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5 Things I Learned Trying Not to Watch the Donald Trump Hate Festival

Before I get down to those five things, I have to say this image made me sad. Not just because this is a mermaid blasphemy. Not just because when I Googled 'Trump mermaid' I was joking. And not just because s/he has sharp, evil-happy smile that is a very wrong projection onto the Mer archetype.

But because it represents how much energy the world is losing to hating this man. I do my best not to notice what people are hating in the media, because in turn it makes me hateful. But since my own 9 year old son came home making jokes about Donald Trump I had to say something. And here's the big challenge:

Could you love the unloveable, if it means your freedom?

What I Said to My Nine Year Old About Donald Trump

To explain why it is not cool to have fun taking anyone down, even the evil Mr. Trump, here's what I said. Pure and simple. He got it.Please share this image.

1. Hating makes you weak.

See if you have more energy or less energy when you put someone, anyone, down. You may have more pride, but you will not have more energy, more happiness, more personal power.

You will have less.

Non-love costs us, because it requires energy to keep it stuffed in the unconscious where only non-love can exist. 

2. By acting more and more hate-able, he is tying up the strength of good people world-wide. 

He's feeding on this. He's trying to be more and more awful, because he sees that he's commanding attention. He could command loving attention by doing loving things. But he's going for hate, because it's a much more powerful position if you want to dominate over people. 

3. If you hate him, he won.

Unconscious or on purpose, he has a winning strategy to keep the population of the US and beyond down. While you are busy hating him, you aren't doing all those things you could do to actually make a difference in your world. Devote all the time you used to for hating dumb-ass public figures to growing some goodness instead. 

4. Hate the unlovable and we hold what we hate firmly in place.

Hate just attracts more of what we hate. It's a message to the Universe that love is in lack - in this person, this situation, this thing...whatever it is. And if we are convinced there's no love-ability, and no way to love, the Universe is always happy to oblige us with more of what we don't love.

5. Love the unlovable and watch miracles happen.  

By hating Trump we are hating ourselves. Could we love what we can't love - outside ourselves and in? Love it anyway. And watch, what we love will grow exponentially and freedom tirelessly follows love around.

Love conquers all; let us too surrender to love. ~Virgil

Please share this the next time you hear someone enjoy taking down Donald Trump. Consider instead spending your energy using love to exponentially grow what you love.

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