Propaganda is Designed to Make You Hate Yourself

Purpose is the most valuable thing. It's what uniquely connects each one with humanity and the infinite value of life itself. It's how we fit with the fabric of human society.

But in order to follow your purpose and gain your freedom, you need to have enough self worth. If you don't feel like you're worth it, why would you do the work of the Hero's Journey - to heal, become whole, AND to return to your people with your elixir wisdom.

The propaganda that we get from our media and governments is designed to make you hate yourself. And it works. Until you turn it around for yourself.

For me it took nearly dying of a stage 4 lymphoma to wake up to the cost of this self hate. I sacrificed my sacred purpose to fit in. And in the name of earning a living my family and society recognize, I cut my self worth at the knees. I ruthlessly chased the love and approval of everyone but myself.

I wouldn’t let myself look at it honestly until it got out of control.

After fighting for my life for 3 years I finally had a breakthrough about how I could turn hate into love.

And because I found the keys and decoded the mystery of why I was losing my life, I healed, practically overnight. I did it by working with the archetypes that mapped the meaning, purpose, and value of my life.

As you may know by now, after surviving for 20 years I recently wrote and published Journey, A Map of Archetypes to Find Lost Purpose in a Sea of Meaninglessness. I finished it just in time for the apocalypse we find ourselves in these days.