7 Ways to Jump the Corporate Ship Without Shipwrecking You and Your Family


No matter how you try to frame or reframe it, you are a fish out of water. You know it, you've known it for a long time. You thought you would feel secure on the corporate ship, even thrive and have a fancy lifestyle to show for it. But while the money is there, you still lack for a true sense of security at the level of your soul.

And you’re not willing to risk your family’s well-being to follow your soul’s passions. But being trapped in the corporate lifestyle is taking its toll. The long hours, the often pointless projects, artificially urgent campaigns and deadlines, and towing a corporate line you can’t get behind no matter how hard you try and convince yourself.

The money and prestige are great, but they are not the soul sustaining experience you sense is possible through your life’s work. You know at some point something has to give. Will it be your health, your sanity, a family breakdown, a marriage breakup?

You can feel the chaos looming from more than one direction. In the mean time you've steadily devoted yourself to accumulating skills, awakening as a woman, as a human and a soul on earth. You have dreams to be your own boss, and you know it's pointless to push them down any longer. Jehan SadatBack in my corporate days over a decade ago, I waited until it was way too late to leave my position in my family’s marketing firm. I decided I was stuck with my life split - between what I loved and what I felt I had to do. But thanks to a stage-four lymphoma diagnosis,

I was forced to abandon my prestigious VP position. I had to sell everything.I had to move several times. I had to travel around the country chasing treatments. I had to do countless rounds of chemo and brutal tests. In the end, my worst fears were realized. I lost everything and nearly my life too. It took three years, but thanks ultimately to working with archetypes and releasing the shadows, I was able to reverse the effects of cancer and put a full stop to the struggle for my life.

And on recovering went on to follow my passions instead - my true life’s calling - to fulfill on the deep contract with life that I felt in myself and that never left me alone, even when I thought I was finished. Your exit from the ‘organized’ world doesn't have to be a big struggle for you like it was for me. If I knew what I know now, I wouldn't have made myself suffer like that.

At that time I didn't know a graceful way out that would allow me to honour my Goddess-given gifts and have a way of life that reflected the value of the transformation I could create in the world.

So here are 7 simple keys to gracefully jumping the corporate ship, and plunging into creating a new business with incredible clarity and precision for how you are authentically wired to make a big difference in the lives of others.

1. Learn how to leave your career or business with love, plan your 'jump' with a tonne of clarity about why and how you're leaving and know exactly what it feels like when you ‘arrive’ before you get there.

No sense jumping from one whirlpool into the next. Whatever the reason it isn't working for you now in your position won't necessarily go away in a new business, no matter how fabulous and self-directed it is.

How you do one thing is how you tend to do others, so take the time for monumental clearing and get to a place where you are actually at peace with all the demons you experience in your not-so-happy scene.

2. Take your grocery list of qualifications, degrees, certificates, things that you do naturally and what you LOVE - and could do all day without being paid - to the next level and craft your sacred service.

It's a lie that we have to trade our time for dollars. It's a limited model that makes you an enemy of your own time.

Because at the base of it all is our authentic life's work. That which we came to earth to do. It knocked on my door relentlessly for my whole life before fully embracing it, even on my death bed. So don't think that pesky thing called your life purpose, is going to leave you alone.

Find out who you are naturally meant to serve based on all your super-powers and all of your life experience, and be the expert for them that you instinctively know you are.

3. Learn the art of pulling all of you meaningfully together, into results-based solutions for the problems you can solve in your community.

This is the definition of high end - where you stop trying to be something to everyone and discover that the way you have lived your life, educated yourself and developed your own soul is of enormous value to others who were stuck like you.

They are waiting, make no mistake.

Are you tired of someone standing on your head telling you what results you can expect to get, how much money you should be charging and how to do it?

4. Value your precious story.

It's one of a kind. No one could have done it like you. No matter how many people hold your qualifications, only you could use them as you do to make your magic. Only you have overcome your hardships, only you have had the victories you've had, and only you can do what you came to earth to do.

Be brave and let others learn from the mistakes you’ve overcome.

Until you have the discipline to weave your magic story together it may not be obvious that it can practically replace your marketing and be the foundation for building a magnetic community where you can help find solutions for those you are meant to serve.

5. Stop hiding.

Be prepared to be seen, be heard, be loved, be admired, to be the one people turn to and to be there for others and be yourself completely.

If you're not prepared for this, get prepared for this. Yes it's frightening for a reason. It means you're doing something you care about, some-thing close to home.

All that stands in the way of you being the leader that you are, big or small scale, is accumulated feelings that you can't do it. You don't have to feel the fear and do it anyway. You can feel the fear, let it go and move forward with incredible courage and lightness of being, like a mermaid.

6. Give your business an authentic voice that you know lands.

Building a successful service is not a shot in the dark crap shoot. You can have a profound sense of flow in your life - financially, emotionally and energetically by using archetypes to determine what is most important to you about your services and being in business.

Turn to the archetypes to help you see exactly who you are and what is the seed vibration of your business future? You will be amazed at what precise answers you receive and with what clarity you can express yourself, whether it's in the delivery of services or in the marketing.

And then your marketing becomes a source of spiritual awakening - for you and your audience - because it will help define the otherwise indistinguishable problems, unearth all the obstacles that are in the way and be the doorway to solutions.

7. Find your communal connections, worldwide, it's a small world after all.

IMG_7052Technology busted me out of jail. I thought with my esoteric grocery list of things I did and loved, I would never have a local audience big enough to make a good living and replace the good parts of my corporate lifestyle.

So I broke down the walls and used social media to establish relation-ships worldwide and an international clientele.

Grow a movement of people, one relationship at a time, who are in alignment with your values and vision for the transformation you would like to create in the world.

If you’re hearing all of this and would like to take it further and learn in much more detail how to implement these simple steps, please click below to apply to work with me in a MerPreneur Passion Session, zero cost for a short time only.


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