End the Tension Between Doing and Being


So You Can Follow Your Instincts and Give to Your Heart's Desire

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What's the Problem Women are Facing?

Women are confused about being and doing, thinking you have to choose one over the other, as if they are opposite to each other.

How to Begin Getting Past it?

Tune in for a moment about what you should be doing and any tension around it. Feel the tension between what you think you should do. Do you want to go on like that, or would you rather have a different experience, an easier one?  

Here’s the Mistake We Tend to Make

We turn to action to relieve the tension, but guess what? There’s always more tension to be found! Right now in this moment, turn to 'being' to relieve the tension, because there’s no tension in being. Your being may register the tension, but see how you're only noticing it. You're not that tension. This is nothing new to you?

You may already know that the keys to happiness, success, freedom lie in being. Every spiritual tradition indicates this path. But why we get confused is because to get away from the tension of acting -- over-doing, giving too much, wanting to give even more -- we feel we can only put a stop to the action. But that’s just another source of tension.

Your Calling to Serve Others Doesn't Go Away

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Especially where goals are considered, assuming you have important things you want to get done on earth in your short time here, you can go from acting out of tension, to rejecting action. As if doing and acting are in opposition to being. But when we truly be, you see how action is a natural extension of being.

A woman on my Facebook who has served a great deal with her business over the past years recently posted that it’s time to just be and that she won’t be as available as she used to be. As if she had created a tonne of action, helped a lot of people, and now she wants to focus on being. Seems logical enough. But if she’s really tuned in with her calling to serve others, unless she suppresses it, then she will be plagued by the tension of her calling pushing up out of here and all the associated doing - actions she is able and empowered to take, often and mostly for others benefit.

It’s a very stuck place. "Either I serve to my heart’s desire and live in a constant state of tension, missing the being part of life. Or I sink into my being and neglect taking the action I know I can take and which benefit many." This does not create a life of flow and service, trust me I know.

A Possible Solution to Resolve the Tension Once and For All

Maybe you’ve been too busy all your life, because you give a lot of yourself. Sadly time has been your enemy, because there’s not enough time every day for all that you want to do. Maybe you feel like your livelihood and your business are limited by your ability to do. Like you need to do more to give more, or that you need to do less to survive.

Comment below or message me where you’re noticing this tension between being and doing.

Are you going day after day with the same experience of tension, never resolving it, no matter how much you do? This could be in your livelihood - especially for self-employed women, this could be in your relationships, with your health. Maybe all three. To help put an end to the tension, I have opened up just 9 spots to coach with me one-on-one by phone or Skype, my treat, in a ‘Follow Your Instincts to Freedom’ session with a limited number of spots at zero-cost.

I created this session, so you could get a new perspective on how to give as much as you want and learn how to take this action from a place that is natural and instinctual, free from the tension that tends to plague us. It’s perfect for women who have a lot to give, who are giving and giving and giving, but coming up short every day.

sitting prettyTo apply for one of these limited zero-cost 'Follow Your Instincts’ session, simply message me personally and in confidence about where you’re getting stuck in the confusion about action, about the direction in your life's work, about your goals about how to solve the feeling that you can never do enough and don’t have the luxury to simply be.


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