3 Ways to Move Forward After You've Revealed All



Moving forward in your life, once the cat is out of the bag, you have spilled your beans, spoken your truth and everything looks different.

  1. Make no apologies, but do own your stuff. If you see you were projecting on someone your own vision of lack, say so. Give them the gift of learning that they were not the cause of something you were going through, so they can learn to trust and honour their own perception and be directed by your example to their own inward journey.
  2. Ask yourself, given what I now know is true about myself, what adjustments can I make? Where should I best put my time and energy so I can be the most aligned with this higher version of myself? What activities can I let go of now that I see they are not my ultimate truth? What relationships should I nurture and which should I allow to rest?
  3. Let go of any sense that the past should have gone differently than it did. See it as the perfect step to this moment when you have revealed all or more. Move forward fearlessly with new intentions, and don’t get dragged into trying to fix or change what has already happened.

Do let me know what your experience has been, telling your truth, especially where it comes to your business. Just hit the contact button above or click here, I promise to get back to you personally with some feedback.


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