Run Into The Storm (It's the Fastest Way Through)

June 2019-14

Check out a talk about running into pain, deprogramming & taking your freedom back.

josh-miller-iEP0t4Z4W3s-unsplash.jpgThe buffalo know that when the storm is coming it's time to run into it, and not away. They know if they run away the storm will chase them and they'll get exhausted. So they run in, because while it's painful, it's the fastest way to the other side.

In this livestream I talked about why pain is such a gate keeper for all of the things that make for a meaningful life - the soul's purpose and evolution, the Truth, and our service to humanity.

Honestly it's been brutal lately, you may have seen. The more I speak my truth the more I get attacked. But I'm living through it and frankly, all of the attacks are just making me stronger.

Here's the link to my video blog below. In it I also talk about the Journey Code program I have coming up, starting Friday. It's a way to not only learn how to run into the storm, but to help others do it too!

Because nothing can be done to us without our consent. And the only thing stopping us from doing that is the fear of the storm we're already in but are still running away from. And we can help each other through the fear.

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