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Meet the Presenters

Bringing you decades of experiences of not consenting!

Catherine Austin Fitts

Creator of, our summit launches with Catherine's interview on the King Hero's Journey podcast, and she's joining us again for a special Choose Freedom talk about how the financial and legal systems are intimately tied, what she learned from 11 years of litigation, and how the sustained attack made her stronger.

Alphonse Faggiolo

Host of his own legal movement, Alphonse is committed to helping the 'average Joe' get through legal situations and win in honour. We'll focus on the practical steps people can take and the anatomy of an affidavit that is central to his recommended process.

Find his work at

Amandha Vollmer

No stranger to taking risks in the legal realm and challenging authorities with skill and grace, we are excited to host the creator of and who is fearlessly seeking and finding justice. 

Mark Pytellek

Founder of Solutions Empowerment, educating and delivering solutions since 1999 after realizing that economies were crumbling fast around the world and impacting people’s financial disposition universally. 

Robert Menard

A legend in the freedom movement, many have stood on the shoulders of Robert Menard to find their way in the maze of enslavement. He has extensive experience and knowledge in the legal realm. In this presentation you'll learn the in's and out's of navigating practical situations we find ourselves in these days. 

Christopher Gronski

Living in New Hampshire since 1987, Christopher has a great concern for America as he sees the local, state and federal governments disregard the
Rights of the People worldwide.

His motto “Live Free or Die”, declares his sentiment and commitment to the Freedom movement here in America.

Tom Barnett

Trained by law giants like Mark Pytellek, Tom is a fearless stand for his rights and being a guiding light to others.

He'll be teaching how to hold your position, how to be playful and remain in honour, and to respond to someone when they try and take your rights away.

King Hero Panel Discussions

Hear first hand victory stories from those on the front lines of law. They will be sharing their trials, tribulations, victories and defeats, and comparing notes about what worked, what didn't, and why. Speakers include Andrew K., Lysander, Rich Art, Ryan Rietinger, and more! 

Jessica Brink

 Speaking on patient and medical advocacy, Jessica will show us how her journey in the medical world brought her to law and will give us practical tips for navigating the increasing medical tyranny.

Cal Washington

Cal Washington is the co-founder of InPower Movement. He found himself tangled in the legal system and was forced to learn the truth about how things are, rather than how things appeared, or how things should be. Through his difficult journey, a path emerged. At the end of this path, he found himself on the other side, free of tyranny.

Paul Unslaved

"The goal of my life and media is to create a functional community together based in truth and understanding as well as upholding universal law, aka the common law."

Timothy P. Madden

A forensic financial economist and historian of equity, law, and policy, Tim speaks to the depth of fraud in the nominal securities that hold up the house of cards in the legal and financial world. 

David Jason Giaramita

Expert in lawful matters and the etymology of legal frauds, he says, "I want you to consider and stop taking part in your own demonic possession of an artificial is quite vital, you shall all hold thee correct Equitable title."

Robert Michael

For the past 12 years, Robert Michael has worked with hundreds of people by exposing the root cause of all legal issues. Robert has gained knowledge and wisdom from hands-on experience, and has a simplistic way of grounding out the truth by differentiating it from the multitudes of legal myths floating around in the global internet freedom community.

Todd Wetzelberger

Entrepreneur, real estate investor, internet marketer, and accidental litigator, Todd Wetzelberger says,  "I'm a former whistle blower and accidental litigator that exposed securities/REMIC fraud, foreclosure fraud, pension fraud and rampant judicial corruption after the 08′ crash. I only started litigating (self taught) when I couldn't find any lawyers with a backbone.

Dolores Cahill

Creator of the World Freedom Alliance (WFA) and Freedom Travel Alliance, Dolores Cahill works tirelessly to link various associations and organisations to offer access to justice, true dialogue for health science and politics, while holding worldwide officials to account under the law. She offers transparent evidence-based solutions and encourages robust debate with media, scientists and governments to ensure our fundamental freedoms of the people of the world are restored and maintained.

In this presentations she'll be speaking about her experience with common law courts, notices, and how to protect our right to move freely without being masked, tested, and injected.

Dan the Christian Man

A truth law researcher on a spiritual journey inspired by the source of all life our Heavenly Creator.

Topics he covers include (but are not limited to) free will of choice, truth and fiction, the legal framework, counterfeit security and why you cannot capture a government legal security.

Stand4THEE: Rebecca Sheppard, Jane Scharf, and Amanda Ridding

Using lawful, peaceful, and effective ACTION we will end the tyranny of the criminals who are actively attempting to take away our rights and freedoms.

Using truth and facts we will outclass these opponents and hold them accountable

We will act in service to others while rising up to defend ourselves and our families.


Matt Belair

Podcaster, athlete, coach and truth teller, Matt Belair is an intrepid truth teller on a mission to share the knowledge people need to gain their freedom and health. 


Beth Martens 

Host of the King Hero's Journey podcast, author, archetype and business coach, and coach trainer, Beth is a stand for God-given mental, spiritual, and lawful freedom.