Why Entropy is a Lie - New Moon Special


Why Would They Lie?

It's tempting to believe in entropy, the so-called law, at the new moon when the energy is the lowest.

Learn why entropy is a pile of poppycock, to quote one of my favourite podcasts, and jump into the live chat (if you're catching this live at 2 PM CST, January 14th) to raise some visioning energy for the new moon.

Are You Getting Exhausted Trying to Wake Others Up?

If it worked we would have woken everyone up by now. 

People wake up when it's there time.

But that doesn't mean you're helpless to assist them. How do you do that?

By rising into the power you really have as an awake person. 

And hey, did you see that the fellowship course, Primal Power: Archetypes to Deprogram the New World Disorder starts on the 17th!? Check out a chance to bring a friend for free, but only until midnight on the 14th.

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