend in the alternative law space, and if you've been down those rabbit holes you'd like to know how to weed out the wheat from the chaff seeing the multiple and often opposing perspectives and recommendations, never mind the gurus gathering their flock, literally. 

Living in the private is a way of accessing great and God-given personal power, it's Biblical, and to me is the only true remedy in law that gives life, rather than drains it away.

Early in the plandemic I had a breakthrough talking to God. 

I was having the same prayer no doubt millions are having. “O.k. God, if you’re so all-powerful, why don’t you put an end to the craziness? We need a miracle over here!”

And then in answer I was was flooded with images of many miracles - Biblical, mythical, in others’ lives, and in my own life.

Then I looked up and heard this,beth-headshot-no-background-grey-fur

“Beth, it’s you, you’re the miracle. I gave you free will. You are the miracle if you use this power I gave you.”

“I gave you dominion over all - the creatures that crawl, fly and swim, the Watcher angels - over all of the earth. And still you beg me for a miracle, LOL!?”

The powers that ought-not-to-be need people to believe they have no power. If everyone believes or even acts like it’s true, it may as well be.

But it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Going for Freedom

Going for freedom - the real thing - is a path that calls for deep healing. Not only are you waking up to the false idols of the public, but to all the ways you may have gone into denial, compromised your values or your health, made bad choices, failed to fulfill your role, and instead tied yourself to the train tracks.

But pain can be a gift, if only if you make it so.

I know it sounds like a cliche, but it is one for a reason. Here are three things you might not know about pain:

1. It is made of electro-magnetic force, though stuck.

2. It is calling for your attention, literally, and needs it to shift and heal.

3. By pushing it away, distracting from it, starving it of your attention, you are pushing away from, distracting and starving yourself of exactly what you need to get to the freedom on the other side.

Each of the Primal Archetypes is designed by the Creator to amplify your force of life, or to diminish it.

The choice is yours to choose life.  

In this 5-week course you will learn how to de-program through the lens of the universal, Primal archetypes:

Week 1: The Child 

Week 2 - The Victim

Week 3 - The Prostitute

Week 4 - The Saboteur

Week 5 - The Masculine/Feminine 

Every archetype has its potential for a full range of gifts and shadows. By receiving the gifts and releasing the shadows massive leaps in life force can be made, new insights can be gained, and less and less can fear and external pressure steer and determine what y'all do.  

What You're Going to Learn and Experience in Primal Power, Private Domain Edition

  • How programs about the public are installed, and how to let them go.
  • Why there is no need whatsoever to re-program.
  • What rampant myths and scams about the private domain to watch out for.
  • How to let go of the resistance to being self-responsible and reliant which being in the private requires.
  • How the Bible recommends moving into the safety of the private domain.
  • Why de-programming brings you close to God, and gives the confidence to take guidance directly, especially when navigating uncharted territory.
  • How to clear the fog of taking in way too much from alternative media channels and choose a clear direction. 
  • Why you can never ask permission of the public to operate in the private under God's law and authority.
  • Where to find faith when you face the unknown and how to be immune to the seduction of so-called safety.
  • How to stop shooting yourself in the foot and unlock the natural power within needed to make a life in the private domain, free will of choice.


The Child

The Child is gifted with direct downloads from God, and the acceptance of God-given purpose. In order to be free in the private the Child will have to overcome  shadows like insecurity, denial, fear of betrayal or abandonment, and a desire to trust something, anyone blindly.  

The Victim

The Victim archetype's power is inner authority that stands and speaks for itself. The shadow of seeing authority external from God is how the public domain has dominion over good men and women. It's challenged to let go of the fake power of being a victim to controllers, so time and energy can be invested in building things of value in the private.

The Prostitute

The Prostitute has potential for unshakeable faith and leaps into the unknown. In the shadow the Prostitute will promise that giving up on integrity, morals, and purpose will keep you safe. Training to be a lot more private and withstand the public lure of fake safe havens means letting go of what's not right and true. 

The Saboteur

The Saboteur is gifted with making choices consciously, instead of carelessly throwing them away. In the shadow the Saboteur is challenged by burning bridges like quitting on relationships, goals, and what's truly important them. In the private this archetype can be used to operate the systems in the private and the public, and merge 'my will' with 'thy will', choose life, and leave the death of self sabotage is behind.

The Masculine /Feminine Archetype

This archetype is a mirror of the public and private domains as can be seen in the Bible, nature, law, the natural law of gender, and the anatomy of the brain. The Masculine and Feminine are in alignment and work together with a perfect fit. Without this power creation is stunted and future generations suffer the lack of a strong foundation for creating new and needed solutions. 


What's Included

5 1-hour video classes 

5 1-hour questions and coaching sessions 

Lifetime access to the private (off social media) fellowship forum. 

All of the bonuses below.

Private forum: On my secure Simplero server

Investment: $147 US

A bit about me

I healed from a stage 4 lymphoma, survived through the death of both of my parents within 2 years of each other, and in 2022 began my private domain ministry, the House of Free Will.

I know for sure if people became aware of the raw power that breathes through them, beats their heart, and gives them hope in the face of hopelessness, that they can create in their image what our future needs. 


Special Bonus: Interviews with Clint Richardson and Brandon Sterling guest contributing their expertise in the private domain!

Clint Richardson and Brandon Sterling

Clint Richardson, author, researcher, documentary maker, host of the Red Pill Sunday School, and expert in the private domain has received the badge of honour of being banned, censored, and shadow banned on multiple platforms.

Brandon Sterling, creator of Safe Haven Portfolio Management PMA, from a young age discovered the spiritual veils that have been cast over us. Early on he began to have run-ins with various characters of esoterica and went through job-like experiences. 

After seeing the world for what it is, he immersed himself in many studies but came to hone in on business, capital markets, and law. This all eventually led him to discover that privacy is the most valuable asset and the catalyst of all of the different components of his research. 

Brandon began operating private ventures starting in 2016. He then went on to found Safe Haven Portfolio Management, an association that demonstrates risk hedging strategies and solutions to those seeking privacy and financial optionality.

Together Clint and Brandon are working to educate people in the truth and freedom movement to overcome the obstacles of thinking and acting in the private domain.

Check out the reflections from some of the past Primal Power course participants.

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “With help of your Primal Power course and sessions and doing some work on myself I am at peace. Amazing insight! Thank you!”

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “My journey to working in the realm of learning archetypes with Beth goes way back. The first archetype program I joined, the Primal Voices (pre-cursor to Primal Power), literally healed a physical tendency to manifest a very annoying sore throat with colds at the time.

    When it comes to knowing how to use archetypes to heal, obviously Beth is the expert on that topic having healed herself of a terminal cancer diagnoses by an archetype epiphany - so it is no surprise that physical ailments respond to the emotional release practice she brings to the archetypes.

    After working very closely with Beth I saw how I was playing small and didn't yet see my highest expression and purpose. She kept holding fast to it for me and shedding light on truth - even when I doubted it.

    Now years later as I've grown as an entrepreneur, I now see how right she was all along! Thanks Beth for remembering when I forget!!”

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “I have wanted to tell you about the enormous benefit it was to me working within the Primal power course and hope to let you know in our zoom one to ones just how much direction it gave me and it was like my port in the storm and a life line to go forward, much love.”

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “I enjoyed Primal Power immensely. Last year, took a course on common law and how to be in court as a man/woman, but  it took so much effort for me.  Now I feel I can follow through with what needs to be done, effortlessly. I am so grateful for this part of me to be finally healed!!! Thank you so much for your divine services. ”

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “From interacting with you through your podcast and now from the Primal Power course, I have gained an example of integrity for which I am deeply grateful. I know I am here on a mission from God and I know that I can only do good work with clean hands. Thank you for being you, a woman I look up to. Thank you for embodying integrity. Thank you for reminding me of what my soul knows. Thank you for being in the humus (not the dip!) and standing tall, strong and flexible. I'm grateful to be in the garden with you and other beautiful beings turning our faces toward the sun.
    With Love and Gratitude ”

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “Completing the original Primal Power course in 2021 was a catalyst in many ways.  It was a doorway that led me to finding my way back to God, to understanding who I AM and where my power truly comes from.  I am ready to dive deeper and find more...... ”

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “Primal power was life changing for me, through the guidance of Beth’s beautiful program I learned so much about letting go and the process in which it takes to release that in which does not serve you. The fellowship you gain and learn from also adds an element in which provides comfort and practice in the teachings. Learned so much about myself through this process and will be forever grateful for being part of it. Also this course goes along so well with the teachings from her beautiful book.”

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “I've only been unlocking all that Primal Power for 2+ weeks and I had a surge of creative flow after the first week I haven't seen the likes of for a few years easily. I needed that. My first real blog post is about half-finished and it also comes with my first rap demo. I didn't even know I was a rapper until I took this class. It's the story about this Primal Power class and what it did to me. ”

Add Personal Coaching or Choose Time Payments

Include 5 one-on-one, 45-minute Zoom coaching sessions for overcoming the challenges that stop you from using your God given power and privacy.

Early bird pricing available until May 22nd.

Online Course


one time

Includes online Primal Power course modules

Recordings of past live classes and coaching sessions

The Magic of Goals Course

Go Deeper With Personal Coaching


one time

Includes online Primal Power course modules

Recordings of past live classes and coaching sessions

The Magic of Goals Course

And 5 personal coaching sessions to make and meet your goals in the private

Add one personal session


one time

Includes online Primal Power course modules

Recordings of past live classes and coaching sessions

The Magic of Goals Course

And 1 personal coaching session to make and meet a goal in the private


Private Forum: Lifetime access off of social media where people can connect, team up, report victories, and reflect on course work together.

Deprogramming Audios: Download 4 audios that will help you take out the key programs that keep people enslaved to the system.

The Magic of Goals: This is a time to create in your image like no other. As long as you're always troubleshooting what the controllers send your way, you're behind their 8 ball. This online course will show you how to create clear goals and get them!  

Guest Contributions: Brandon Sterling and Clint Richardson will be joining me for recorded conversations on looking at the private through the lens of the 5 Primal archetypes, another recording on the myths of the private domain, and a to-be-confirmed questions and answer session. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What's an archetype and what's the purpose of learning about them?

Archetypes are the reason you are unique. I see them as lenses through which God experiences. God shines through them and creates a human experience. Archetypes are a system for seeing the patterns that reveal the order of creation and its Creator, and exactly where power is lost, hidden, or suppressed. They help simplify complex situations and experiences, so you focus the work of healing and de-programming.  

What does it mean to let an archetype shadow go?

Letting shadows go really means seeing where power is being lost, and how artificial, AI, programming requires enormous juice to run. Things shift when new decisions are made to turn the raw material of unwanted experiences into what is natural, to increasingly raise energy, and vitality to act genuinely under God alone.

What is the private domain?

The private domain is the invisible "sister" to the public domain which are legal, financial, and spiritual distinctions. In the private, you have natural, God-given rights and are able to exercise your own free will of choice where in the regulated public domain "rights" are given and can be taken away. 

How will this course help me build in the private domain?

This course will help you prepare or continue to build in the private without the heaviness or fear, resistance, or denial, and allow you to move from love, free will, and purpose instead with a clear head.

There are so many different paths for operating in the private, how do you know which one is right?

As part of this course, you will receive a bonus breakdown of all of the myths that have popped up in the private domain from the truth and freedom movement. There are many traps and with the help of guest contributors Brandon Sterling and Clint Richardson, we will help you discern and de-program from not only public indoctrination but also the ideas being sold about the private.

Do I need to know about the public and private domain in advance?

No, you don't need to know about the public and private in advance. This course will give you enough background and with the contributions of Clint Richardson and Brandon Sterling you will be learning what you need to know. The focus of this course will be detoxing through the lens of the five Primal archetypes, what stops us from living freely in the private and from navigating the public with skill.

How do I connect with other participants?

The private discussion forum for the course will open when you register and can stay as long as you choose (and as long as I'm on the platform). It's totally private, course members only. It's a place to begin lasting relationships with truth lovers wanting to detox the public and create in the private.

Any questions? Get in touch!

Thanks, I'll get right back to you!!

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