Live Archetype Reading for 2021


Join me in the chat of this Live Archetype Reading For Navigating 2021 and I will read your Primal archetypes!!

They are the home of creativity, purpose, personal authority, faith, and free will of choice. They are the key archetypes for finding the lost power, and rising to the occasion of inheriting what is already ours.

To get a personal reading, just comment in the chat in CAPS (so I see it) about how you are getting frustrated and exhausted with the ongoing war on our communities.

It will give you insight about where to focus to reclaim that God-given power that is needed more than ever in these times to come!

Saturday, 2:30 PM CST

See you then at the link below! xo

Join the Live Archetype Reading


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PS Primal Power: Archetypes to Deprogram the New World Disorder starts tomorrow!! If you haven't checked it out, you can see the 5 archetypes that are a jail until awakened. Once they're awakened they are a super power.


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