Raising Your Vibe or Finding the Off Ramp

I'm so fascinated by sea shells. These days in moments where I’m contemplating in my work I reach for them from a bowl I’ve been keeping in front of me. I’m fascinated by their beauty and also because they show how waves and spirals got frozen in time.

I like to hold them, feel their silky smoothness on the inside, and the roughness on the other that I could scrape off my callouses with.

I like that their shapes mimic the ocean. Shells actually look like the same waves and spirals that make the sea churn and crash.

And they remind me how my life is a series of waves and spirals that I feel so deeply at the blood and soul level.


Things I think are going up are also going down. What once went down, rises again. And have you ever noticed that you’re never really working on new obstacles, just the same obstacles at new levels?


My Spiral Return

For example, this is how one of my spiral-returns looks. I go through a massive change (such as healing from recently losing both my parents in a couple of years) and I feel isolated because. My energy has changed, it feels like I’m weird to other people and even weird to myself, LOL.

I am actually proud of being weird. We live in weird times.

But with that pride I see that I’ve cursed myself with a false belief. The belief that no one is going to love me when they find out just how off the map (good) I am.


I Needed to Hide My Spirituality to Be Respected

Back before I was diagnosed with cancer, I felt like I needed to hide my spiritual side to be respected in my profession. Before there was a yoga studio on every corner I had the feeling that I was the only one like me on earth, save for my small community half way across the world in India where I visited once a year.

In my life now, I can't go 2 steps without tripping on all kinds of sisters and brothers from around the world who are like me, interested in their purpose, their spirituality, their health and being authentic in what they give back and offer in the world.

But here's the catch.

Waves Make More Waves

When you raise your energy you are making a wave that will affect everyone around you.

You might think logically that if you raise your vibe, then everyone around you is going to raise theirs. Or that it will make everyone love and approve of you. But no to both.

Because those in our lives always have their own choice. Are they going to vibe along with more vitality, or are they going to fall themselves away so they can vibe where they are more comfortable?

I notice that many people will avoid raising their energy to avoid this very thing. The people, persons or situations in your life are either going to rise up with you, or they are going to find an off-ramp.

If you're like me, a magic-maker who cares deeply about helping others get high and clear, then hanging out too long in low vibes isn’t really an option. You’re going to go for your freedom no matter what it takes, even if you do get off the track some days.

The only way out of this pickle is to commit to the deep dive inside and actually navigating the emotional underworld rather than stuffing it and shutting it off.

Then you’re not using your precious life energies to keep your shit from coming up. And it can magically do magic stuff, because energy is magic.

It takes a lot of faith to be a constant evolver, and bravo for even wanting to get on that spiral up! If I knew what I know now back when I felt like I was one-of-a-kind in my values, I would have been able to breath a sigh of relief.

I’d love to hear your story of courageously raising your vibe no matter what. Feel free to comment below or message me, or tag me in a post.


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